Abandoned Blues
by Karah

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Francine Pascal.

Summary: They've started college but in a week everyone close to her abandons Liz. Todd is pressuring her to sleep with him and when she says no they get into a fight and break up. Alexandra (Enid) is too caught up in Alpha Theta Alpha and getting out of her best friends shadow to notice how reclusive Liz has become. Jess moved out their dorm room to live with a new friend leaving Elizabeth with Celine. The one person no one should be stuck with. She has guys in and out of the room so much and won't go outside to smoke that at the night of the Halloween dance Liz just wants it all to end.

Author's Note: I wrote this fic one summer at my aunt and uncle's after reading the first SVU book not believing that Jess had left Liz with Celine. Then I got this idea. I don't know how great the characters are considering it's my first SVU fic and I don't seem to write anything with the characters actually in character.

Chapter One: Life Sucks:

'Dear Journal,

These first weeks of college have been the worst. The first day we were here Jess ditched me then a few days later moved out of our dorm to live with Isabella, her new best friend. Then Alex told me she didn't want to be my roommate because she liked the one she had and didn't want to walk out on her. Too add to it all, stuff with Todd went from bad to worse in less than a week and to make things even worse I got stuck with the too-faced-witch Celine Boudreaux as my roommate. And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse tonight I saw Todd kissing Lauren Hill who's in my creative writing class and it brought back all the hidden feelings I've buried since my first day here. I hate college and Jess and Todd and Alex. I wish I could just die. Alex isn't even talking to me because she has all her new friends from Theta Alpha Theta. And Jess and Todd also have new friends. And that leaves me with no one. Absolutely no one. Maybe I should have gone to Oxford. At least there I might have friends. But no I decided not to go because of Jessica. I thought that college would be so great but I ended up with no boyfriend, no best friend, a twin who thinks I'm as boring as toast and ugh...Celine as my roommate.' Elizabeth wrote on Halloween night after the dance of the Xavier Hall gym.

Two hours after writing in her journal, Elizabeth was found unconscious by Nina Harper in the bathroom in the dorm with any empty bottle of painkillers on the floor beside her and cuts on both arms. Nina called the emergency room at the hospital and told them her name and the names of her parents.

Alice and Ned Wakefield were stunned when the nurse in the ER wing of Joshua Fowler Memorial Hospital called them at two-o'clock in the morning November 1st.

"Ned, what is it?" Alice asked her husband after he hung up the phone.

"Liz. She's in the hospital." Ned replied.

"Why?" Alice asked.

"She tired to commit suicide." He replied.

"What? Seriously?" Mrs. Wakefield wondered.

"Yes." Mr. Wakefield replied, "Jess and Steve should know."

"Yes they should. And we should go to the hospital." Mrs. Wakefield agreed as she dialed Jessica's phone number.

A/N: Well that didn't take long...I forgot I had only one chapter of this fic typed. More chapters are on the way though.