Crossing the Magic Line
When Gundams Get Wands

A/N: Yes! I'm writing…a crossover! O brave new world!…Spare me the slings and arrows, okay? I got this idea from a few successive dreams and decided to write it so that they'd get out of my damn head. BAH to those who do not see the perspective hottie-ness of the Gundam and Potter Boys in the same room. …Merph… Oh, and this is an attempt to write a non angst-driven story. It's suppose to be humorous...with a LITTLE angst thrown in. Hey, I wouldn't be TGP if I didn't write angst. There will also be some romance. Woo!
Warnings: Yaoi-ness, Silly-ness, some Angsy-ness, Duo Bashing (because I hate the little bastard…Don't. Ask,) Misuse of Magic (again, just don't ask…,) Threesomes, Bitchy Chicks, Bad Language, the lake-squid getting some, and other Miscellaneous Bad Stuff. Heero and Harry centric.
Pairings: 1+(2x5) 1x2x5, 3x4, HP/DM, RW/HG, SS/RL and various other minor pairings
Disclaimer: Well, Harry Potter and Gundam Wing aren't rated NC-17 for homosexual boffing, now are they?

Chapter 7
Tending to Pilots

When Harry woke that morning, he wasn't surprised to see Heero's bed empty. It was a Saturday, so none of the other boys were up as it was rather early. Harry got up and dressed before heading down to the common room. He was met by Hermione on one of the couches, here eyes red from a sleepless night.

"Breakfast?" he asked softly. She smiled a little and shook her head.

"We'll catch up," she replied. Harry nodded and went on to get something to eat. There were a few other early risers and none of them bothered him as he ate. After, he headed down to the medical wing.

It was uncannily silent as he opened the door without so much as a creak. Stepping in, he looked over the room and noted that the wolf boy had been moved. There was no one in the main recovery room. Harry felt his chest clinch. He stepped in further and looked towards the solitary rooms, hoping that what he feared wasn't true. He started for the first solitary, but paused when he notices an odd….pull. His instincts told him to try another door first and Harry's instincts were often right on. He stepped towards the other door, opened it, and glanced inside.

Blue eyes found Harry's and locked onto them. Heero sat in a chair by the bed, leaned back with Wufei's head in his lap. The other boy laid across both chairs and one of his hands was caught in Heero's shirt. What he could see of Wufei's face was pale and strained, as if he were caught in nightmares. On the bed, the boy, Duo, was fully human but hadn't awakened. Harry watched the slow rise and fall of his chest.

"Potter," Heero greeted very quietly. Harry nodded back to him and pulled the last chair over to face him.

"How are they?" he murmured softly. Heero sighed a little.

"Maxwell hasn't awakened. Chang is… not taking it well."

Harry's gaze lowered to the sleeping Chinese boy. No, he didn't think Wufei would take his boyfriend's state well.

"I sent a message to the others," Heero continued absently, "but they haven't responded."


"I never asked."

Harry nodded a little as they lapsed into silence. The only sounds he heard were the faintly wheezy intakes of breath from the bed. This drew his eyes and he let them fall over the boy's face, taking it in. Duo Maxwell looked like someone who should never be without emotion in his expression. He shouldn't have been so gaunt and still. Harry didn't know why he thought that, but somehow he knew it was true.

Looking back at Heero, Harry hurt for him. The skin under the Japanese youth's eyes was darkened with sleeplessness and he looked pale. The way he hunched over Wufei, holding him steady on his lap, made him look almost desperate to keep at least one of his friends safe. Harry wasn't the most sensitive guy on the planet, but he knew these two shared a very deep friendship. He looked away from them, allowing their privacy.

His eyes snapped wide when he found a tired violet gaze settled on him. Duo's non-expression changed just a little, showing confusion.

"Heero," Harry murmured, gaze never leaving the boy on the bed. "Look."

The Japanese boy did and blinked. "Maxwell."

Duo slowly refocused on him and a tired little smile spread over his face. "Hey, Heero-buddy…"

Dropping his gaze, Heero gently shook Wufei awake. The Chinese youth yawned a little as he got up, pushing runaway strands of black hair from his face and looking at Heero with confusion.

"Yuy, what-"


Harry had never seen Wufei's eyes ever wider. Slowly, the sloe-eyed boy turned to stare at his lover. The other boy only smiled. Heero got up and took Harry's hand, leading the boy outside to give his friends their privacy.

"We should tell Madam Pomfrey that it worked," Harry said after a little while. Heero nodded and went to do so. Harry stood back, frowning after him. There was something he just wasn't catching, something very important. What ever it was, he hoped he would see it in time.

Eventually, Hermione and Ron made it there and Harry shared the good news as Madam Pomfrey went around checking on Duo's vitals and such. He was soon moved back into the main recovery area with chairs on either side that the five crammed into. Tired as he was, Duo looked rather pleased at all the attention.

"So you're Harry Potter, the kid who kicked off the Dark Lord," said Duo with a blink. "Kinda scraggly, ain't ya?"

Ron wondered if he should get into a huff to defend his friend's honor, but Harry only smiled and shook his head a little.

"Yes, and you're Duo Maxwell but I don't know anything about you," Harry replied. "Did you fight with Heero and Wufei?"

"Yup, Gundams and all…We kicked some major ass…"

"Gundam?" Ron asked confusedly. Duo raised a brow.

"Ah…You're a full blood, aren't you?" he said with a sudden awareness. "Don't mess with the muggle world much, do you?"

Ron blushed.

"Don't worry about it… I try not to mess with the magical world more than I have to." He yawned a little, eyelids drooping. "Can't help that I gotta every month…"


Violet eyes rolled over to regard Heero quietly for a moment. "A year ago. Before Mariemaya."

"And you?" Heero asked of Wufei.

"I was born a keeper," the Chinese pilot replied quietly. "I knew as soon as he was bitten. I could feel it."

Quiet permeated the room for a good while before Ron got up. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a deck of cards.

"Anyone interested?"

A grin spread over Duo's face.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing all the card games they could remember. Duo often fell asleep partway through a game, but would wake for the next one. They had lunch there, and Dobby stayed a minute after, as if he wanted nothing more than to annoy Heero as much as he could.

Just after lunch, Madam Pomfrey shooed the lot of them out, even Wufei. They promised Duo they'd return when they could and went outside. It was warm and sunny. The grounds were covered with other children, talking, laughing, playing, practicing… The group of five went past most of them and settled by the lake to play cards again. There was some small talk, joking insults thrown when one of them got a bad hand, cheers and sneering for a winner…

Speaking of sneering.

"Well, if it isn't the Potter Posse…"

Harry scowled and looked up as Draco Malfoy and his cronies stepped up. The others were soon to turn their attention to them as well. Malfoy smirked.

"Adding onto your harem, eh, Potter?" he sneered. Wufei set down his cards and got up. Malfoy frowned as the Chinese boy stared emotionlessly at him.

"Do not begin a conflict you cannot finish, Malfoy Heir," Wufei said with quiet authority. Malfoy glared at him, hating the way the other boy stared down his nose at him, so much like his father.

"How dare you look at me like that when you know who I am?" the boy growled, gray eyes flashing.

"You are far below my equal," replied Wufei haughtily. "One should always be becoming of one's station, and I find you sorely wanting."

Malfoy whipped his wand but before he could aim, a strange click alerted him to the other Asian.

"What in Merlin's name is that?" Malfoy asked with a raised brow. The black object in Heero's hand inspired no fear from him.

"It is called a gun," said Wufei solemnly. "A muggle weapon, but very affective and accurate. It uses a controlled explosion to propel a piece of metal, called a bullet, towards the target at great speeds. It proves extremely painful. I would advise you not to antagonize Yuy further."

Malfoy looked as if he were about to back down, when Crabbe suddenly spoke up.

"Muggle weapons? Why would anyone be afraid of a MUGGLE weapon!"

He laughed, Goyle joining in. Slowly, Malfoy smirked as well.

"That's right. No muggle weapon is worth being afraid of-"


Malfoy gave out a cry and fell back into Crabbe and Goyle as the ground at his feet exploded. He stared at Heero incredulously and jerked his wand at the ready, opening his mouth to cast. Wufei was a moment faster and the hex bounced of a hastily constructed shield back onto the other. Malfoy tried to run but his legs wouldn't support him. Crabbe and Goyle grabbed one arm each and hauled him away.

"Ha! Didja see his face? Brilliant!" Ron cried out, grinning. Harry stared at the hole in awe as Hermione tried to hide her amusement behind one hand. Wufei did not join their mirth.

"Exploding rounds, Yuy?" he asked with a raised brow. Heero scowled.

"It's been spelled," he replied quietly, as if in defense of himself. "I can't hit any registered student of Hogwarts on the grounds. The bullet swerves."

"You can do that?" Harry murmured with a blink. "Dumbledore's work, right?"

The annoyed look that cross Heero's face proved the assumption true. Harry grinned.


Wufei stayed close or in the infirmary. Heero drifted through classes. Most of his teachers had given him the go-ahead to participate in class and canceled his evening classes, but others, namely one Professor Severus Snape, saw it fit to continue them, even if the man himself wasn't teaching it at the moment. Snape was still gone and the substitute muttered something about a recovery but little more. The rest of Heero's time was spent with Wufei, helping Duo to recuperate.

Harry felt almost naked without the constant of Heero being with him. It wasn't a lonely feeling, really, as he had Hermione and Ron with him. It was more…vulnerability. Harry realized just how protected Heero made him feel.

Hermione went off to the library Friday after classes, leaving Ron and Harry to fend for themselves. They played Wizard's chess for a while before Ron went off to Quidditch practice. Harry was still banned. That left him alone for the evening.

He tried working on his homework but it was a rather pathetic attempt. Most everyone else was out and about, so the common room was practically empty. The gaggle of a few first year girls in the corner kept looking at him and giggling, so he quickly decided to go out.

Walking along the hallway, Harry was surprised at how very paranoid he felt. As if eyes were watching him the whole way. He hated how vulnerable he felt. Quickly deciding, Harry made his way to the medical wing. He paused outside the door, hearing an odd squawk from someone inside, then peeked through.

"Duo, get back on that bed!"

Wufei had Duo's arm and was trying to propel the long haired boy back into bed. Duo was not amused and didn't budge an inch.

"Damnit, Wu-man! I need to take a leak!"

"You aren't to walk without help," Wufei growled back, but he slipped an arm around Duo and lead him to the bathroom anyway. "Your muscles are still recovering and might fail you at any time and…"

His voice faded off, as did Duo's muttering. Harry stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He glanced around, spotting Heero. The Japanese boy sat near Duo's bed, arms folded and an amused look in his eyes.

"Hey Heero," Harry greeted.

"Potter," replied Heero in kind. Harry pulled up a chair next to him.

"How's it going?"

"The injuries are healed, but his muscles will need to be trained." Heero glanced off towards where the other two boys disappeared to.

"And he's not very cooperative?"

The answer was an amused little grunt.


The next time Harry went to visit Duo in the infirmary, he was surprised to find two unknown boys happily conversing with him, Wufei, and Heero. All five looked up and Harry felt much like a side show attraction at the way the two new boys scrutinized him. One, the blonde, looked much softer than the other four and much more approachable after his face lost the suspicious look. The other boy, a taller brunette, didn't change his expression in the slightest. That one green eye bore into his own and caused a shiver down his spine.

"Hey Harry," Duo said finally, waving cheerfully. "Come on in. Guys, meet Harry Potter, Heero's kiddo. "

"Good afternoon, Harry," said the blonde in a cheerful voice. Harry couldn't help smiling back at him. "I'm Quatre Rabarba Winner, and this is Trowa Barton."

"It's nice to meet you," replied the non-pilot. Trowa gave him a small nod. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything…"

"Nothing important," Wufei assured him and Harry pulled up a chair beside him.

"As I was saying," Quatre began again, getting back into a story he had been telling. Harry listened with amusement to the plight of a man named Rashid at Duo's mercy. That was followed up by a cheerful anecdote about an odd girl named Relena, a name Heero visibly flinched at, and then more stories as the five continued to amuse themselves. Harry stayed quiet for the most part, only asking a few questions about terms he didn't quite understand.

Either Wufei or Heero had told the new boys that Harry was trustworthy, for Harry was sure he wouldn't have gotten to bear witness to the afternoon if they hadn't. After the first introductions, Quatre treated him like an old friend, urging him to tell his own stories to pass the time. Only when Madam Pomfrey arrived did they call the meeting to a close.

"Trowa and I will be staying only a few days," said Quatre as he got up, giving Harry a smile. "It was all I could spare…"

"Running a company must keep you very busy," Harry said with an understanding nod. The blonde only smiled brighter and they shook hands before Harry went off.

As he was walking back to the dorms, Harry realized he hadn't a clue what magical prowess Quatre or Trowa had…and hadn't thought to ask at all. He paused in the middle of the corridor and wondered if it was all that important. There was a deep power within all five of the other boys that had nothing to do with magic. Harry almost envied that inner strength and hoped he would show it as well, when the time came.

Quatre stared after the lanky, green eyed boy, worrying his bottom lip. The others said nothing, for they knew if he had something to say, he would say it.

"His soul is very heavy," murmured the blonde quietly. Trowa reached over and squeezed his hand for a moment.

"He has a rather…complicated destiny," Wufei said softly, glancing down at his hands. "Apparently, while we were saving the world from idiot mobile suits, the Dark Lord managed to…"

"Stop being dead?" Duo piped up.

"In so many words," agreed the Chinese youth with a little smile. Quatre frowned as he assimilated the information.

"So he's back… I thought I felt odd stirrings from the wizard community. There's a great amount of pain and fear…"

"Are we all magic?" Heero asked suddenly, raising a brow. The other four blinked at him. "You all seem connected to the magical world, yet I was the only one who didn't know about it."

The others stayed quiet a bit, glancing at one another.

"Well, I for one can't do a spell to save my life," Duo said. "The only magic I got is the damn wolfing out every month. And sometimes in the days before the moon, I get a little mean."

"I was born this way, Heero," Wufei murmured. "It is simply custom to keep magic secret."

"I'm the same," added Quatre. "A good handful of my sisters and I are muggleborns. Neither of our sires were magic, though I suspect Father was simply a squib for how many of us are."

They looked to Trowa, who simply sat there for a moment before adding his two cents.

"You come upon strange things in mercenary work," he said simply.

"But can you do anything?" Duo urged. The green eyed pilot shook his head.

"No magic at all."

"That isn't entirely true, Trowa…" All eyes shot to the blonde, who flushed with color and gave them a little embarrassed smile. Trowa just blinked at him. "I sense an inborn magic in you, Trowa. It's simply that you can't access it by choice. I've seen you use it, though, for an extra burst of speed, an slight tweak of the wind while you do those horribly dangerous stunts…"

The brunette simply blinked. Then he nodded. "Ah."

"I knew he had a trick!" Duo cried indignantly. The others gave him indulging looks.


The next time Harry went to the infirmary, it wasn't to visit a friend.

A fist ground into Harry's middle even as he own smashed into Malfoy's face. He coughed, but kept on the attack, knocking the blonde to the ground as he swung his arm again. Malfoy managed to grab a handful of his hair and nearly ripped out a chunk as his hand wrapped around Harry's neck. The brunette choked a bit and mimicked the action, which put into motion a distinct rolling pattern as both boys tried to get the advantage of being on top. Malfoy's perfect nails dug into Harry's skin as his face began turning red. Harry held on tighter even as the other boy flipped them again and his back hit the floor hard. Then-

"Mr. Malfoy! Harry! Stop that immediately!"

It took a spell to separate them but once they'd let go of one another, both stared at the man who'd cast.

Remus Lupin had definitely seen better days. His hand was a little shaky as it held the wand towards them. His eyes were tired but still glared firmly at both. The whole air of the man was one of being on the mend. And the most odd thing was not Remus himself but the cot that lay next to him and held one Severus Snape, who looked unconscious.

"Follow me," Remus said curtly to the both of them, clearly vexed. Malfoy sneered, but his eyes kept flickering to his head of house. Remus muttered a charm to the cot and it rose to follow him as he headed for the infirmary, the two boys obediently following behind without a word.

Pomfrey looked ready to blow her top when they arrived.

"Mr. Potter! Mr. Malfoy!" she screeched. "Get over on those beds and don't you dare move until I tell you do!"

There was no fighting with her. After she turned her gaze to Remus and Snape, they softened considerably.

"He collapsed," Remus said quietly. She hurried Snape to a bed and slowly began examining him as the other man sat down beside the bed, obviously tired from the day.

Duo blinked from his own bed and Wufei recognized the look. He'd smelled another wolf on the premises and now knew who it was. Were it anyone else, Wufei was sure Duo would have gone on the defensive. Still, even he, without the heightened senses of a werewolf, could see that the elder one had gone through quite a trauma recently and was in no way dangerous to them at the moment.

"Just what I thought," Pomfrey said with a scowl as she glared down at Snape's sleeping face. "He hasn't slept since Mr. Maxwell was brought in!"

"What?" Remus asked with an astonished look. "But that was almost two weeks ago!"

"Yes and I'm surprised he didn't collapse earlier. He's been using potions to keep himself awake and aware the entire time!" She was definitely pissed off. Muttering more to herself, she went to her medicine cabinet and started pulling down potions, growling out, "Detoxification… revitalizing… should add in a few nutrient ones while I'm able…"

Harry blinked rather blankly towards his potions teacher. The man didn't look half as nasty when he was asleep. Features smoothed over with no hint of malice, he looked more than a quiet, older man with a hermit complex. The Boy Who Lived was a little disturbed by that notion.

On the bed beside him, Draco was simply confused. Why in Merlin's name would Snape ever do that to himself? The weird boy was up and awake, healed from whatever malady he'd suffered, but still his godfather had pushed himself. It made absolutely no sense. And why had Remus Lupin of all people been the one to bring Snape there in the first place!

Pomfrey seemed almost vindictive as she forced a potion down Snape's throat. Nearly gleefully, she ordered Harry to fetch a bucket from the closet. "Maybe THIS will get dear, sweet Severus's attention!"

Harry set the bucket down and quickly backed away from her malicious grin. Snape dealt with, however, she followed the green eyed boy back to his bed. Some of her glee was gone as she healed his split lip and rubbed cream over his bruises, but she was in high spirits and not even having to tend to Draco's similar wounds could stop that. After, she sent both boys away with a week's detention with her, in lieu of anyone else assigning them any. Harry paused a bit at the door, looking back at Remus for a moment. Then he smiled a little and went on out.

Duo and Wufei watched the whole event with a mix of confusion and amusement. Even Remus couldn't help but shake his head a bit at the situation.

"Lay down," Pomfrey ordered the older werewolf. He did so without complaint as she ran a scan over him. "Still weak…Are you taking those nutrient potions I gave you?"

"Yes, ma'am. Severus has made sure I don't forget."

"Severus?" She blinked a bit. "He's been caring for you all this time? Is that why he hasn't taught classes in two weeks?"

Remus had the decency to blush a bit. She tapped her chin, thinking.

"Well, that makes some sense then," she said. "After all, you were his test subject. He'd want to monitor your progress…Damn, that explains what he did to himself, too…"

She looked rather unhappy for a moment, then shrugged it off. After all, it wasn't every day she was given the opportunity to baby the moody Severus Snape.

"Test subject?"

The two adults looked towards the bed. Duo stared back, frowning. Remus, sensing the problem, smiled at him.

"Hello, Duo. I'm Remus Lupin. It's nice to meet you."

"He used you as a test subject?" Duo yelled, eyes flashing angrily. Wufei placed a hand on his shoulder but it did little.

"It was the only way to restore you," Remus replied calmly. "Since I was bitten so young and have had many, many years to mature, my body is naturally heartier than most wolves. I volunteered."

"And he agreed!"

"It took some persuading," Remus said with a little smile. Duo stared at him incredulously. "It was the only way, Duo. Neither of us could ever stand by while a child was in pain."

Duo stared at him, looking as if he wanted to get angrier but unable to do so.

"Don't worry," Remus told him gently. "I will likely be fully recovered before you are."

"That doesn't make it right," the braided boy grit out, but his anger was staving off.

"What is important is that both of us are on the mend," replied the older wolf. "Lets us just be thankful for that."

After a long while, Duo nodded a bit and let the issue rest.

Snape then woke up abruptly and retched in the bucket.


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