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It was Saturday already. The sun rose as usual. Everybody was getting ready for Hiyono's birthday party.

At Hiyono's house, Kousuke, Ryoko, Rio and Eyes were very busy. Ryoko and Rio did a 'good' job with the decorations.

"Hey!" Kousuke said. "You two are very good, the house was full of ribbons and 200 balloons which I just use all my energy to blow them up……. (Take a breath) …… And you two are too good that you also decorate the toilet with balloons……. How creative!"

"Hey, you said that EVERYPLACE must be decorate….." Ryoko yelled at Kousuke.

"I didn't mean the toilet………."

"Well, that's your fault!"

"Just take the balloons out…….."

Ryoko quickly went to the toilet to remove the balloons.

Meanwhile, Ayumu was trying to 'catch' the birthday gift for Hiyono. After 5 long boring hours, he finished preparing Hiyono's special birthday present. Ayumu stared at his watch. It's 3 o'clock in the evening.

"Oh no! The birthday party is on 7pm, I have to hurry, I got to prepare a lot of food because the stupid girl is going to kill me if I don't!" said Ayumu to himself. "Wait, I'm talking to myself……….. Is that a bad thing?" (What do you think?)

"I'm doing it again….."said Ayumu. "What's happening to me? Why am I talking to myself………… Wait a second, I know why……..Hey! You STUPID author! Stop making me talking to myself!" shouted Ayumu. (Author: "I'm sorry…..Just want to make the readers laugh……")

Just then, Ayumu's cell phone rang. On the other line came Kousuke's voice. "HEY! YOU BETTER GET YOUR STUPID BUTT DOWN HERE TO PREPARE THE FOOD OR ELSE………."

"Shut Up. You are making a lot of noise that will cause sound pollution." said Ayumu.

"Okay." Said Kousuke. "Just come down here to prepare the food. We don't have much time left."

"Okay, I'm coming right now." Ayumu said as he rode his bicycle to Hiyono's house. When he reached her house, of course, Hiyono was not at home. Ryoko and Rio had taken her out so that Ayumu had time to prepare.

After 3 hours, Ayumu finally finished everything. Every food he prepared looked so delicious and special, especially the S.S.F.C he owe Hiyono. "Look, it's half past six already, I have to go home and change." Ayumu said to Kousuke as he walked out the door. Better get ready the present, I'm 100 sure she will be surprise. Ayumu thought.

It was 7 o'clock (How time flies?). Hiyono's house was so beautiful and nice. Food that was prepared by Ayumu was put on a long table. Hiyono was already prepared to receive present from everybody (How cute!). She was wearing a blue turtleneck minidress, with her long browned-hair carefully pinned up in a barrette. She even dabbed on lip gloss. Checking herself in the mirror, Hiyono hoped Ayumu would like it.

Kousuke and Ryoko were the first couple to arrive. Ryoko was wearing pink sequined top and black pants. "Whoa, you looked like a girl ready to party." Said Hiyono to Ryoko. "Thanks!" replied Ryoko.

Just then, Eyes and Rio arrived. Rio was wearing a yellow shirt and a baby-blue vest, topped off with a blue-and-yellow tropical-print visor, an outfit that Eyes bought for her. Well, Eyes….. he's wearing the same old tuxedo. Everybody gave Hiyono theirs presents. But the person that Hiyono wanted to see hasn't arrived.

Just then, Madoka and Ayumu came. "Sorry, we are a little late, traffic problems….." Ayumu was wearing a black button-down shirt and dark-coloured jeans. An outfit that screamed " COOL!" Madoka gave Hiyono a new animal puppet that she had promised. Hiyono seem very happy with everybody's gift, but…..

"Hey, where's my present?" Hiyono whispered to Ayumu.

"I'll give it to you later. I promise it will surprise you."


"Yes. I promise." Said Ayumu, smiling.

For the next hour, Hiyono just eat non-stop. Everybody stared at her as they eat along.

"Did you see how she attacks the S.S.F.C? Scary." Said Kousuke to Rio.

"I think she's just hungry. And we know that she LOVES Narumi-ototo's cooking very much."

After 'attacking' the foods, everybody had time to chat. Ayumu quickly took Hiyono's hand and ran up the roof. "Hey, why are you taking me up the roof?" asked Hiyono.

"To give you your birthday present." Answered Ayumu.

"Why do we have to come up to the roof?" said Hiyono as they arrived on the roof. "Wait, you are not telling me that pushing me down the roof is my birthday gift!"


"Wait, I know. You are going to give me an obentou that is full of poison foods, after I'm poisoned, then, you will push me down the roof, am I right?"

"NO! Would you just stop guessing?" shouted Ayumu.


"Okay. First, close your eyes…… with your hands….. and don't peek!" said Ayumu. Hiyono immediately covers her eyes with her hands, waiting to receive the mystery birthday gift. Ayumu quickly took out a bag, which was special, it was glowing….. After he opened the bag, you know what came out……….. A group of fireflies, which was glowing brightly, came flying out of the bag. Normally, fireflies would just fly away when they are free. But this group of fireflies was special, they seem to know is Hiyono's birthday, they kept flying around her body.

"You can open your eyes now."

Hiyono quickly open her eyes. She was…… surprise. She had never seen so many fireflies before. A firefly flew onto her palm, flashing different patterns of light, just like saying "Happy birthday!" to her. Tears of happiness welled in her eyes…… her wish has come true…… She could see fireflies with someone she loves.

"How…. did you know…. I wanted to see…. fireflies on the roof?" Hiyono said, slowly.

"I'm a detective, I have my ways to find out." Said Ayumu, holding her shoulders, wiping away her tears.

"Thanks…. A…lot, Narumi-san…. This is…… the best present I….. had ever received in my life….." said Hiyono, wiping at the tears that sprang up in her eyes, she can't looked up to see Ayumu's face, her tears wouldn't stop rolling in her eyes. "Thanks…..I'm very happy…... All these years….. I always…. celebrate my birthday alone, but…. this year, I'm….. I'm…. not alone anymore.

Ayumu hugged her, for the first time in her life….. "Happy birthday to you, stupid girl……." Hiyono hugged back, she will treasure that moment in her heart forever…….

After a while, the 'cupids'-fireflies had finally flown to somewhere far far away….. Hiyono had also stopped crying. Both of them sat together, side by side, on the floor, chatting. "How did you find so many fireflies?" asked Hiyono.

"I caught them. With my bare hands. I used 5 hours to catch them." Answered Ayumu.

"But we can only see fireflies in the dark. How can you catch them on the day if you can't see them?"

"Well, I learned everything about fireflies, so it's very easy when you are a professional. Although is kinda tired and boring, but it was worth it……" said Ayumu. "So….."

Ayumu stopped. You know why…… Because…….Hiyono just kissed him on his cheek. He looked away….. and then he heard, "Thanks, Ayumu." She called his name, for the first time.

"You just called my name." He felt very happy, everything he done was worth it, he will never regret it.

"Actually, there's one more wish of mine have not come true…." Said Hiyono, slowly.

"What might that be?"

"I wish Ayumu could call me my name instead of calling me stupid girl every time….." Hiyono said as her face turned red. But, she could also see Ayumu blushing too. She smiled to herself.

"Well…… let's keep that wish for your birthday next year, deal?"

"Hmm……. Fine…… Until then, you just have to call me stupid girl, right?" Said Hiyono, smiling.

"Right…..Let's go downstairs….. I know you are still hungry." Ayumu said as he held his hand out for Hiyono.

"Hai!" Hiyono gently held his hand with hers and went downstairs together with him. That moment will always be remembered in their heart. Ayumu thought, thanks to you all, fireflies….. Our 'Cupids'…..


Yeah! I had completed this story. I know, I know, the birthday gift was lame, right? But I like it anyway. Hurray for Ayumu and Hiyono! They are finally together.

You know what cupid means? Well, cupid is the god of love which the ancient Romans often depicted Cupid as winged child or baby who carried a bow and quiver full of arrows…… Anyway, thanks for reading my story. About the last part of the story, I tried to make it as fluff as possible, but I guess my fluff-writing-technique is very very bad. But, I will try to improve it.

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