Raoul gave the fellow a grateful nod, then moved quickly down the hall and up a flight of stairs, then found the correct room and knocked on the door sharply. Christine looked up, and touched Erik's arm. It could be the Innkeeper, you should go to the door. she murmured, squeezing his hand.

Erik stared at Christine. "I didn't call the innkeeper yet, my dear," he replied softly. "But I should get it, nonetheless. Don't move." He kissed her on the forehead and walked to the door. "Yes?" he called, guardedly.

Clearing his throat, Raoul lowered his voice as best he could. "Emergency, monsieur, there may be a gas leak." he said quickly. "Quickly, let me in."

Erik stiffened, drawing his cloak over his head again. He opened the door quickly, then moved back to the bathroom without glancing at the man who entered the room. "Do your business, monsieur," he replied coolly, going back into the bathroom.

Raoul grinned and walked in, closing the door and locking it again. Looking around, determined that Christine and Erik both must be occupied in the bathroom. Confused, he went toward the bathroom, and sighed in relief when he found that the door was open a crack. Looking in, he gasped when he saw Erik kneel down next to Christine, who was nearly naked, clad only in her corset. Keeping silent, he watched.

Christine smiled up at Erik when he came back into the room, and lifted her arms, holding them open. "Who was it?" she asked, eager to be in Erik's arms again.

"Mmm.." Erik pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the forehead. "Some fellow come to check the gas line," he replied, gazing at her leg. "How does your ankle feel?"

"Not nearly as badly as my knee feels." she said softly, curling against his chest and closing her eyes. "Just hold me, please?"

"As you wish, my angel," Erik replied, running a hand through her hair and down her cheek. "I love you."

"Oh Erik, I love you too.." she breathed, leaning up and kissing his unmasked cheek. "How long will the man be up here?" she flushed. "I'm a bit tired... I'd like to lay down." biting her lip, she looked up at him. "There's only one bed... are we going to share it?" she giggled and cuddled against him.

Raoul's blood was boiling by now. Christine, sleep in the same bed as that monster?! He forced himself to keep silent, though, and continued to watch.

Erik grinned back at her. "If you wish, Christine," he murmured, kissing her again. "Here, I'll go check." He got up and moved to the door, opening it, and stopped dead in his tracks, staring at Raoul. "You..." he choked out, and looked back at Christine, eyes wide.

Raoul stumbled back and gaped, completely not expecting to be discovered so quickly. "Oh! Release Christine!"

Christine jumped up and staggered to the door, grabbing Erik's arm and feeling tears of pain fill her eyes. "Raoul!"

"I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request," Erik replied coldly, glowering at Raoul. He pulled Christine close and kissed her cheek, raising his visible eyebrow. "I don't think I will, m'sieur. You see, she is happy here. She chose me over you, and I'm inclined to trust her decision."

Raoul sputtered, looking at Christine brokenly. "Little.. Lotte..?"

Hiding her face in Erik's chest, she sighed softly. "Please, Raoul... just go .."

"Go," Erik repeated, staring coolly at Raoul. "Go, before I feel the need to make you go." He stroked Christine's hair with a shaking hand, and continued to stare at Raoul.

Raoul reached out, wanting so badly to hold Christine in his arms. The glare that Erik was giving him was enough to make him rethink this action, and instead he turned to leave, his head lowered. He reached the door and was about to step out, when Christine pulled from Erik's arms, turning to Raoul with a cry. "Raoul!"

Raoul turned with hope in his eyes, and looked at Christine as she rushed toward him, flying into his arms and holding him close. Drawing back then, she looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry, Raoul." she whispered, touching his cheek. "If things had been different..."

Raoul sighed, shaking his head. "But they aren't." he said, touching her cheek. "I'll be here... if things should change, Christine... I'll always love you.."

She smiled sadly. "They won't change, Raoul." she said softly, leaning up and placing a chaste kiss to his cheek.

Erik whimpered softly as Christine moved away from him, lowering his head as Christine hugged him. She's going to leave...she's going to go back to her Vicomte... He sighed to himself and leaned against the doorway, pulling up the hood of his cloak to hide his tears.

Raoul stroked her cheek one last time, then opened the door. "Goodbye, Little Lotte." She couldn't bring herself to speak, and instead she lifted her fingers to her lips. He smiled, and then he was gone.

Giving a soft sob, she closed the door, then rushed back to Erik, looking at him with wide eyes.

"You still love him," Erik said softly, tears running down his cheeks. "Christine...." He turned away from her, stalking into the bedroom and stared at the fire. Of course she loves him! He's young, rich, and handsome. It doesn't matter than he's an idiot who doesn't know how to string two coherent thoughts together, no....she loves him! He clenched a fist, feeling a familiar rage boil up in him.

Shaking her head, Christiner rushed after Erik, grabbing his arm. "If I love him, Erik, then why am I here?" she reasoned, moving to stand in front of him and grasping the lapels of his suit jacket. "I love you, I... I could never love another this way."

"You kissed him," he replied stubbornly, not looking at her face. "I may old, Christine, I may even be insane, but I'm not blind!" He turned away from her, walking into the bathroom and slamming the door.

Christine rushed to teh bathroom then, pulling the door open and standing in the doorway. "You're so innocent.." she breathed, moving closer to him. "You know so little of love that you don't know the difference between kisses." Slowly she moved to him, grabbing his face in her hands and pulling it inches from her own. "The kiss I gave Raoul was on his cheek, Erik... it was the kind of kiss a girl may give her brother. If I loved him, this is how I would have kissed him." she said softly, before pressing her lips to his passionately, winding her arms around his neck and letting her lips open, her tongue touching against his lips teasingly. Thrusting her chest to his, she whimpered softly, wanting nothing more than to deepen the kiss fully.

Erik moaned against her lips, pulling her closer. "Oh, Christine..." he purred softly, kissing her back hungrily. "My Christine..." he growled, suddenly becoming possessive, and pulled away, panting, only to kiss her again, quite forcefully. "Mine."

Christine kissed him back with equal force, tilting her head and pressing her tongue against his. "Erik.." she begged, looking up at him with pleading eyes. "Please, Erik... I... I need you.." she flushed, stroking his mask. "Take me, please..."

"You're hurt," he replied, drawing away from her. "Look at your knee, at your ankle.." He kissed her sweetly on the forehead, leading her over to the bed. "Speaking of that, I should look at it," he murmured, smiling shakily at her.

Whimpering, she took his hands in her own. " I'll be fine." she whispered, bringing his hands to her chest and pressing his palms into her breasts. "Erik..." she moaned, her head falling back.

"No, Christine," he replied softly. "We are not yet wed. I do not want to hurt you even more." Shyly, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her knee, then to her ankle. "Wait here, I will get something for you from the innkeeper."

Grabbing his arm, she clung to him and pulled him back. "Erik..!" She looked up at him with wide eyes. "I do not want to wait. I can't. I need you right now, or I'll die!" she cried, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. "Please, please Erik!"

Erik smirked curiously at her, pulling her close with a soft moan. He kissed her on the nose, then pulled away. "At least let me go downstairs and get you something, Christine," he pleaded, kissing her cheek, then shuddered. "I swear it, once I come back...." He looked down at himself and blushed, sincerely glad he was still wearing the cloak.

She sighed softly, holding him close for a moment, then letting him go. "Hurry.." she breathed, her entire body aching for him.

"I will travel with the speed of Apollo," he promised, pressing a kiss to her lips, then moved for the door, pulling his cloak around him self-consciously. He kept the hood pulled up, and walked to the front desk. "Monsieur."

The man looked up, smiling. "Ah, hello monsieur. What can I do for you?" he asked, smiling broadly.

"My wife has sprained her ankle," Erik replied calmly. "I was wondering if you had any herbs I could to use to help stop the pain?" He paused, grinning to himself for a moment. "And," he added, lowering his voice. "It is our honeymoon, so I would be obliged if...anyone asks for us, tell them we are not expecting visitors."

The man nodded and winked. "Of course, monsieur... now, about her ankle... come with me, my wife should have something..." he motioned for Erik to follow him into their rooms, just through the door behind the counter. His wife looked up from where she was sitting with her book. "Who is this?" she asked, and the man smiled. "This is monsieur Destler.. his wife has sprained her ankle, and he needs something for it." The woman smiled. "Oh, let me quickly make her a poultice then." she said kindly, moving into the bathroom and waving him to follow.

Erik gazed at the woman, whose arm was in a sling. "If I may ask, madame, how did you injure your arm?" he inquired curiously. "Let me help you."

She smiled up at him. "Oh, I think it's quite alright now, my husband called in a doctor earlier and he set it all up." she said kindly as she began to make the poultice. "It's a funny story, actually.. I was at the Opera Populaire earlier this evening seeing their new opera, and the chandelier crashed down! I was sitting too far back to be hit, but I ended up getting knocked down and trampled in the scuffle to get out... everyone panicked." she sighed sadly. "Such a beautiful opera, a pity I didn't get to see the end." she smiled up at him. "Do you like opera, monsieur?"

Erik blinked at her, willing himself not to start shaking. "I....I had heard about that," he replied awkwardly. "Yes, I have a great fondness for opera...for music of all sorts." He looked down at the floor, blushing. "You thought it was beautiful? I had heard bad reports about it."

She smiled broadly. "I thought it was.. amazing. Such a change from all the other operas.. it was so passionate." she flushed. "I wish I'd brought my husband, he could have learned a few things, I'm sure." laughing to herself she suddenly sobered. "Monsieur, would you mind drawing back your cloak a bit, I can't quite see your face..." Her eyes were wide with thought.. there was something so very familiar...

Erik stiffened, moving back to the door. "I...." he started, dearly wishing he had his fedora. Sighing to himself, he drew the cloak back to show the unmasked half of his face.

She frowned, trying to picture... "Oh! Monsieur, correct me if I'm wrong, but I could swear... you sound just like the man who sang the lead tenor roll just several hours ago!"

Erik's eyes widened, and he began to back out of the room hurriedly. "Please, madame, tell no one...tell no one I was here," he pleaded desperately.

She reached out, grasping his arm. "The woman you're here with, it's her! The wonderful soprano my husband and I liked so much!" She smiled broadly at him. "Why would I tell anyone? Monsieur, it's an honor to have you here!"

Erik smiled shakily, but couldn't pass up the chance to brag. "She is wonderful, isn't she...." he grinned shyly. "I was her teacher, Madame...." he trailed off, wondering if he should tell her the rest. "And that opera, 'Don Juan Triumphant'" he savored the words, closing his eyes. "I wrote it."

She looked at him with wide eyes, a hand flying to her mouth. "I heard rumors, I visit the Opera often, I heard the ballet dancers talking before curtain call... they said that the new opera, that the Ghost wrote it." She looked at him with wide eyes. "And tonight, they said that the ghost kidnapped the soprano, and that he brought the chandelier down!" She tilted her head, eyes wide and curious. "Are you the ghost?"

Erik sighed heavily, drawing his hood the rest of the way off. "The Opera Ghost is dead," he stated softly, turning so the woman could see his face clearly. "I was him, once. But now he is dead."

She nodded slowly. "And so are many people." she said softly, reaching out to touch his arm. "But their killer, he's dead?" she smiled shakily. "And the soprano.. is with you under what conditions?"

Erik covered his face with his free hand, wiping roughly at his eyes. "He is dead, madame. He died when the chandelier fell, as did many others." He paused, taking a deep breath before continuing. "Mam'selle Daae is with me of her own free will. She made her choice."

The woman handed him the poultice and squeezed his hands tightly. "Then you can heal." she murmured. "The two of you can heal together, from each other." she gave his hands a final squeeze, then led him out of the room. "You get that on your fiancee's ankle right away now, monsieur Destler. And be sure to let me know if you need anything else." she insisted, patting his arm. "Don't worry, we'll be sure not to mention you're here."

"Thank you, madame," he replied, bowing and pressing a grateful kiss to her hand. "Thank you so much." He bowed again, grinning shyly at her, rather awed that someone could be so kind to him. Still grinning, he walked up the stairs to their room and opened the door, flopping down on the bed comfortably.

Christine eagerly pounced on Erik, kissing him passionately and clutching at his chest. "Finally!"

Erik grinned happily at her, kissing her sweetly. "I'm sorry I took so long," he murmured. "The innkeeper's wife wanted to talk to me." He sighed. "She was hurt by the chandelier."

Christine's eyes went wide. "Is she okay? Oh Erik..." she gently cupped his cheek, and kissed his lips. "My Erik..."

Erik nodded. "She's fine, she hurt her arm." He sighed again, pulling Christine close. "She figured out who I was, though...she recognized my voice. I suspect that the Vicomte has called off the police, now, so we should be safe." He kissed her forehead sweetly, grinning down at her. "Where would you like to go, ma chere?"

Christine appeared thoughtful for a moment, before rolling on top of Erik and kissing him eagerly. "Right now, I just want you to take me to the stars." she whispered, looking into his eyes deeply. "Please Erik... you promised.."

"Mmm.." Erik closed his eyes, kissing her back sweetly. "My Christine, I love you," he breathed, kissing her again. "I love you so much.." He pressed closer to her, blushing. "I...." he started, then looked out the window. "I have never done this before."

Christine pushed harder against him, whimpering. "Neither have I, Erik... we'll learn together... please..."

Erik nodded, turning back to kiss her hungrily. "What raging fire shall flood the soul...." he growled, kissing his way down her neck. "Mine," he purred, slowly moving his hands to the laces of her corset.

Christine moaned softly, tangling her hands in Erik's hair and letting her head fall back. "Oh Erik..." One hand slid down to the waistband of his trousers, before moving up again, and slowly beginning to unbutton his shirt.

Erik whimpered softly, afraid she would reject him because of his many scars. He kissed her again, shuddering as she continued to unbutton his shirt, and continued his self-appointed task of unlacing her corset. "I love you," he murmured, looking up at her adoringly.

Christine smiled sweetly at Erik as she pushed his shirt from his shoulders. "I love you so, Erik.." she murmured, seeing the scars on him. She frowned, and moved her lips over the worst ones, trying to erase his pain.

Erik smiled shakily at her, running his hands through her hair. He swallowed hard, knowing he had no idea what to do, and looked at her bruised arm, lowering his eyes. "You...must tell me if I hurt you..." he murmured, trembling, and managed a nervous grin. "This, my dear, is one thing I do not know how to do."

Christine giggled, pulling Erik over her and tugging off her corset. Now completely naked before him, she flushed and quickly tried to even the score, moving her hands to unbutton his trousers.

Erik looked at her with wide eyes, then pulled her close and kissed her hungrily, stroking her cheek, "You are so beautiful..." he murmured, shivering as he ran his hands over her body. It was everything he'd imagined it to be, her skin was so soft and smooth. "Oh, my Christine...."

Christine trembled at his touch and moaned. "Erik..." she whispered, her voice begging him as she pushed his trousers down and let him kick them off. "Take me, please..!" she begged, reaching down and grasping him in her hand.
"Oh, God, Christine..." he growled out, pulling her closer. "I love you so much..." he purred, suddenly flipping them over, and kissed her hungrily. "More than you know, my angel."

Christine gasped, wrapping her legs around his waist and thrusting her hips up at him. "Erik! Erik, I can't wait another moment... please!" she cried out, her head falling back and her chest pressing into his. "Please..." she begged, tears of frustration filling her eyes.

Erik growled again, running his hands down her sides and grasping her hips lightly. "Christine..." he murmured, kissing her hungrily, and slowly began to press within her, still kissing her.

Christine gasped, her eyes flying wide open. "Oh!" It was so strange... almost painful... and then it hurt so badly! "Erik!" she nearly screamed, clutching at his shoulders and holding back a sob. "It hurts.. it hurts..!" She knew he hadn't even broken through her virginity yet, and with a soft cry of pain she thrust at him suddenly, knowing that he'd stop without claiming her if she didnt' do something. Laying still then, with Erik pushed all the way within her, she breathed heavily and kept her eyes closed.

"Oh, God, Christine..." He leaned forward, kissing her in apology. "Christine...I...I'm so sorry," he breathed, but shuddered, loving the feel of her around him.

Opening her eyes, she grasped his face in her hands and pulled off his mask, setting it aside and looking at him with loving eyes. "Erik..." she whispered, leaning up to kiss his lips. "I love you.." moving against him a little, she whimpered and clung to him tightly. "Take me.."

"I love you too, Christine," he murmured, kissing her back sweetly. With a soft moan, he began to thrust within her, holding her close.

Christine gasped, the pain slowly turning to pleasure as she grasped at Erik's upper back and moved with him. "Ohh... Erik... my Angel.."

"My Christine..." he purred, kissing her again, "Oh, Christine..." He continued to thrust with her, starting a slow rhythn.

Christine whimpered, tightening her legs around Erik's waist and moving harder with him. "Please... more, Erik... she whispered, looking at him with eyes darkened in passion.

"Mmmm.." he growled out, thrusting harder with her. "Mine," he hissed out, leaning forward and biting roughly at her lips.

Christine cried out, moving hard against him and suddenly rolling them over. Sitting on top of Erik now, she cried out as she moved on him and clutched at his shoulders and chest. "Erik..!! Oh God, so good.." she keened out, her head falling back.

"Oh, God, Christine!" he gasped, thrusting roughly into her, grabbing at her hips. "I love you so much, my angel..." he murmured, archiing his back.

Christine was nearly screaming in pleasure by now, and she moved harder on him, scratching at his chest as she felt herself starting to tighten on him. "Erik! Oh... oh.. something is.. happenening..!" she gasped out, looking at Erik with wild eyes and panting.

"Christine!" he growled out, continuing to thrust within her as he felt his lower back start to tighten. "My Christine, I love you..."

Suddenly Christine gasped and her entire body stiffened. "Erik!!" she cried, as she tightened on him and felt a delicious heat spreading through her body. "Oh..! Oh ERIK!"

Erik let out a hoarse cry as he spilled himself within her. "Christine!!" He pulled her close, kissing her passionately. "Oh, I love you, Christine. I love you."

Panting, Christine laid on top of Erik and pushed her face into his neck. "I love you.." she whispered into his ear, her breathing labored. "Oh Erik.."

Erik ran his hands down her back, slowly pulling himself from her. "My Christine..." He kissed her forehead, panting softly.

Christine rolled over, laying her head on Erik's chest and breathing heavily. "My God... Erik, I love you.."

"My Christine..." he murmured, stroking his fingers through her hair, and kissed her sweetly. He sat up, remembering something. "Here, I have the poultice for your ankle, ma chere."

Christine nodded and watched Erik, sitting up slowly and sighing. "You're amazing.." she whispered as she watched him.

Erik smiled shyly at her, placing the poultice on her ankle with a kiss. "No, my dear, you are amazing," he replied, crawling up the bed to lie next to her. He reached for a pillow, propping her ankle up. "Now don't move."

Christine sighed and rested against Erik's chest, smiling up at him. "What am I supposed to do while I lay here not moving?"

"Rest. Relax. Any number of things." he replied playfully, kissing her on the nose. "I already told you what I spoke about with the innkeeper's wife, did I not?"

Christine frowned. "Somewhat..." she said, kissing his cheek. "You told me that she discovered who you were... but that was it."

Erik nodded, running an idle hand through her hair. "She did. I lowered my hood, and she recognized...well, she recognized this part of my face," he waved a hand at the unblemished portion of his face, and sighed. "She said she loved Don Juan, and your voice," He began to blush, but continued. "I couldn't help it, I told her I wrote Don Juan. Then she figured out...who..what...I am," he sighed again, his eyes shadowed. "I told her the Opera Ghost was dead." Erik hugged Christine tightly. "I hope I was right," he added, shuddering.

Christine held Erik close to her chest, closing her eyes and kissing at his face. "The Opera Ghost is very dead, my darling angel."

Erik sighed, burying his face in her shoulder. "I hope so," he murmured again, then looked up at her. He pulled her face close and kissed her softly. "Look at me.." he insisted. "Look in my eyes, tell me who you see."

Christine looked deeply into Erik's eyes, silently searching them for several moments. "I see Erik, the man I love and the man who will forever be my angel." she murmured, stroking his face.

Erik sighed and pulled her close, burying his face in her hair. "I love you, Christine," he breathed, pulling away to gaze at her adoringly. "Would you like anything? Tea? Something to eat?" he inquired anxiously, moving to pull his pants on. "Tell me, I'll get it for you."

Christine shook her head. "I need nothing but for you to hold me." she whispered, pushing her face into his neck. "I love you so.."

"As you wish, my angel," he replied softly, grinning at her. "Shall I sing you to sleep?"

Grinning, she snuggled closer. "Yes, please.."

Erik nodded, searching his mind for a song to sing to her. He grinned, and began to compose a new one on the spot. "My gift is my song....and this one's for you...you can tell everybody that this is your song. It may be quite simple but, now that it's done...I hope you don't mind, hope you don't mind...that I put down in words...how wonderful life is now you're in the world."

Christine smiled at the song, slowly falling asleep. The last words she murmured were "I love you."