Behind Snow White Eyes

Summary: Inuzuka Kiba is an ordinary ninja. Until, he met the girl with snow-white eyes and was pulled into her world of pain, sorrow, and confusion. Can he change her life for the better? Pairings: Kiba x Hinata.

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Chapter 1: Enter the Girl with Snow White Eyes

Year Eight

The white light of the gentle moon cascaded over a small clearing in the middle of nowhere. It cast its gleam softly over the snow-covered ground, creating only one shadow. The shadow of the figure that lay curled up in the center. The figure was wearing an expensive silk kimono. The curious moonlight danced along the many rings and bracelets the figure wore, creating tiny flashes of light like pixies winking their magic on and off. The atmosphere of the clearing was magical. It was completely silent, except for a few muted sobs coming from the figure on the ground.

A sudden, loud sound caused the magic to break. The figure shifted, revealing the tear-stained face of a young girl of eight. She opened her eyes, which were completely white, and stared around, trying to find the source of the sound. Suddenly, "YAHOO! GO BOY GO!!! GET THAT STICK."

A stick flew into the clearing, immediately followed by a large dog. The dog was black; with a band of white down its face, like a badger. The dog stared at the girl on the ground and bounded away. The girl closed her eyes again.

A few moments later, she felt a warm hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see the face of a boy around her age staring down at her. He had strange red markings on his cheeks and a seemingly large mane of hair around his face. When he saw her look up, he took his hood off to reveal perfectly normal hair. He smiled.

"Shiroimaru said that there was a girl sitting out here. I didn't believe him, but now I do. What are you doing out here at night? It gets cold and if you don't move around a lot, you could freeze. Well, that's what my mom said, but I don't believe her. She made me wear this big ugly jacket and mittens. My dog's name is Shiroimaru. Isn't he great? He's 4 years old, so he's like 28 in human years. That's really old. He'd not really my dog, but I think he likes me best. You have cool eyes; they're like, all white. My mom says I talk a lot, but I don't think so. My name is Kiba, by the way, Inuzuka Kiba. What's yours?"

The girl whispered, "H-h-h-in-nata."

Kiba looked at her, "Are you cold? You can't seem to speak very well. I'll give you my jacket. Here." He handed her his thick jacket.

Hinata looked surprised, "I-I-I c-c-couldn't r-really. T-then, you'll b-be cold. I'm f-f-fine r-r-really."

Kiba stood up and stretched, shouting loudly, "THAT'S OK. I DON'T WANT TO WEAR THE UGLY THING ANYWAYS. PLUS, IF MY MOM ASKS WHY I WASN'T WEARING MY JACKET, I'LL JUST TELL HER I GAVE IT TO A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. SHE CAN'T BLAME ME THEN. My mom always tells me to help the ladies. It will get me a good wife in the future. I don't want to get married though. All your wife does is cook, clean, and crank at you. I'd want a wife that's a ninja and is nice to dogs and will let them into the house. You look really cold, I better shut up and just give you my jacket." He laughed and put the jacket on top of Hinata's head.

Hinata untangled herself from the warm coat, feeling as if a warm blanket had enveloped her senses, as if she had sunk into a hot spring full of bubbles and steam. Tears began to fill her eyes, as the blood once again began circulating through her body.

Kiba stood watching her with a distraught look. Had he made her cry? After a few moments, he said, "Do you know how to play K-nine? It's a really awesome game. Of course, you have to have a dog, but I can demonstrate with Shiroimaru and then you can play. It's really fun." Kiba got down on his knees and hands and explained the game, "What you do is add some type of smell on a stick, then hide it somewhere. Then, you tell your dog some clues about what smell it is. If he finds it in less than five minutes, than it's your turn to find a stick. Come on Shiroimaru, let's go."

Kiba ran off into the woods. Hinata sat watching him rummage around, occasionally looking back saying, "NO PEEKING SHIROIMARU." After a span of five minutes, he came running back. "Ok Shiroimaru, the object is round, it's blue, HEY YOU CAN'T HAVE FIGURED IT OUT ALREADY." For Shiroimaru had run off and was back, holding a stick in his mouth and wagging his tail. "Spoilsport, Show-off," Kiba muttered, "He always wins. I never get to go hide the stick after the first time. I bet he saw what smell I put on the stick in the woods. Do you want to try, Hinata?"

Hinata shook her head, "I'm not allowed to move from this spot; my father's orders."

Kiba groaned, "Your Dad's so boring. You hardly get to do anything, AND you have to sit out here. I'll teach you another game; one that you don't have to move in. He doesn't have to know that you played, right? Me and Shiroimaru know a lot of games. My friend's all call me the "Game Master". Well, actually they don't, but I can pretend. I actually can't think of any games that you don't have to move in. Your Dad's even a worse spoilsport than Shiroimaru. At least Shiroimaru has a sense of humor. Right boy?" Shiroimaru barked and wagged his tail, jumping in the air. Kiba crossed his arms and nodded, "Yup, Shiroimaru can tell a lot of jokes. Tell her the one about the dog and the other dog, where they go meet the boss dog."

Hinata giggled, for the first time in many days. Kiba gave a relieved sigh in his mind as she did so. She said, "My father sent me out here to test my endurance towards bad climates. If I'm to be a ninja when I grow up, I'll have to be able to stand anything."

Kiba cocked his head, Hinata thought he looked kind of like a dog, "That's a stupid idea. You're only little, there's plenty of time to train when you grow up. When you're little, you're supposed to play. I play twenty-four hours a day. That's what my mom says. You could get really sick if you stay out here so long. My mom lets me come out because I have a coat and she says that I have inner fur. I think she's right, because people call us the dog clan and dogs have a lot of fur. Shiroimaru sheds all over the place. I could make a really comfortable jacket with it all."

Hinata said softly, "I can't disobey my father. He is very kind to me. Thank you for your offer though."

Kiba shrugged, "Well, I guess there's nothing I can do about it then. I'll leave my jacket out here anyways. See you around. You'll probably go to the Academy like me, if you want to be a ninja too. I'd love to be a ninja. They get to fight bad guys and their parents don't yell at them for taking a shower and then going outside to play. My mom is a ninja, so is my sister. They say it's a lot of hard work, but I'll be ready for it. After, I get my lifetime supply of play in. I am going to stop now because my mom said I have to be home by seven. I have a curfew. I don't want a curfew. Anyways, bye bye." Kiba turned to leave, "By the way, what's your family name?"

Hinata whispered, "Hyuuga. Masters of the Byakugan."

"The what? Be a cookin? That's a weird name. Well, maybe I'll come visit you and ask if you can play. Hyuuga. I'll remember that, I hope. I'm really not that good at remembering things. My mom says that I have a short-term memory. I think it's just because there are so many other exciting things that just push the important things out. I think I will remember your family name because it will be exciting to have a new friend. SHIROIMARU, LET'S GO HOME. BYE HINATA!!!" Kiba said.

Hinata looked after him, "Bye Kiba," she whispered, but it wasn't like he could hear her, "I wish you luck in coming to my house," she said to herself. Then, looking at the jacket, she draped it more comfortably around her shoulders.

Kiba slowly walked home, kicking a stone down the path. He thought, 'What a weird girl. What a weird family, leaving their kids out in the snow without a jacket. Mom is overprotective and annoying sometimes, but at least she cares if I die or not.' Kiba sniffed the air and said, "We're having broccoli and pork again for dinner. I hate broccoli. Even if mom says it'll make me tough and manly. No one can be tough and manly if they eat broccoli. I wish I could eat dog chow like you, Shiroimaru." Shiroimaru barked twice. "Ok, we'll trade then, but you can't leave anything on the table, or else mom will send us both outside."

As he said this, he stepped in a puddle of melted snow near his neighbor's house, getting his pant leg sopping wet. "AWW NO! MOM'S GOING TO KILL ME! SHIROIMARU, QUICK, GO INTO THE HOUSE AND GET ME A NEW PAIR OF PANTS. IF MOM ASKS WHERE I AM, TELL HER THAT I'M… YOU'RE OLDER, YOU MAKE SOMETHING UP." Shiroimaru dashed off. The window of his neighbor's house opened, and Chouji's huge dad, Chomaru, poked his head out. "Is that you Kiba? Will you stop hollering? We're trying to have dinner." He glanced at Kiba's pant leg. "You better get that cleaned up, or your mom will have a fine time yelling at you." At this, he drew his head back through the window and shut it with a slam.

Shiroimaru came running back. Kiba groaned when he saw his mother running after him with a pair of pants in her hand. "Shiroimaru, you weren't supposed to let her know. Don't look at me like that, you rotten little coyote. Wait no, don't tell mom what I did to her vase this morning. I'm sorry I called you a coyote. Oh, hi Mom. Just a little spot of trouble." The Akimichis winced as a loud smack was heard. Evidently, it was the sound of a hand cuffing a head rather forcefully.

Hopping around in the crisp air while yelling excuses and asking his mom not to make him change in public, Kiba nearly forgot about the girl he'd met in the snow, Hyuuga Hinata. However, at night, he dreamed of people like Hinata cooking over a stove and snow-white eyes that could hold one in its seemingly endless depths.

Hinata sat in the snow for another hour, until her sister, Hanabi, called her back in. In the threshold of the Hyuuga mansion, she was given a blanket and bread with water and sent to her room to practice jutsus, by the emotionless, silent Branch Members.

Hinata's father, Hiashi, came to her room, just as she was preparing to fall asleep. Quickly, she put the jacket behind her back. In a cold voice he said, "I saw you talking to a boy in the snow. What did you think you were doing? You were training and had no right to talk to strangers. Especially strangers like him. Do not associate with people like that. You are a Hyuuga, part of the most powerful clan in the entire village, so act like it. As punishment, I'm canceling your heat for tonight."

Hinata spent a cold night, shivering in her room that didn't have a heater. She fell asleep, after wrapping the talkative boy's coat around her frail shoulders. She dreamed of pixies dancing in the snow and a boy and dog prancing around with her in a field of flowers. Neither Hinata nor Kiba would remember their respective dreams in the morning. Neither would know of the fore coming events that would drive them closer together… and farther apart.

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