hey you guys! i hope you like this! i have, like, major writer's block so i couldn't write this...well, i hope you like this. i hope that you wouldn't think it is weird...well, there are some latin words in here, but i hope you enjoy this...happy readings, please!

A blow of fire shot out at the gathering Titans. Raven strained her eyes trying to see the figure. It was hard to tell that thing was large, definitely. The smoke surrounding it covered it all. Fear clutched her heart as the smoke cleared up. A large wing span appeared first, then a body with a human-sized gem on its neck. Another shot cleared up and aimed at Raven. She wasn't moving somehow.

The heat brought her back to reality; she placed a shield in front of her before the force blew her back. Hitting back onto concrete, she gripped her right arm, the mark was burning. She bit her teeth together as the fabric slowly burned revealing the mark. Her power, she felt it weakening. She gritted her teeth angrily together; anger pulsing in her veins gave her extra power.

"What's the matter, Raven?" two voices sounded together – the problem was they were both familiar. Raven felt shiver shoot up her spine. The smoke cleared up and the first thing that caught her eye was the human-sized gem. It was red, and inside it was Rage. Now it was certain, taking one of her emotions – especially a strong-holding one like Rage – in their grasp to weaken her power in each attack. "Not that quick tongue when you can't fight back."

There stood Trigon – with an extra head of the dragon, Malchior – a dragon wing stood on his back and slid down into a tail. His double red eyes burned deep inside Raven while she shivered. Malchior took Rage…because Rage was the key to freeing her father.

"W-who is that?" Starfire asked.

"My father," Raven replied anger still rising up her arms. Her eyes glared firmly at the opponent. "You aren't going to win." Raven shouted determined. She felt her power rise.

"Don't waste your power yet, we're just here…to talk," Malchior said coolly. She bit her lips.

"I have no time for your pathetic talks! I've had enough of them!" she shouted back. "And I've had enough of both of you!" she cried out and a black spiral of power shot out. That took a lot of energy, but anger helped push it out. It shot at Malchior/Trigon straight. The pulled back slightly and broke the spiral. It was like a mental string being snapped off between them. Raven fell to her knees.

"What do you want?" Robin demanded. Starfire stood next to him, her eyes turning into a bright, glowing green. Starbolts pulsed warmly on her palms. Malchior/Trigon chuckled at the sight.

"A small human and a young Tamaranian Princess." They laughed. "Foolish human, what makes you think you can surpass us?"

"Not alone we can't," Cyborg said his arm changing into a sonic cannon. "But together, we kick butt." He shot it out at them and Robin threw out multiplies of explosives. Starfire's starbolts lit up and shot out in a bright green color. Blinding all the Titans at once, they waited till they can see once more.

Beast Boy stood next to Raven helping her up. Raven leaned slightly on him and stared forwards hoping they'd be down. But even she should know that it'd take much more than that to defeat them. A sinking feeling came to her as she faced reality. Malchior/Trigon appeared once more, this time much closer than before. Everybody got ready, every muscle in their body tense.

"Don't worry," they said. "We won't hurt you, we just want to talk like we said. Raven, you have much more power with this emotion here, do you not?" Raven glared at them.

"Get to the point," she demanded roughly. They chuckled.

"Still sharp-tongued." Malchior/Trigon murmured. "We both want revenge, and so does your emotion. She wants revenge for you trapping her all along – "

"And what are you doing to her now? Trapping her," Raven retorted. They ignored her. Beast Boy glanced at her rather nervously. 'Still so cocky at a time like this,' he thought rather scared.

"I want revenge for you trapping me once more – having me lose my body." Malchior said.

"And freedom is what I crave. If you banish me, I'll lose it," Trigon murmured. Raven scowled. She gripped her power knowing she has enough to transport everybody somewhere else to hide – not the Tower, though. "And we won't let that happen!" at the last note, fire split the air and aimed at them.

"AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!" Raven shouted the words. Trigon snickered.

"Still using those childish chants?" he cried. A dark shadowed bird surrounded the Titans as Raven took the lead down underground. "Should we follow?" Trigon asked Malchior. Malchior shook his head.

"They'll return," he said knowingly. "They will."

Raven panted her breath heavy as she leaned back on the walls. They were in the sewer, but the drier parts of it. Sweat trickled down her chin: half of them from the fear of her father and ex-lover being back and another half from the exhaust of using so much energy. She laid back. She bit her lip while she lay on the wall.

"Are you okay?" Robin asked. Raven didn't reply and merely nodded slightly. Sweat trickled slowly down her chin as she sat. Her chest heaved heavily as she tried to bring in more breath.

"T-that can't be." She gasped. "He took Rage as a charm to keep Trigon with him. He took Rage first so he can release him." She pulled up her sleeve; the mark was giving off a rather blinding flash and a chilly glow.

"Does it hurt?" Beast Boy asked. Raven shook her head. Slowly, she decided to get up.

"Okay," she said. "We'll have to wait until they strike again – which would…should be soon."

"But while we are waiting, perhaps we should move further down for safety." Starfire suggested.

"Good point," said Robin. Raven slowly walked down the sewer with Beast Boy helping her down as she went along.

Raven huffed softly as she sat down again. While the rest tried to plan out something, she fished out a little stump of charcoal and drew a mark on her hand to regain energy. Slowly she placed the hand with the mark on her chakrah and it gave a soft red glow. She stood up.

"Let's go," she murmured. Feeling a soft blast of power she looked up hesitantly. "They made their move."

A loud blast rang throughout the city. The two headed demon walked down the street. The dragon head snorted out blast of fire. "Are you sure this will work?" Trigon asked. Malchior growled. Rage looked up from her prison. She hissed angrily.

"What do you expect that girl to do?" she asked. "Raven doesn't have enough power to place you two permanently in those bodies."

"You're right," said Malchior. "But, she'll find a way to use her full powers, she always will."

"Then we will get our separate bodies," Trigon sighed with relief. Malchior growled again. Trigon hissed and Rage sighed angrily. A green bolt shone out and hit right on Rage's prison.

"You are going down!" Robin growled. Their eyes traveled to Raven.

"I see you've come," Trigon said.

"And I see you aren't blind!" Raven retorted. "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" she shot out her powers at the two of them.

"Even without Rage you're really temperamental." Malchior said. Black fire rose from beneath the both of them and shot out at them. Raven's eyes were glowing white as she fought them.

"So, that's what you need? For me to give you the body permanently?" she growled. "DREAM ON!"

"Well good luck separating them as well!" Rage retorted.

"Just whose side are you on?" Beast Boy cried. Malchior let out a breath of fire and Raven instinctively placed a force-field around them all. Her mark burned and part of the protective layer broke. Raven fell back as well as the others.

Raven's eyes glared at Malchior and Trigon. "You took Trigon just because you wanted a body and power. That's why you took Rage to free him…and Trigon agreed because he wants to be free again." She said.

"Stop playing detective and do something!" Rage cried. Raven threw her cloak around and created a black bird that jumped into the streets.

"Why did you do that?" Robin asked.

"We weren't ready," replied Raven. "And I needed something." She walked to her room. "They'll come here sooner or later, I'll know."

"So why are we here then?" Cyborg asked.

"I told you, I need something." Raven ran towards her room and grabs her spell book and went to the trunk. "I can't believe I'm doing this!" She placed her hand on the trunk and felt the spell crawl up to her elbows. Whispering the words to disconnect this spell, the trunk popped open. She picked up the white book – Rorek's Book. Quickly, she grabbed her mirror and went to the living room.

"So what do we do now?" Starfire asked.

"We wait," she replied. She took out a pocketful of sweet-smelling dust and walked out to the small island. Circling the tower, she whispered words of protection before walking in again. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" saying the spell three times, a black barrier appeared around them. "That should keep them good enough for us to prepare. Rest and save your energy." With that said, she left. "After all," she whispered to the lonely hall, "energy is the last resort to battling them."

She seated in her room flipping through Rorek's Book and her spell book. She glanced and frowned. "There has to be something. What's this? Diversus animus simul…different spirits align. She looked at her mirror. I think this would work." Closing her eyes, she meditated on the spell trying to master this in a blink of time. A cheater's way to learn a spell, but she doesn't care which way right now. She needs to know this.

Opening her eyes, she found the spell that Rorek once used to defeat Malchior. Alderon elrintenal vosulonerx norx...this can bind part of Malchior. She frowned. She was a white-robe enchantress that time yet it drained all her power. She sighed. A shake of the tower told her it was time to stop worrying and just go.

"They came," Raven said.

"We can tell," Cyborg replied.

"Then brace yourselves." She told everyone. "That barrier won't be holding forever."

The barrier stumbled and a small crack came from the shield. A claw came and tore it apart. "A third-rate barrier can't stop us," Malchior and Trigon said together. Malchior let out some fire and melt down the ceiling. Raven placed her hand up to stop the fire from burning them. Raven felt her mark burn. She saw the mark burning red and hesitated suddenly. Her shield fell apart and everybody made a run for it to dodge the falling ceiling, but Raven stayed glancing at her mark. She couldn't move. Malchior smirked. Raven struggled trying to move. "You won't break through," laughed Malchior. "That mark allows me to control you."

"Part of me," Raven growled. "Not all!" A black fire surrounded her arm as she broke through. That took a lot of energy and she fell down on her knees. 'I should brush up on my spells,' she thought. "You were in my mind once; I won't let you do that again!" She took out her mirror. "Diversus animus simul, Diversus animus simul, DIVERSUS ANIMUS SIMUL!" the black mist surrounded her arm and the mirror. A lump came out from the mirror; all in all were seven lumps. Each of them were a different robed Raven – each of them one of her emotions. "Diversus Animus SIMUL!" she cried one last time and Raven levitated up with the seven of them. A strange whirring sound came and a blinding white light came. All the Titans closed their eyes. When the opened their eyes, they saw Raven…the ultimate Raven, White Robe Raven.

"You think that is enough to defeat us?" laughed Trigon. Raven glanced up.

"It's enough to defeat one of you, and one without the other isn't enough." Raven held up her other book...Rorek's book. "Alderon elrintenal vosulonerx NORX!" she cried. A white shot came out from the book. Raven felt Malchior being sucked in. "Remember this?" she snarled. "This time, I'd take my chances and burn the book!" Malchior didn't budge. Raven growled. "ALDERON ELRINTENAL VOSULONERX NORX!" she cried again, this time Malchior seemed like he was being pulled in. Raven winced; her powers were being ripped from her quickly. Malchior roared and the book came out in flames. Raven backed away from the burning book.

She glared at the combined monster. Her robe gave away a tinge of blue. She winced. "I won't let you two win," she growled. She turned to the Titans. "Stay out of this, this is a battle of magic, any of you guys get involved and you might not get out of this place alive."

Rage banged on her jewel barrier. 'If only I had Rage,' Raven thought. 'I'm not as powerful without her. If I had her, then Malchior would've been sealed.' A certain spell came to mind…a spell to draw all her emotions together. She closed her eyes.

"What's the matter? Giving up already?" Malchior drawled.

"No," she said. "I'm just getting back what is mine! AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS SIMUL!" The jewel prison holding Rage started to shake. "SIMUL!" Raven repeated holding out her hand. Under her hood, her chakrah was glowing taking all the shadows away. Her hand was glowing and covered with red, black, and white. The jewel cracked and it flew towards Raven. "DIVERSUS ANIMUS SIMUL!" she cried. Using this, she combined herself with Rage. She sighed and fell down. The white-ness of her cloak returned slightly. Trigon's image faltered slightly. Raven smirked. "Not that powerful without me, are you?" she said referring to Rage.

She panted. "It's seriously time to get rid of both of you. I'm sick and tired of having you two around."

"Yes, but you're too tired!" Trigon let out a blow of power sending Raven towards the wall. A hole came as Raven went through. She felt new aches come, and her old aches slowly reviving. She bent her head back and let her head droop slightly. "Well, well, well, it does seem like she's gotten out of her cage too soon."

"Let go of her!" Beast Boy cried.

"And what are you going to do about if I don't?" Malchior growled. He set out a barrier around the other Titans. "Stay out of this as she had said."

Raven gasped as she felt Trigon's and Malchior's hand around her. "L-let go of me," she whispered. Her eyes glowed under her lids. "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" she felt the blast go between Trigon and Malchior. Their grip loosened and she levitated down. She looked down at her spell book then at Malchior. Raven bit her lips. She had used that book well, but it's time to put it into full use. "Alderon elriontenal vosulonerx norx!" she cried. The book flipped open and a whirlwind of black and white shot out. "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" she finished letting the spiral get bigger and surrounding Malchior.

"L-let go of me! AGH! I won't be stuck in a book again!" he cried.

"You won't be in my mind again!" she cried. Something flew from Raven's heart…it was a black raven. The black shadow bird spread around Raven and its tail was still inside Raven's heart. Malchior looked like some Looney tune cartoon being sucked into a vortex. A flash and Malchior was sealed. Raven gasped as her robe became a pale, light blue. She placed her hand over the book and whispered, "Signum." The book was sealed and she tossed the book aside.

"Now, it's just you and me. You're nothing without Malchior." She whispered.

"But you see, Malchior required my power! I am stronger than Malchior, I am stronger than you." he growled.

"Until midnight, you'll loose all your power!" she growled.

"Well, the sun's just raising, won't do you much good." Trigon whispered. "You cannot escape from this!" Raven leaned against the wall, her position ready for attack. She panted her breath heavy and hard. "You are too tired."

"N-not too tired to stop you from staying here!" she growled. 'If I wait till midnight, he'd definitely find a way to stay in a permanent body. He's my father, but he's not an idiot.' The black shadow bird was still lingering with Raven. 'I have one last move.' Raven straightened herself out and stood up. Her eyes glowed white as she slowly rose from the ground. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath Metrion Zinthos," she chanted.

"Meditating now won't do you much good." He tried to attack but the shadow bird deflected the attack.

"Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS PIACULUM!" she let her power go as she felt everything whirl around her. The shadow bird grew larger as Raven's power exploded from her. She let out a yell. Black aura flew from her hand, eyes, and mouth as she used the spell. It was the last option for all enchantresses…to sacrifice her life to save the others.

A white flash came and surrounded Trigon. "I'm sending you back where you came from!" she howled. "Go…back…to…hell!" A loud boom and a flash and everything were silent.

Beast Boy was the first to come to. The barrier that dragon put up was gone and everyone was still out. He quickly went to each of them to check their pulse. Oh, what was he worried about? They're all still alive…RAVEN! He turned around and saw her figure lying on the ground.

"Raven!" he whispered. "RAVEN, wake up." He held her body against his. She felt so cold…yet so warm. Did she really go through with it? Did she really sacrifice herself? He felt for a pulse. There wasn't any…

Beast Boy looked down. Then he felt one, a soft pulse from Raven. She was breathing. Her cloak had reverted back to her original color – the dark blue and black. He held her body hoping she'd wake up.

"Is she undamaged?" Starfire asked.

"I'm not sure," Robin said. "But she's alive…and in a coma."

Beast Boy sighed and glanced at her right arm…the mark was gone. He smiled and placed his hand on her forehead. "She's alive. The mark's gone, see. She'll live." A sigh of relief came to all of them,

Raven's eyes slowly opened. She felt aches all over her body as her vision cleared. It was night and she titled her head to the side and saw Beast Boy. She placed her hand on his cheek. As if it disturbed him, he woke. "You're awake! GUYS RAE'S AWAKE!" he cried. Raven sat up and grunted. Beast Boy immediately hugged her. "I'm glad you're okay."

"I-I'm alive? But that spelled…should've…" she stuttered. "Oh, Azarath saved me." (AN: in other words, someone was watching over her.) She dropped her head on Beast Boy's shoulder. The other Titans smiled sheepishly and walked out of the room.

"I'm really glad your okay," he whispered. "I'm more than glad that you're not harmed." Raven pulled away and for a brief moment, their eyes met…and his lips were on her. He pulled away this time. Their eyes met and Raven gave a crooked smile. "I love you," he whispered. "I'll protect you, I promise."

"It might be the other way around, sometimes." Raven smiled. She sighed…that horrible event was over, she have nothing to worry about because there's always someone protecting her.

this is it...i'm sorry, but this is a way...crappy ending...sorry...but i hope you like this i hope you don't think this is completely weird...well, r&r please... -Rin