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And So It Begins

Dear Raven,

I am sorry to do this to you, I wanted to be by your side at the time you needed me the most, but he has gotten too close to this world for comfort and now is the time for me to act. Please fear not my dear Raven. I know you have the power to over come all, and even though you may not see me, i will always be there with you at your side. Trust thy self, as I trust thee.

Forever yours,


A Tearful Cry of New Beginnings

"Tears, my tears. I... I don't know what i am feeling right now... I don't know what I should do or feel at a time like this. It hurts. The one person i have grown so close to has gone to fight his other half. I just don't know if i will ever see him again. Just the thought of never seeing him once more pains my heart. I never wanted to love, no... I would not allow my self to love, and yet, one man came into my life one day and slowly made his way into my heart. He trained me and he cared for me when he did not have to. He removed all the symbols from my body when he thought i would not notice, yet i did, and for that i am grateful. He has done so much for me, and now he is gone, perhaps to never return. I wish he could trust me enough for me to be able to fight at his side, but i know, that even with all the training i have done, that i will only be in his way. It pains me till no end, but i must go on. I have my own battle to fight, and i will not lose. DO YOU HEAR THAT FATHER, I WILL BE YOUR GEM NO LONGER! I WILL NOT LOSE , BECAUSE...

Placed Faith- The End is Here

Titan tower Robin's POV

It was another normal day at titan tower. BB was playing his video games, star fire was in the kitchen trying to make some of her planets dishes to share with everyone, cyborg was working on some new mods for the T car, and Robin was still trying to figure out how the mind of slade works and why he really wanted raven.

"dam it why does everything dealing with Slade have to be so difficult. I kinda wish Raven would not have let him go so we could have put a stop to all of this already," Robin says with a sigh.

It was at that very moment that the alarms at the tower start to go crazy and everyone rushes to the control room to see what is going on. What they see on the screen shocks them. The problem today was not in the city, it was outside the tower. Right outside the tower was an army of Slades advancing towards them. Each and everyone of the slades holding different weapons, and they looked like they were ready to kill. So with out another moment to lose robin screamed , "TITANS MOVE OUT."

The titans rushed out side to meet the army of Slades. At first they where working together to defeat all of the slades, but after a while they decided to split up so they would be able to unleash more of their wide range techniques. The battle was not looking good. No matter how many Slades they defeated more would just take their place. The titans where beginning to tire out, and it was because they where getting tired that they began to get careless.

It was out of tiredness and frustration that Robin screamed out, "Slade I know your out there hiding among your many copies. SHOW YOUR SELF SALDE!" It was after this declaration that the real Slade appeared behind Robin and kicked him in the back, launching him into the side of titan tower. Robin was out cold.

Slade stood there with an amused smile hidden underneath his mask, and taunted robin, "foolish robin, did you really think that you would be able to defeat me today. I have been granted new life and power, and with this second chance I will kill you and destroy everything you hold dear." with his speech out of the way Slade attached a blade onto the end of his bow staff and dashed towards Robin.

Star fire's POV

when the alarm sounded I ran from the kitchen to the control room as fast as possible, and what I saw on the screen left me in shock. I had thought that it would be another normal day at the tower, where I could spend time with friend robin and the others. It was not to be. On the screen was an army of Slades, and they where armed with all sorts of weapons and where getting ready to attack the tower. We had to do something and we had to do something fast. It was at that very moment that I hear friend robin scream, "TITANS MOVE OUT."

With his declaration we all ran towards the battle. At first we watched each others backs and fought together, but after a while we decided that we needed to do the ass of the kick and went our own ways so we could unleash our power in full. We fought and fought but no matter how many of the Slades we defeated, more would just take their place. I was getting tired, and by the looks of it so where my friends. I needed to help out my friends and I needed to help them soon before it was too late. I gathered as much power as I could and unleashed it on the enemy in a wave. The waved destroyed many of the slades that where attacking me and damaged the rest around me. I was exhausted. I could barely move my arms any more. That wave took more out of me then I though. I though that maybe a little rest would help before I went to help the others would be good, but at that moment out of the corner of my eye I see friend robin crash into the side of titan tower. I was concerned. I did not like to see friend robin hurt. Whenever I see this my chest hurts, and I want to make his pain go away. I don't know why, perhaps I feel connect to him, or it is very possible that I have, as the earthlings say, fallen for him. What the case may be, I knew I had to help him and make him feel better.

It was just as I started to walk towards him that I see the real Slade attach a blade onto his bow staff and charge at robin. Friend robin was in danger, he was about to be killed and it did not look like friend robin was awake. My mind started to panic. I did not know what to do. They only thing I did know was that I had to save him, no matter the cost; so I flew, flew with all my might and all my remaining power. I did not know where I got the energy from. I know I was exhausted but I went on. As I got closer I knew there was only one way to save him. I shielded robin with my body, and the blade enters my back painfully. Darkness slowly started to over take me as my life slowly dripped away.

Before I lost myself completely to the darkness I saw robin slowly begin to awaken. As he looks at me he finally can see what had happened, and his face of confusion turns into a face of horror.

Before he can say anything, I use the last of my strength to slowly lift my bloody hand to cup his face. I smile at him and say, "I love you."

And my world goes black.

chapter 6 end

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