Greg Sanders paced his bedroom. Sure, he had told the teams to not do anything. But he guessed that they were taking it as a "friendly suggestion," not something to listen to and obey. Which was exactly how he wanted it interpreted.

Conrad Ecklie stepped out of his house door, then grimaced. A bird had so kindly left a gift for him, and he had stepped in it when it was still wet. This was not going to be a good
"So, time to hit Costco!" Catherine exclaimed happily as the two teams filed out to their cars. Sara rolled her eyes. She could never understand that woman's obsession with the wholesale place. Must be a maternal instinct. Archie stifled a chuckle at Sara's expression.

"Okay, I'm driving." The African-American CSI turned to face the rest of the group. The guys' eyes widened.

"Hey, Sara, Catherine, is there anymore room in your car?" Nick asked, tugging on his collar a bit. Sara smirked a little.

"Afraid of Warrick's driving, eh?"

"He drives like a maniac, Sar!" Nick exclaimed worriedly. "You know that as well I do!"

"Hey, I'm still standing here!" The insulted Warrick protested. Archie only shook his head in exasperation and went over to join Nick.

"Oh fine, only because we know what Warrick drives like, though." Sara agreed. There were only two SUVs, because the teams had carpooled. Two seats were left in Catherine's Denali, just enough.

"Fine! I'll have the radio all to myself!" Warrick climbed into his car, to the laughter of everyone else, and sped out of the lot. Everyone else boarded the other Denali and followed
Warrick's car to Costco. Not that it was very easy to do, with the speed that Warrick was going at.

"Ooooh!" Warrick, Nick, and Archie rushed off to view the electronics section of Costco as the ladies rolled their eyes.

"Look, let's meet at the entrance in an hour. That way, we can get some stuff done, and you guys can ogle your technology." Catherine sighed. Should have avoided that section... The Sith showed no signs of having heard, but Nick gave a little wave without looking at any of the Goddesses. Taking that as a sign of agreement, Catherine, Sara, Mia, and Zita ventured into the world of Costco.

"Toilet paper, check. Glue, check." Mia leaned over and counted the multitudes of items, only two of the 20 items being needed for the prank. The other 18, were Catherine's.

"You know, honey might be better." Catherine added, reaching above Sara's head to pick up several bottles of honey.

"Warrick, who's paying for all the stuff the others are buying?" Archie asked curiously. Warrick and Nick froze.

"Aw shit!" Nick cursed. With the other team set loose in a place like Costco, who knew what they'd end up buying. A government worker's check could only handle so much, and there was still 3 weeks to go until the end of the month!

"Sara. Put down the baseball bat. We're going to prank Ecklie, not commit homicide." Zita cautiously ventured towards the brunette, who was holding a metal bat with a crazed look in her eyes.

"We must inflict permanent damage!" Sara protested, drawing stares from the other customers. Mia approached and gently pried her fingers from the bat.

"Sara. We don't want to kill Ecklie. We just want to prank him. Take some deep breaths. In, out, in out." Mia said calmly. Sara blinked and began take deep breaths, and within 2 minutes, she was back to normal. Mia put the bat back in its container, while Catherine went off to get more stuff and find the guys.

"Hey, Nicky, we're done shopping. Meet us at the registers." Catherine said into the phone and hung up. There were the guys on the left, and the ladies were coming on the right. Good. Now they could pay and get out of here.
"$110.67!" Nick, Archie, and Warrick all screeched simultaneously when they saw the receipt. Catherine rolled her eyes.

"All you guys are chipping in for is the toilet paper and glue. The rest is mine."

The guys grumbled, but soon were placated and everyone paid their own share. And now, tonight, right before shift, they could get to work. Ecklie would be at a banquet held by the mayor. It was the perfect time, and knowing Ecklie, Mia had picked up a box of latex gloves, in case he went crazy and printed everything. And besides, they would prank the backyard, completely destroy it.

"Okay, tonight, 6:00pm at Ecklie's. The banquet starts at 5:00, so there will be ample time." Sara said with a satisfied smirk. Everyone nodded, and they loaded the stuff into Warrick's car, and headed out of the parking lot, towards home, sleep, and a rather fun event that night

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