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Tides of Friendship

Chapter One Fatal Mistake

Ryou slung the heavy bag of cement over with the other bags. He stood up and began dusting himself. Dust flew everywhere, in his eyes, in the air, and in his face.

Ryou just merely fan it away with his hand. Dust and dirt was found everywhere on his clothes. Speaking of his clothes, they were already dirty and full of dust. He sat on the cement bags on the ground which had formed a deep heap. He rest his legs before going back to work again. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his best friend, Malik, hammering away at a lumber of wood. Ryou smiled.

He couldn't forget how he ended up in this place. It had been so long now... But Ryou remembered it as if it happened yesterday. Everything was just fine in the city of Domino. Until one faithful day, a person showed up and released the power of the darkest part of the shadow realm. Yami couldn't stop it neither could Yugi nor anyone else.

Ryou never learn who this person truly was or how much power he has. But he had succeeded in taking over the world. Ryou could still remember one by one, his friends were strucked down by a bolt of eerie black lightning. One by one, they each fall. Falling into the hands of defeat. One by one, Ryou had witnessed the destruction of his closest friends. One by one, each and everyone who dared to stand up to this darkness, failed. Yami, Yugi, Kaiba, Mokuba, Tea, Joey, Tristen, Mai, even Bakura.

Ryou felt like crying everyday of his life. Bakura had given up his life so Ryou, Malik, and Marik could make it out alive. Everyone was gone...Gone forever. The dark and evil force had enslaved everyone in the city of Domino. Now they worked for the shadow realm. Ryou could even remember their hard journey to survive. Marik would try his hardest to protect him and Malik. Somehow, he always pulled through and the hard seem to be over for the brief moment.

Marik had somehow had the most power out of all the enslaved. Marik would break and had broken all sorts of rules to get Ryou out of trouble. That was also risky since the rules were the most important thing to follow in the castle of darkness. Breaking one would be meaning sealing your own doom. So everyone was careful not do to such things and to follow every direction no matter how silly it might seems since no one would want to cut their life short. But Marik was one of the lord's "commander" so, he was allowed to escape from such punishments but he too would be punish if he keep up the habit. You'll think since Marik was the so call "commander", he can do all sorts of things including escaping with Ryou and Malik to make a living somewhere else but, it just doesn't work that way.

But sometimes, he too fails to protect them. Painful punishments had been given out. Ryou just wants to make Malik and Marik proud for once but he always succeeded in getting into trouble. Ryou doesn't even know himself when he's going to be with Bakura and the others again. His heart along with him grieved for them everyday of his enslaved life. Suddenly Ryou's thoughts were interrupted by a loud command.

"Listen up!!!" yelled person in charge. Immediately, everyone drop what was in their hands and ran over, lining up in perfect rows continuously down the lane.

"Its getting late, go get ready for bed!!!" "Yes, master!!!" everyone shouts. Then, one by one the rows started filing out the doors, each person going to their own bunks which they share with several different other people.

Malik caught up to Ryou before he take another step forward. "Abandon me, would you?" "Oh sorry, Malik. Couldn't see where you were."

"It's okay, my friend. I am so glad night is hitting. Can't hammer another nail if you ask me." "Is it really that bad?" "Of course!! I hit my fingers twice!! Twice!!"

"That gotta hurt," said Ryou, giggling. "I have to go. My bunk's over there," said Malik as he jerked his head to the left. "Okay. Bye, Malik!!" called Ryou. Malik waved a quick goodbye then ran toward his bunk.

Late that night, seemingly flute music entered Ryou's room or in that case the room he's sharing with like ten other people which is like a lot. 'Huh? Why is there music in the middle of the night?' Ryou sat up and rubbed his eyes. His sight didn't help him since he could see nothing but darkness everywhere except for a steam full of moonlight entering through a crack in the middle of the door for the same reason that the door can't close all the way. The room was too small to fit all of the sleeping people but amazingly they somehow got it to work. Then, his ears got the rhythm of the music once again.

Although his eyes were useless to him now, his ears were keen. The weird flute music continues to pour into the room. The sound was so soft, Ryou knew it couldn't possible wake up all the others. He gently and softly got up and tiptoed to the door. He slowly pushes the door open but stopped everytime a creaking noise appears. For what seemed like forever, he finally got the door wide enough for him to slip through. Once outside he saw who was the player and creator of the flute music he been hearing all along. Seated on a chair, away from Ryou, was his best friend, Malik. He was sitting on a stone chair that was permanently bolted into the ground. His arm resting on the stone table in the middle. It was the table where people of high reguard sat during the day and watch the enslaved work as they laugh and point at the weak.

"Malik?" Ryou whispers, afraid he would wake everyone up and get into serious trouble. The figure swiftly turn and face him. "Ryou," whispered Malik, surprised his friend was still awake at this time of night for being so tired in the day. Ryou carefully made his way over, avoiding all the rocks and sawdust. "What are doing up?" he asked at soon as he got through the obstacle course. "Playing the flute, can't you see?" replied Malik. "I can see that but, aren't you worried about being caught in the middle of the night? You know we're not allowed out here for any known reason," whispers Ryou. "Of course I know that! Than why do you think I'm playing the flute so softly?! Its so soft I can't even hear it!" hissed Malik. "But I heard you," replied Ryou at his friend.

"Wow, those must be some ears," said Malik as he put the flute onto the table. "Trade them for a one way trip to freedom," offered Ryou. Malik couldn't help but smile and giggle at his jokes. "No thanks."

"How I would love to someday be free," started Ryou, his eyes focused on the stars and the moon hanging from above. "I know what you mean. I want to be free one day too and go back to Egpyt. Back to my home and my sister, Ishizu." "So many of friends, gone just like that. Just like that, they're gone."

"I know, Ryou. I know. I'm going through this pain too. I know what's it like," encouraging Malik as he placed a hand on Ryou's shoulder offering his comfort.

Ryou wiped away a tear and looked up. "So what the story about the flute?" whispers Ryou. Malik took back the flute and placed it in the plam of his hands. The flute's golden tip reflects the moonlight away to the wall shining a dim gold light. "Well, Ishizu gave it to me. She said to play it whenever I'm down and it'll help me feel better. And I have eversince we came to this torture site. But now seeing you everyday and hearing your joke is enough to keep me going."

Ryou smiled at him. "Thank you. That was something no one had said to me in a long time." Malik looked down at his flute and then back at Ryou. "You know what? This is for you, my friend," said Malik as he pushes the wooden instrument into Ryou's hands. Ryou's eyes widen at his friend's sudden gesture. "Malik, I can't! This flute means alot to you. Your sister gave it to you, I can't just take it away like that!!"

"Ryou, its okay. Seeing and hearing your jokes everyday is more than enough to keep me going. You been a great friend and this is my way of saiding, "Thanks, Ryou". And besides, I was planning on giving it to you anyways. It was supposes to be my last night with it too. I also craved your intials on the wooden tip. See it?"

Ryou flip the flute so the wooden tip is facing toward them. Craved into the wood was his intials, just like Malik had said. R.B. Malik looks at him. "It stands for Ryou Bakura. So he's always a part of you." "Thank you, Malik. Thank you," said Ryou softly as a tear slid down his left eye. He quickly wipes it away with his left hand before Malik could see. "Anything for you, my friend," said Malik as he pulled Ryou in a embrace.

"Uh, can you teach me how to play it?" asked Ryou as soon as the hug ended. "Sure, no problem. Just put the flute like this and oh this too...."

Malik continues to teach Ryou his best to play and so it went on like that for another couple of hours just before the sun rises. Then they stood up and Ryou thank him once again. They each went their separate ways back to their bunks before anyone notice they were gone. Ryou and Malik slowly slip back into bed, acting as if the whole middle of the night meeting hadn't happen.

The next day started out as usual, waking everyone up at such an early time in the morning just before the sun came up. Ryou kept the flute with him at all times. He didn't dare risk it by leaving it behind for it might be the last time he ever sees it. And besides, how would he explain to Malik? For some reason, the "Oh I left it on my bunk and some lunatic came by and took it" excuse wasn't going to cut it.

Everyone filed out of the stuffy and humid rooms into neat rows facing the construction site which they were working on to build a additional building to the castle. 'Like the castle isn't big enough already', Ryou thought. Soon, the people went back to their spot and continued working. Ryou saw two woman dragging a huge sack of concrete followed by a small, young girl that looked no more than five years of age. He thought it was disgusting on how they were treated, than again, that's how everyone was treated. No mercy. Men along with woman and children worked side by side every single day with no break time or nothing. He ran over and helped them carry the dusty sack. They thanked him and left. Ryou then went over to where Malik was working.

"Hey, Malik!" Ryou greeted him. "Hi," ruffed Malik. "What's wrong? Did you hit your fingers with the hammer again?" asked Ryou. "No!! I hit my whole hand this time!!" complained Malik as he held out his entire left hand. It was bruised but it looked minor. Ryou cringes. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, but I have better days." "Hope you feel better. Construction work is NOT for you, my friend," said Ryou. "Oh no it's not," he replied, picking up another lumber of wood neatly stacked on a small metal chair. Despite all the hard labor that revolves around them, each other's jokes were enough to keep them two going.

"You two!!" a deep voice boomed behind them. Ryou and Malik whirled around to see the chief glaring at them. Ryou gulped. "You two!!"

"Uh..uh.. yes sir?" stammered Malik. "I want you two to go dust the House of Essence!!! If you don't, I'm going to be in trouble!! Now go!" He yelled in their faces, desperate enough to just randomly choose them two. "Yes sir!" yelled Malik. The two ran out of there as fast as possible to the building located just north of the construction site. The House of Essence was where the lord kept his ancestors description on wooden tablets seated on a large fine wooden table in the center of the large room.

Ryou doesn't know much of the so call lord, the one that successfully took over the world itself. But he does know is that everyone including chiefs and commanders along with Marik calls him "Lord" and nothing else. But the "Lord" came from a family in Egpyt, just like the Ishtars. But that family too holds anger and hatred against the pharaoh meaning Yami. Generation by generation, they would come up with plots and plans unimaginable to rid of Yami and to take over the world and they would fail one scheme after another. But this generation, they succeeded. So each member of this family were presented on the wooden tablet in the House of Essence. No one knows why it was called that way or why the "Lord" did this, referring to the tablets and all.

The two entered the sacred House of Essence. Ryou nor Malik had ever been here before. "I'll start dusting and tidy up over here," said Malik as he made his way toward the left end of the building. Ryou looked after Malik and then walked to the polished oak table containing the tablets. 'Whoa,' he thought. It looked like a memorial. A rectangluar window sat above the tallest tablet from a couple of inches on the wall. Sunlight steam down on the table. Ryou could see dust forming visually on the fine oak wood.

Ryou's eyes darted across and around the room for a rag to wipe the dust with. He could hear Malik sweeping behind him. His eyes picked up a rag on a window stall. Ryou started walking toward the window. He reached out and took the rag. It was a reddish brown shade with small smudges of dirt here and there. His ears picked up a loud noise that sound a lot like wings of a flapping bird. Ryou's eyes darted back to the table where the sound first came from and there were several crows walking on the table.

'No wonder it's so dirty in here,' thought Ryou.

He went over and try shooing the birds away but they only flew beyond his grasp and land on another part of the table. "Shoo!! Get away from here!! Go away!"

"What is it, Ryou?" "Oh it's nothing. Just a couple of birds that flew in and landed on the table." "Be careful not to knock any tablet down! You could get into serious trouble!!" "Don't worry, I'll be careful."

The crows didn't want to fly away but instead decided to ignore Ryou's swatting. He continues to try and shoo them away but it resulted in the crows flying and getting in his hair, which hurts when the bird try to escapes. "Get away! If you knock down one of these tablets, you'll be in big trouble, Mr. Crow!!" said Ryou as he continues to try and catch the black feathered birds.

Malik heard that and he began to giggle; unable to continue sweeping the tile floor. "It's nice that you like talking to birds and all, but hurry up and let's get done, okay? It looks like a storm is coming!!"

"Okay, Malik!" Out of the corner of his eye, Ryou saw a crow flapping its wings uncontrollably and send a tablet over the edge. "No!!!!" Ryou took a gaint leap toward the falling piece of lumber. He trip over a crevice in the floor and landed roughly on his stomach. He stared in horror as the tablet crashes onto the hard floor just inches from his reach. Splinters flew everywhere but he had too much on his mind to worry.

Malik drop the broom and raced over to where the noise was. He gasps when he saw Ryou holding the broken tablet.

The noise was so loud the chief in command from the construction area had heard it since nothing seems to pass his ears without him hearing it first and you'll thought it'll be nothing more than a crack sound. "What's that?"

Random people looked around and some shrugged. He growled and turned toward the House of Essence. "Everything better be alright in there," he muttered as he left the site and head toward the massive stone building.

Meanwhile, Ryou was still in shock of what happened. "Ryou! What happened?!?" "I...I...I don't know.."

"Give me! Maybe we can still fix it or put it back together!!" shouted Malik as he snatched the two pieces out of Ryou's hands. He started putting one on top of the other in hope of it sticking and staying that way. "It's no use, Malik. It's all scratched up and stuff."

He was right. Even if Malik had somehow miraculously put it back together, there will still be signs of damage including the missing splinters and all the scratches marks from the crow's feet. The tablet was broken in two but it's harder than it look to be rejoined. It was too sever now.

"No..." said Malik in defeat. "What have I done?" stammered Ryou as he looked at his own two hands that were now shaking uncontrollably. At that exact moment, the chief himself stepped in. Ryou and Malik looked up at the man. He took one look at the separated tablet in Malik's hands and exploded. "What have you done!?!?!?!?!"

Ryou abruptly stood up and held his arms out as if protecting Malik. "I'm sorry!! Malik had nothing to do with it! I'm the one who broke it!!"

"Ryou!!" yelled Malik from behind. "So it is you who broke the sacred tablet from the House of Essence!! You shall suffer to the merciless end!!!" the chief yelled as two guards dressed the same uniform as the chief stepped in. "Seize him!!" The two men each grabbed Ryou's arm and began dragging him out.

Tears were forming at the end of his eyes. His arms hurt like they had been squeezed...literally. "Ryou no!!!!" yelled Malik as he shot out his arm toward his hostage friend.

Malik ran before them and held out his arms not granting them further access. Malik knew he shouldn't meddle with this type of people especially someone who is a part of the darkness's side but he got no choice, it was his friend that was being taken away. "No you don't understand!! Ryou didn't mean it!! The crows were messing around the tablets and Ryou was just trying to shoo them away!! Please don't take him away!! Please!! I begged you!!" yelled Malik as he fought back the tears. He even got down on his knees for his friend but did they listen?

"So what?" spatter the chief, "There's a broken tablet and punishments must be given out!! What do you want me to do? Blame it on the crows? Oh bad crows. Bad crows." He continues to mimic the scene as if he was really putting the blame on the birds. He stopped and laughed as he pointed a rotten finger at Malik. "Stupid boy!! You think you can just change my mind, just like that?" he yelled in the Egyptian's face, sending foul breath odor and saliva everywhere. But Malik didn't care as long as Ryou was in the hands of danger.

"Please, I begged you to let him go!! He didn't mean it!! Please!!" Malik bowed at his foot but the cruel chief still shows no signs of mercy. Instead, with a swing of his foot he kicked poor Malik in the stomach sending him flying and hitting a large boulder. Pain shot through his body and he screamed a scream of agony. "Malik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Ryou. Ryou desperately struggled to get to his injured friend but the grip on his arms just got tighter.

The chief laughed along with the two guards. "That'll teach you not to mess with us. Next time we'll take you life, boy!!!!" The chief spat on him and left laughing.

"Ry..Ryou," said Malik weakly as he held out his hand toward the albino haired teen. He then sobbed quietly on the ground unmoved as he painfully witnessed his best friend being taken away from him. First, it was his home, then his closest friends and family, and now Ryou. What more do they want from him?

Malik wanted so much to just end it right there but how could he, leaving Ryou to suffer to pitiless end. Everyone and everything was now taken away from him. His tears rush down his face and rolled down his face where the dry and desolated ground quickly absorbs the drops. One tear drop after another was quickly turned into a stream just streaming down his dusty face. The pain in his stomach had eased but his heart hasn't but instead it grew heavier as time ticked by. Everything was gone. What more do the darkness wants? And will Ryou have to face the consequences with his life on the line?

To Be Continued...

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