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By Yuki Shizumoto.

It was recess time in Tsukiomi High School, Narumi Ayumu was taking his usual nap on the roof.

A lot of things had happened. Ayumu thought everything in his life is not important anymore. But, SOMETHING had changed his life……..

"Narumi-san!" Ayumu heard someone calling him on her way up the stairs. Narumi didn't want to bother, so he continues his peaceful (not for long) nap. "Narumi-san, I know I would found you here…." Hiyono said, hands on her hip.

Yuizaki Hiyono was the precious, wonderful, adorable, lovable president of the Tsukiomi High School's Newspaper Club. She was 1-year older then Ayumu. She's always beside him, always helping him. She tried her best to find as much information as possible. She always kind towards everybody, especially the Blade Children. A smile was always on her face, never ever come off…..Ayumu wonder how can she smiles so much without hurting her cheeks?

"Are you trying to steal my obentou again?" Ayumu said as he quickly put his obentou on his lap to protect it.

"Well, yes, but…"

"No more buts, I'm not going to let you steal it this time! And can u let me sleep in peace just for one day?"


"I don't care about anything, I just want to sleep…………….PLEASE!" Ayumu 'begged' her.

"Fine, if you let me eat your delicious obentou, I will let you sleep in peace, deal?"


"Mou…." Maybe I can steal that obentou using some plan….. Hiyono thought.

"LOOK! Narumi-san! It's a plane caught on fire! There!" Hiyono pointed at the sky behind of Ayumu.


Hiyono quickly grabbed the obentou from his hand.

"That's the lamest prank I have ever heard just to steal one obentou."

"But you fell for it!" Hiyono said, almost laughing.

Just then, a tall and red-haired guy walked towards them. "Yo, Narumi-ototo, playing 'steal the obentou game' with jouchan, huh?"

"Shut Up."

Kousuke ignored Ayumu and turn to Hiyono. "Yo, jouchan, your birthday is coming, right? So, we are planning a birthday party for you at your house this Saturday. Since you are the birthday girl, you get to choose the jobs for us, we will prepare everything for you."

"Really?" asked Hiyono, surprise. "OK……. Rio-san and Ryoko-san can help to decorate the house, Eyes-kun and Asazuki-san can help to arrange the tables and the chairs and…….."

"WHAT?" Kousuke asked. "I have to arrange tables and chairs? I'll be sick! I thought I get to prepare the food………, that's a much easier work……" There's slightly some disappointed in his tone.

"Sorry, Asazuki-san, I wanted Narumi-san to cook because…….."

"Hey! Who say I wanted to be your cook? I won't, not in a million years!!" Ayumu said, angrily.

"Mou………please Narumi-san! I love your food! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!"


"Hey…….." Hiyono whisper to Ayumu. "If you don't become my cook on my birthday, I will tell EVERYBODY about your deepest darkest secret."

"I don't have any deepest, darkest secret." Ayumu said.

"I'll tell everybody that when you sleep, you always call out somebody's name, which is Ma…….."

"OK,OK,OK, I'll do it." Ayumu said as he cover Hiyono's mouth with his palm.

"Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!" Hiyono scream as she jump up and down.

Kousuke then say, "Ok, that's all. I'll tell Rio, Eyes and Ryoko……. And Narumi-ototo, prepare more food because I know jouchan has 3 stomach. She really can eat! So, see you then, bye!" Kousuke walk down the stairs, leaving Hiyono and Ayumu alone.

In Ayumu's heart, he felt very happy. He wanted to give her a very special gift, special than anybody else. But what gift she really want? Ayumu thought. Maybe I should invite her to dinner in my house and ask onesan to ask her. A Perfect Plan.

"Hey, you want to come to my house for dinner tonight?" Ayumu asked, politely.

"You are inviting me over for dinner? In your house?" Hiyono asked, surprise. " Narumi-san wouldn't be so kind, are you really Narumi-san?"

"Yes, it's just a dinner. I just want you to try my new recipe- Special Spicy Fried Chicken."

"WHOA! I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming tonight! At 7pm!" said Hiyono, happily. "Ok, I'll prepare it tonight. Come on time." Ayumu said. Perfect! Now, it's up to onesan to find out what birthday gift she wants!


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