Title: Fiction Meets Reality

Authors: hikarisailorcat003 and qt-angel

Summary: Cyborg009 and Law & Order: SVU Crossover. The Cyborgs are going on a trip to the Big Apple to visit 002. When they get there, disaster strikes! Can they find the person responsible with the help of the Special Victim's Unit before it's too late?

Disclaimers: We don't own Cyborg009 or Law & Order: SVU, we probably never will, Dick Wolf owns Law & Order: SVU and um… -blink, blink- um… whoever created Cyborg009 owns Cyborgs!

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The next day, the Cyborgs were in their hotel room. 006 was cooking breakfast while everyone else was getting ready.

At 8am, there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Called out 007.

"Good morning detectives. What brings you here so early in the morning?" he asked when he saw Olivia and Elliot in the doorway. 007 let them inside and led them to the dining room where everyone was eating breakfast.

"We would like it if you could come down to the precinct." said Elliot.

The Cyborgs were quiet. They could tell something was wrong.

"Sure." 004 said.

"Can we finish breakfast first?" asked 002.

Olivia nodded.

"Would you like something to eat?" asked 009.

Elliot shook his head, "We just had breakfast"

"Well, have a seat. We won't be long." Said 003.

By the time they got to the precent, it was 9:30 am. Olivia and Elliot led them into a room so that they could talk to all the Cyborgs at once.

Everyone had a seat then Munch, Cragen, and Fin came into the room. Cragen was holding a folder. They sat down.

"Why did you want us here?" asked 009.

"How long have you all known each other again?" asked Munch.

"About two to three years." 009 stated.

Olivia turned to face 002

"You grew up in the Bronx didn't you?"

"Yeah. So?"

"Where did you go when you left?" Elliot asked.

"I travelled around the world. Went to heaps of different places. Why?"

Fin looked at Munch.

"Did you know you died forty-three years ago?"

There was silence. The cyborgs were shocked that the detectives knew.

"You committed suicide two years ago by jumping off a cliff." Said Olivia to 009, then she turned to 004 "You died when you were trying to cross the Berlin Wall, forty-three years ago."

No one made a sound. She went through everyone, telling each of them how they died and when.

"Francoise, you were reported missing in the early 1960s."

There was silence as the Cyborgs sat there, shocked.

"What happened?" asked Olivia.

Everyone looked down at their hands or somewhere else in the room.

"Please tell us." Pleaded Olivia

009 looked up.

"We were abducted. Stolen, from our homes. Turned into something else and forced to do things we didn't want to do."

The detectives stared, trying to connect the dots. "Why didn't you tell someone? The police? If you were forced to do things that you didn't want to, why didn't you report it?" Asked Olivia

009 said, "They didn't force us to do what you might have in mind…" 009 faded off.

"Who? Who are they?" Asked Elliot.

There was silence. Obviously the detectives had hit a private part of the Cyborgs' lives. Slowly 009 whispered something.

"Pardon?" Olivia said.

"Black Ghost." He said louder. "Black Ghost was the one who destroyed our lives."

"What? What is 'Black Ghost'?" Olivia asked.

"Black Ghost is a secret organisation that was trying to destroy the world. They made weapons and sold them to countries that were at war. They were always hoping to make a World War three." 009 said.

The detectives didn't speak. They were stunned.

"How? How'd these things destroy your life" asked Elliot.

"He changed us. Into what we are now."

"And that is?" Munch said impatiently.

"Killing machines."

"I don't understand." Olivia stated.

"We are not human." 004 said to her. "But instead robots who are half human. Also known as Cyborgs."

"I still don't get it." Munch said.

002 was loosing his patience.

"Look, we were kidnapped or whatever, taken to some sort of science lab where crazy scientists took out parts of our body and replaced them with machines, and were told to start killing people." 002 said.

There was silence. Obviously the Cyborgs needed to explain a bit more. 009 decided to tell them his story so that they would hopefully understand.

"When I was eighteen, I was on the run from the police because they thought that I killed someone when it was really one of Black Ghost's henchmen or whatever you want to call them. I was running from them one day when they surrounded me. The only place I could go was down the cliff or to the police. I decide to jump off the cliff.

A while later I woke up in a small white room. There was all sorts of equipment there. I suddenly heard a voice in my head. It was 001 aka Ivan Whisky the first cyborg. He explained to me that I had been changed and that I had to escape. I ran from the room and got away from Black Ghost.

I soon met up with the rest of the cyborgs and they told me that if I went back to Black Ghost, he would kill me, or try to get me to kill innocent people. So, like everyone else here, I decided to rebel against Black Ghost." 009 explained.

The detectives nodded. They were beginning to understand.

"Just one question, how come you all died different years, some forty years apart?" asked Cragen.

"There wasn't enough technology to turn us into full cyborgs forty years ago so 001, 002, 003 and myself were frozen until there was enough technology to finish the job." 004 explained.

"Who are 001 and 002 and 003?" Olivia asked.

"We each have a number we are referred to madam. I am 007. Jet is 002, Francoise is 003, Albert is 004, Geronimo is 005, Chang is 006, Pyunma is 008 and Joe is 009." G.B. said.

"You left out 001." Elliot reminded him.

"Ivan is a baby. He had to stay back in Japan with our friend." 003 said.

Olivia nodded. "So what happened to Black Ghost?"

"He was destroyed. 009 destroyed him a year ago."

No one said anything. Silence surrounded them.


It had been a day, and Casey was still in the dimly lit room. She was scared, and had not eaten in a day. Her stomach growled. She tried to ignore it but nothing seemed to work. Her head was thumping and she was shivering. She curled up in a ball, trying to keep warm.


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