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Just to avoid confusion, Marik is the dark and Malik is the light.



Chapter Four: Final Goodbye

Moments passes with no movements from the fallen Marik. Malik held his breath as he continues to watch painfully through the keyhole outside the large room.

"Ha! That's what you get," said the chief, "You talk too much. Good job shutting him up, my dear Lor-"

"Quiet!" screamed the Lord.

The chief dropped to his knees and cowered. "Yes, yes, yes. I'm sorry, my dear Lord!" he quickly stammered.

"You're the one that talk too much," said the Lord. "If you don't be quiet, that might happen to you," said the Lord, referring back to what happened to Marik. "Who do you think you are?"

"No one! No one!" yelled the chief, hoping the attention would turn its focus somewhere else besides him.

"Now, my dear commander, let's see now. You've defend him a lot in the past already. Time after time, I've let him off the hook but again and again, he gets himself into trouble. And time after time, you've bailed him out. This have got to stop here and now," said the Lord, seated on his might throne.

Suddenly Marik twitched. Malik was so happy at the sight he thought he'll jump up and down. Mark used all his remaining strength to pull himself up. He used the pole next to him to pull his body up. It seems he would just collapse at any given moment. But he didn't. Marik pulled himself up and faced the all mighty, powerful Lord. "Dear… Lord, please. Spare him one last time."

The Lord just eyed him as if figuring out what decision should be made. "I'll see to this. Go, my dear commander. You are excused."

"Yes, master." Marik bowed then turned for the door.

He emerged from it and was out of the room. He turned to his light. "Let's go, Malik."

Malik nodded obediently and started to follow behind. Suddenly, he was pulled back. Malik looked at the side of his sleeve. It was caught in the hook of a statue located next to the pair of giant doors. Malik reached up to unhook it and continue on but suddenly he stopped when he heard voices inside the room Malik press his ear to the side of the door.

"Dear Lord, we have to put this to an end!" The voice clearly belonged to the chief for no one in the entire castle spoke in such a tone, full of hostility.

"My chief, I'll let you decide. From here on, I'll let you handle this situation. I want to see how you do," replied the Lord in a nonchalantly tone.

Malik could somehow feel a wicked smile slowly spreading across the chief's face. Indeed it had.

"Then I said we take his life."

Malik couldn't take it any longer. He unhooked his sleeve and ran to catch up with Marik. He ran blindly ahead, not even looking where he's going or what's in front of him. He just wants to depart this place. "Marik!"

Marik turned around when he noticed his light wasn't behind him. Malik ran almost bumping into Marik as he slowed to a stop.

"Marik, they said…. They said…. They're going to…" Malik was so out of breath, he couldn't get the sentence out.

"I know, Malik," said Marik as he placed his hand on Malik's shoulder.


"I know, Malik. I know what they're going to do."

"What? How did you- When did you-"

"I'm sorry, Malik. I couldn't get Ryou out of this one."

"Marik, you have to! This is Ryou we're talking about. He's our best friend. He's been with us since the beginning! Marik, they're going to take his life! The reason he gets into trouble all the time is because he wants us to be safe and he's just doing it for us! He just wanted to help!" Malik was practically screaming at his brother.

Marik could see tears on the ends of Malik's eyes. "Malik, calm down. I'm really sorry. Other situations I can get Ryou out of but this one is serious. He broke a tablet. Something sacred to the Lord and this so call land."

"But he didn't mean it! It was a freak accident!" screamed Malik. "It's not like the Lord is indomitable or anything, right!"

"I don't know, Malik. I just don't know."

Hot tears rushed down Malik's face as it started to turn red.

"I know, but this time, I can't do anything to help him. I'm so sorry, Malik," Marik reassured. He got the crying teen in an embrace and he started crying himself.

Later that night, Malik sat up in bed, wide awake and thinking. It been several hours since Marik had walked back from the whole conversation. He face was sore and red from crying earlier but Malik didn't care one bit. He had more important things to worry about. Malik thought about the old days. How they first go here, how Ryou always cheered him up every time he's down, and how much Ryou had meant to him. As if Ryou's a second brother. Malik thought about all the torture Ryou been through since they arrived at this dump. Ryou got beaten so much it had seems that it's a tradition. A tradition that would happen everyday.

'Ryou been tortured enough, it's my turn.' Suddenly, Malik lay down on his bunk. "I know what to do now," he whispers as he turned and pulled the cover over his head.

Early the next morning, Malik swiftly but quickly got dressed and ran out the door. He looked both ways for any lurking guards. There wasn't any, so he continued on to find Marik.

Malik finally found him walking in the garden. The garden too is a forbidden area where the Lord and his high ranking superiors can only enter. Some of his superiors are not all high ranked. The garden didn't have flowers or plants. It had a small pond and a couple of trees but that was it. 'As if anyone would even tend to the garden', Malik thought. Malik knew he shouldn't be anywhere near the garden but the stubborn teen didn't care. Malik found the garden gate and opened it. He entered and ran toward his darker half.

Marik continued strolling down the garden when he heard his name being called out to him from behind. Malik ran up to him, out of breath. "Marik, I want you to do me a flavor."

"Malik, are you okay? It seemed yesterday you couldn't stop crying."

"Marik, I just want you to do something for me."

Marik sighed and looked back at his light. "What is it?"

Malik leaned in and whispers the flavor into Marik's ear. Marik's eyes widen with horror. "No! This is an outrage! Malik, you can't do that! I forbid you to do so!"

"Marik, please. Don't let anyone find out. I don't want Ryou to suffer any longer. He'd been through enough. Please, Marik. I beg you!"

Marik could see tears on the rims of Malik's eyes. "If you think it's the best for Ryou. But are you sure? The effect's irreversible. Once you've done it, it is done."

"I know. I've made up my mind. Thank you, Marik."

Malik then turn and ran to get "prepared". Marik greatly regretted this decision with all his heart. But will Ryou's soul and spirit be put at ease? Will harmony be regain by his heart? Is this the best option they have? Marik tried to stop thinking about all the madness but it just couldn't be done. 'How could I let all this happened? How could I let Malik go with his plan? I know Malik's heart will be stabbed with swords of guilt but is it the right thing to do?'

Doing the right thing may not have its own reward waiting for you in life, but sometimes, doing the right thing means you have let someone or something go no matter how much you hate it and doing something no matter how much you criticize it. Nothing is easy especially at this time…. Marik decided Malik's plan for Ryou is right. He also knew his hikari would regret this more than anything in his life but Marik had to let him go on. Marik fought with all this as he painfully with an aching heart continued on his walk throughout the garden.

Back at Ryou's room, he had awoken from his deep sleep and had gone to sit at the table in the center of the room. 'It was sure nice of Malik to beg his yami to let me sleep in a couple more hours since I got a cold,' he thought.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. After a while, Ryou opened it and greeted the person. "Hi Malik!"

"Hi, Ryou. I brought you some medicine. Drink it."

"Oh. How nice of you, Malik. Thank you."

Malik came in and set the tray holding the cup of liquid onto the table. "So are you feeling better? You caught a cold while being out in all that rain last night."

I know but I got no choice. The dungeon was full-"

"No, no matter what the excuse is, they should've put you in some place where it's not raining."

"Yeah, I just hope this would soon be over. I really miss Bakura and Yugi and all my other friends, Malik," said Ryou, chewing his lower lip.

"Don't worry, you'll be joined with your family and friends soon," said Malik as he handed Ryou the cup.

"Thanks," replied Ryou with a look of confusion on his face at his friend's statement but soon brushed it away as he took the handle of the delicate, brittle, china handle.

"Have to drink if I want to get better quicker," Ryou said with a smile on his face.

"Uh, are you sure about this?" asked Malik, feeling guilt rising over him.

"Um, sure why not? Have to get better, you know."


Ryou brought the cup to his lips and slowly drank it down.

"Why don't you rest now? I'll wake you up to work later," said Malik.

"Okay," said Ryou as he went over to his bunk. He got in and pulled the covers over to his chest. "Wake me up later? I don't twant to be late and get in trouble again."

"I will, don't worry."

"Thank you, Malik. You're the best brother anyone could ever ask for. You're the greatest."

"If Bakura was here, he'll be so proud how much you have grown, Ryou."

"Yeah, he was also a great brother."

"Yes, he was, wasn't he? Now go to sleep."

Ryou closes his eyes; not knowing he'll never wake up again. After breathing a couple of last breaths after he closed his eyes, Ryou's breathing stopped.

"I'm sorry, Ryou. I really am. I tried, Ryou. I really did. But my power is limited. But you do know who ever break a rule will have to suffer to the end. This is the only painless way there is. I succeeded in begging Marik to let you have a proper burial. I could only take you this far. I'm sorry, my friend. Please forgive me, Ryou. I'll never forget you. You'll never be forgotten. Ryou, If I could, I would join you in the beyond but I can't. If I do, Marik's going to be all alone and they might take his life. He needs me. I really want to go with you but I can't. I'll stay here and suffer with my yami while you go before me. I'm sorry, Ryou. I really am. But I can't let you suffer anymore, everything here is strict and harsh. Everyday, you suffer for me. I just want what is best for you. I'm so sorry, Ryou. I really am. Please forgive me."

Malik knew a piece was missing from his heart. A piece that was supposed to be there but now gone missing. A piece where Ryou is supposed to be. Sadly, Malik knew that piece shall never returned. He, himself, had taken that piece of valuable memories out when he'd done what he done. Ryou always told him to don't lose hope but at this point, Malik already had given up. Hope had been released from his hands since the beginning. This time, hope didn't come through for him and Ryou.

He wipes the tears away but immediately more tears take its place. He'd cried many times before but this time, it's different. And he knew what happened today is going to haunt him…. forever.

Malik looked at the lifeless body before him. The body whose life he took. Malik cried silently beside his best friend. His best friend who had once been full of life…. Till he took it away. Guilt flooded his mind and body. But somewhere deep inside his bleeding heart, Malik knew Ryou had been reunited with Bakura. He couldn't see Ryou suffer any longer sos he had to do the most dreadful. But somewhere, somewhere up there, Ryou is with Bakura, Yami, Yugi, and all of his other beloved friends.

A while later, a body was lifted out from the castle. From up high on the third floor of the monstrous castle, Marik the commander could see the four guards, one at each angle, holding and carrying the lifeless body. It was covered with a white sheet from head to toe on a bamboo stretcher of some sort. At that exact moment, he knew his light had carried out his plan. Marik's heart felt like it had been ripped out at that time. But it was all the same. Just like he had said, what is done is done.

Suddenly a flute drop out from behind the guard and rolled away. From its wooden tip end to its golden trim end, Marik could see the initials on the wooden tip. R.B

The End of Chapter Four and Tides of Friendship

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