Quite Obviously Gay

What gets to Seth most about the whole thing is how Luke and all his buddies were right all along. All throughout junior high he consoled himself with the thought that the lot of them were clearly just repressing their homosexuality and that was why calling him queer was the high point of their day. It was a good, solid theory. Luke definitely had the look of someone who spent way too much time on his hair, and organised sports really only made sense if there was an incentive like post-practice locker room sex, right?

Now it bugs him. They knew, he thinks, they knew, and he didn't. How could they have figured it out when he hadn't? He hates the thought of macho men being able to pick up on his gayness – it's not like they're incredibly observant or anything in the first place, which means it must have been really obvious.

Every day he was walking around sending around gay vibes and he never knew it. He's liked Summer for as long as he can remember; she's the only girl he's ever really been attracted to, but then again who hasn't been into Summer, right? She's the most obvious candidate – pretty, distant, unattainable.

Summer was the perfect crush, until he ended up dating her. The trouble is, Seth knows, when you get what you've always wanted you start thinking that maybe you liked the wanting part more than you like the having it part. And that when even the sex with a hot girl like Summer is unsatisfying, there's usually a pretty obvious reason for it.

When he arrives in Portland, finds Luke, and explains the situation that night over pizza, and says that he left because of Ryan and maybe that means something, and Luke is completely unsurprised and says that he saw it coming a mile away – it's galling, really, to think that he's had to go through a year of hell with Summer and Anna and all that drama, only to realise that he's come to the same conclusion that Luke and his buddies came to before they'd even hit puberty.

Luke says, tell Ryan.

Seth has a feeling he should probably listen to Luke this time round.