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"Raven…dear, sweet Raven," a voice called. A white, misty hand reached out for me. "Raven." The hand suddenly turned into a claw.

"You're not coming out! Not today, not ever!" focusing my powers on the claw. Concentrating, I chanted: "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" but nothing came out of my mouth. My voice, my powers – gone! I tried to scream for help, but nothing came. The claw reached out ready to strike.

"Raven…you will not escape me!" it called reaching out close to me. "You will never escape me!"

Raven's eyes blinked open; she bolted up panting heavily. Sweat ran down her head, the cold sweat from nightmares. Fear…yes, that was the feeling she is receiving now. Calming herself she lay back down trying to sleep. Her eyes opened when she realized that she couldn't go back to sleep.

Casting a worried look to the chest, she got up and pulled her cloak over her. Kneeling down next to the chest, she placed her hand on it feeling to power of her charm still at work. The spell poured into her surrounding her with power. And inside, she felt the angry passion of Malchior trying to get out.

A smug smile appeared on her face; she was not much of a witch (but she must say) the spell was perfect. Nothing can break it, only herself. Raven sighed at the reassurance of the spell and stood up slowly. The spell slid off her fingers and slowly surrounded the chest again. She liked the feeling of this. The feeling that she can fix all her problems. Then another pang came to her, or can she? Can she fix all problems?

Malchior…that's her problem. How can she fix this? It has been two months since she had accidentally let Malchior out because she thought he was the wizard and Rorek was the dragon. He wooed her, made her feel loved and needed. But all that was over, crushed, gone like the wind and never to return. He broke her heart…a wound that cuts deeper than any weapon can do.

He will never get out, never to return. Raven hated the feeling of the pain. She despised it, the sulking of it all. "I'll never love." She decided a few weeks after the incident. "I will not love anyone!" she declared loudly. He tricked her, and in the finale, Raven placed him in the curse that was placed on him long ago. Bounded to the book, he is to never return.

"I'll never love." Raven said aloud. "And I'll never be hurt. Never again."

"C'mon! Just one game?" Beast Boy whined waving the controller in front of Raven's face. Angry, she swiped the device away and placed the book in front of her. "Please? Cyborg's too busy and Robin is kung fuing it outside!"

"Then get Starfire to play." Raven growled irritably.

"She's at the 'mall of shopping'." Beast Boy mimicked Starfire's terms.

"Then. Play. By. Yourself." She parted each and every word with anger. She felt her power rise up in her chest ready to be cast out in the spell she used so often; the only spell she mastered correctly by herself. That spell controlled her powers: whether to calm herself or to fight, this was the only one she learned by herself.

"Please?" he was repeating himself know. Raven's face reddened angrily as she tried to put the power into control. "I'll stop if you say yes."

"NO!" Raven's eyes turned white as the controller flew out of Beast Boy's hand and across the living room. "Annoying me won't do anything. It'll only make my anger rise."

Beast Boy shuddered at the thought of Raven's wrath. He remembered very well how he and Cyborg accidentally fell into the portal. Ever since then, Raven placed a spell on her door so that no one can open it, but herself. The same spell that she used to put on the chest that held Malchior.

"Well, now what?" he asked leaning back on the couch. "Oh I know! How about some tofu burgers?"

"Yea, you go do that." Raven returned to reading the book she held in her hand. The book was a large, thick volume. After half a month, she has finally reached the mid point of the book.

"Are you sure? Tofu's totally free of – "

"I'm not afraid of getting fat if that's what you're hinting on." Raven snapped. Beast Boy shrunk back.

"I'm not saying that!" he laughed. "Besides, fighting bad guys will be enough to make sure that none of us will get fat. All but Cyborg at least."

"Come again?" a mechanical hand leveled up to the changeling's head and pressed down. Beast Boy shivered at the touch.

"C-C-C-C-Cyborg! Well, I d-didn't – I mean, w-well, you…um…I'm going to make some tofu burgers!" he took off quickly to the kitchen.

'Glad that's over.' Raven thought as she got up and out of the living room. Throwing the book into her room, she climbed up the many staircases and to the roof. The fresh ocean breeze blew across Raven's face. She got down and closed her eyes focusing on the calm, pureness of total control. Starting the chant, she felt herself levitate up and the calmness flowed around her. At each chant, she felt the power fall into her hands.


In a sudden loss of powers, Raven fell to her knees and turn around. "Who's there?" her eyes scanned the area and saw that there was no one there. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she chanted softly concentrating on the volleyball pole that was near her. But nothing happened. She saw the power disappear from the pole.

"WHAT?" she gasped. A fear started to rise up in her. It was like in her dreams. She looses her power…and then the claw. Raven gasped as she stepped away. Not realizing that the edge was that close, she tripped over it. Falling headfirst down to the granite ground, she let out a horrified scream. The air hit her strongly, and everything disappeared.

"Raven? Oh friend, please awaken!" a worried voice rang in her ears. Raven grunted, then again, that was all she can do. Aches sprang throughout her body. Her throat was sore, probably from the scream. Her head was hurting with a dangerous pain.

Her eyes open seeing the full team around her. "What happened?" Robin was the first to speak after a few moment of silence. Raven realized that she was in the hospital section of the tower. She felt a bandage wrap around her head.

"That's my line." Raven rasped.

"Well, Beast Boy caught you before he fell, but you were hurt…scratch marks were all over you." Cyborg explained.

"What has happened? Why were there such wounds on you?" Starfire pleaded. Raven didn't know how to answer. 'How is it that I was completely safe from harm…then when they saved me I was covered with scars?' Raven thought. Slowly she shook her head with much effort. She couldn't stand the pain any longer.

"There's scratch marks and slight burns on you." Robin stated. 'Burn marks?' Raven gasped. 'Scratches? That is absurd!' Overexerting herself, she got up and reached for her cloak. Touching the fabric, she saw that it was true. She saw the rips and tears on there. Scorch marks appeared on her hand and cloak as well.

"Was there something after you?" Cyborg asked. Raven shook her head. She just got up slowly and tried her way out. Without much progress, she fell midway.

"Raven!" Beast Boy quickly helped Raven up. A slight grimace appeared on Raven's face. Needless to say, the pain was giving her a hard time.

"You've healed when you were unconscious. But not that much I presume." Robin stated. Raven muttered a quiet thanks for her special healing powers. Not many Azarathian have that power; only certain, chosen ones were gifted with such powers.

Beast Boy helped Raven to her room, or at least the entrance of the room. For one, Raven refused to let anyone in her room, save an occasional visit from Starfire. They somehow bonded after switching minds. And second, Beast Boy was afraid of Raven's room. Everything was – to put it in the least – creepy. Raven panted. It was hard to walk with the wounds she still has. Some opened on their way up to her room.

"So, what happened? I don't think you can get those yourself…unless you did." He murmured. Raven sighed.

"I don't know." She croaked. Her throat still hurts. It was painful, but she can speak. "I – I just fell over."

"The roof." Beast Boy's voice was unbelieving. Raven sighed. 'I can't really talk.' Hesitantly, she placed her both hands on his temples.

"Focus and close your eyes." She whispered. She closed her eyes and opened them showing that they were shining with an eerie white.

Beast Boy did as he was told and saw through Raven's eyes. She was meditating. Then someone – no wait, something – called her. He felt her fears, and how her powers wouldn't work. Then, he felt Raven's body plunge over board and blacking out.

Raven's eyes were confused. "Who was that?" Beast Boy asked. "Wait – what did you just do?"

"It's a simple spell. I just transferred my vision into your mind to show you." She replied hoarsely. And honestly, she wasn't able to do this before Malchior showed her how.

"Oh…but who was – " Beast Boy started but stopped himself. Raven's eyes were tired, and he knew it. "Actually, you need your rest." Beast Boy held her hand in his and looked into her eyes. Raven felt a sudden pang of nervousness. She felt her powers rise once again. So her powers were back…in the worse time. Her door suddenly blast opened and flew a few feet in her room.

Raven pulled herself together and ran in. Levitating into her room, she fixed the door with a simple spell. "Hey…um…Rae? Are you alright?"

"Yea…" Raven replied. A slight ticking anger rose up in her, she hated when people called her by her 'pet' name.

"But…why did the door – "

"I just lost control then." Raven stated. Raven crawled into bed, she felt exhausted. Using her healing powers again, she tried to heal the wounds that covered her. Her jumpsuit, like her cloak, was ripped. Searching in her mind she tried to remember the spell for fixing seams. In Azarath, it was always using spells. They rarely did anything by hand. But since Raven came to earth, she didn't care about using spells that much. Finding the spell finally, she whispered the words out and let the light cover her and do their work.

Unaware of how much energy it took, Raven fell down on her bed and closed her eyes slowly. Her aching body soon subsided as she drifted into a distance slumber. Her chakrah pulsed softly, indicating that she was dreaming. And when Azarathian have dreams, they always mean something. But the thing is, it is for the Azarathian to figure out what the dream means on their own.

"You cannot escape." The claw reached out for me. Its talons were red and dripping with blood – my blood. "Even in your sleep, even when you are awake, I'll be there."

"AH!" Raven bolted up, her throat ached even more now. Her eyes widen in fear at the way that voice reached deep into her soul. Her scream must've alarmed the others because they came pounding on her door. Raven felt either one of them pounding on the door-spell. 'Azarath Metrion Zinthos.' She chanted silently. A black fire blazed and the door swished open.

"You are unharmed?" Starfire was the first, and only, to go in.

"It's something called a nightmare, we all get it and we just deal." Raven tried to maintain her usual attitude towards these things. And so far, it's working just fine. "Now can you get out of my room so I can sleep?"

"You are positive that you are…undamaged?" she repeated. Raven glared indicating that she was okay, for the time being at least. Starfire flew out of the room and into the halls to join the rest of the Titans. The door slammed shut and left Raven alone again.

"That was my blood…but how?" Raven whispered to herself. She looked at her wounds. They were relatively healed, but that doesn't explain how she got those marks in the first place. And the burns…

Raven pulled up her sleeve on her right arm, where the burn was most severe, and looked at the burn marks. The moment her eyes met the scar, a horrified cry escaped her lips.

Lugging herself out of the room, she walked absentmindedly into the living room. Due to her abnormal dreams last night, she hardly got any rest. Dark circles appeared around her eyes making her seem gloomy and depressed. Well, more than usual at least.

She took out her cup and the herbal tea. Her eyes staring into nothing, she started to pour the hot water down into the cup. Her mind wandered off to the burn mark – how can it be, though? Not noticing the searing hot water had overflowed the cup and onto her hand, Beast Boy shouted into her face. A black dart flew out of Raven's chakrah and hit him out of her face.

"Dude, Raven, look at your cup! It's steaming!" he shouted waving his arms frantically. Raven finally look down to see that her pale skin turned reddish.

"Ow." She murmured monotonously. Grabbing some towels, she wiped around it and her hand. She ran her slightly burnt hand under the water and grabbed her tea ready to leave.

"Hey, Rae? Are you okay? You don't usually doze off like that." Beast Boy said softly.

"I'm fine – I just need some rest and – " the annoyance of the red blinking light cut her off. She looked up, sighing. "Scratch that. Let's go."

"TITANS, GO!" Robin's usual cry was getting old, but it still worked. Dashing in, the spotted Overload crashing the Good Guy store. "Lights out, Overload." Robin said. Raven sighed softly. How long will she have to listen to Robin's crappy pick-up lines before they fight? Too deep in thought, she didn't notice that Overload threw a TV at them.

"RAVEN!" they shouted. Quickly, Raven placed her hand in front of her concentrating on the air around her. The shield rose up around her blocking the TV from hitting her. Getting down, she focused around her, all the objects near started to glow black. She controlled them to Overload but what a mistake that was. Yes, there was damage, but Overload feeds off power from electrical objects. And in this store, everything is electrical.

"We'll have to lead him out." Cyborg shouted as he shot out another attack at Overload. Raven nodded and focused her powers on the blaring light of Overload.

"Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" she let out a swirl of black energy and knocked the villain into the streets. Following quickly, the Titans saw him get up still willing to fight. "Remind me why we always have to put him back into the same jail where he broke out?"

No one answered her question; either they ignored her or they seriously didn't hear her. Starfire flew up; her eyes glowing green, and let out a beam of starbolts from her palm. Smoke appeared around them, and at this point Starfire gave the signal. Beast Boy turned into a rhino and ram into Overload. Cyborg readied his sonic cannon as Robin took out his electrical disk. The moment Beast Boy turned back, Raven got ready as well. A revised version of the Sonic Boom. Raven was to let out her power like a jolt the moment the release their attack. "GO!" Robin let out the order, loud and clear. The electrical disk flew into the open as Cyborg shot out his cannon. Raven focused and aimed another attack at Overload.

Clearing her mind, she suddenly thought of Malchior and the burn mark. A total opposite direction of where she was heading for; a swirl of power suddenly surrounded her. The dark vortex blew and shot things out causing the others to duck. "RAVEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Beast Boy shouted over the power.

"C-can't stop!" she felt this way before – when she was overpowered with her newfound knowledge. She focused hard but the power disobeyed and reverses the effect. "AHHH!"

"ARGHH!" Beast Boy plunged himself at Raven; turning into a ram, he knocked her down. Raven grunted softly; she noticed that Beast Boy was really close to her – to close for her comfort. Heart racing, mind spinning, a whole block of street lamps exploded, shattered, or melted. Beast Boy was suddenly thrown back and landed yards away from the young enchantress.

"Oops." Raven grumbled.

"I think you should take us back to the Tower." Cyborg said. "You just wrecked my ride…YOU JUST WRECKED MY RIDE!!!!" his late notice sent him into complete insanity.

"I think we should." Raven rose her hand above her head and a dark bird appeared taking them back to the tower.

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