I bite my lip as I hear his boots outside my room. He's back to make my life hell. Make it so fucking painful it's almost bearable.

"Dawn..." he calls out, teasing. Always teasing. "Come on out, little girl." I don't, of course. He wouldn't like that. It'd make it too easy. God knows what he'd do if I ruined his fucked up little game.

He smiles when he finds me trembling, curled up on my bed, my face still damp from crying. I'd say the look in his eyes is almost caring, if I didn't know him better. I don't know why he's so amused by me like this, he's got me too terrified to breathe without his permission, and he knows it. Not that a part of me isn't rejoicing that he came back. He's my escape as much as I am his.

Approaching me, he laughs low in his throat and sits on the edge of my bed. He pats my head, and I look up nervously and into his dark brown eyes. He's got two settings with me; slow&tortured and hard&fast. I can tell tonight it'll be the first one.

But that's okay. As long as he's here, it's all okay. Because he's my escape. My Angelus.