Title: Fiction Meets Reality

Authors: hikarisailorcat003 and qt-angel

Summary: Cyborg009 and Law & Order: SVU Crossover. The Cyborgs are going on a trip to the Big Apple to visit 002. When they get there, disaster strikes! Can they find the person responsible with the help of the Special Victim's Unit before it's too late?

Disclaimers: We don't own Cyborg009 or Law & Order: SVU, we probably never will, Dick Wolf owns Law & Order: SVU and um… -blink, blink- um… whoever created Cyborg009 owns Cyborgs!

Authors' Note:
This is a combined story by hikarisaliorcat003 and qt-angel. Hope you enjoy!

One summer's morning, the Cyborgs received a letter from 002 who lived in New York. It was an invitation to come and stay in New York for a few weeks. The Cyborgs accepted and left straight away. 001 was going to stay behind in Japan with Dr. Gilmore.

It was a bright and sunny day in New York as the plane landed at JFK, even though there was a spine chilling cold breeze around. 002 met them at the airport and took them to their hotel that they were staying in because there wasn't nearly enough room to stay in 002's apartment.

Night came and 003 decided to go for a walk, see the towering buildings and inhale the American aroma which surrounded her. 009 offered to go with her.

"No, it's alright 009, I'll be fine on my own." She said. "You get some sleep, it was a long flight."

009 did look very tired and so he agreed

She wandered down the street, smiling to herself. The trees would wave its branches as she pasted. She turned around the corner. It was a quiet alleyway. The streetlights shone dimly. It was eerie but 003 didn't mind. It reminded her of her past when she and the other cyborgs were fighting Black Ghost.

She was so caught up in her own world that she didn't notice someone was following her. Then out of the blue, she felt something cover her mouth. She struggled, clawing at the hand while hoping that they would just disappear, that this was just a figment of her imagination. But it wasn't. It was real as real could get. She panicked hoping that someone back at the hotel could hear her call for help. She started feeling woozy and dizzy and her sight became fuzzy and then everything around her faded.


She woke up. Her head was thumping and she felt cold. She looked down to find that she was naked and blood was seeping out between her legs. A guy was standing in front of her. He too was naked. She winced.

"Hey, sweetie pie. You gonna give me another taste?"

She felt a shiver down her spine and the hair at the back of her hair stick up. She threw him a disgusted look.

"Don't look at me like that." He walked up to her and soon they were face to face. She couldn't see his face because he was wearing a mask.

He got on top of her about to enter her again. She slapped him. He wasn't expecting it. He was still recovering from it when 003 grabbed her clothes and bolted. She found the exit and ran out.

003 ran as fast as she could to the hotel. She looked behind her. The man wasn't following her. She stopped and put her clothes on.

She was getting nearer to the hotel. She could see it. She ran up the steps to the hotel when she got there, and went straight to her room. 009 was waiting for her.

"003, are you ok? Why are you all puffed out?" he asked.

"No reason. I just went for a run. I'm going to take a shower now." 003 left 009 and went to have a shower. In the shower she felt so peace full and serene. She almost forgot about what had happened to her that night, until she had finished washing her hair.

003 stopped for a moment, thinking about what had happened. Why couldn't she stop him?

003 slid down the wall and sat on the floor of the bath. Why did that happen to her? What had she done wrong to deserve this? 003 hugged her knees and started to cry.

She stayed in the shower for what seemed like forever. When she came out 009 and everyone had fallen asleep. 003 looked at the time. It was 1 am. Now she understood why everyone was asleep. It was very late so 003 went straight to bed. It took her a while to fall asleep She thought about going to the police the next morning. Whether or not it was a good idea. She was scared. What if the American police didn't care, what would they ask? Finally she managed to roll over and fell sleep.

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