A/N : Re-read the little Spike poem from last night (Only The Good) and wrote this as a kind of companion to it, another five minute piece. Joss still owns all the BtVS stuff.

Die Young

I can't live in a world where these are the choices
Surrounded by so many helpless voices
I never asked to be the destined, chosen one
Don't I deserve to rest after all that I've done?
One battle and another, another and more
I start to lose sight of what it is all for
I fight for my family, my friends, and my sister
Life spinning wild like I'm caught in a twister
The demons, the big bads, the pure hatred and pain
And just when it's over it starts up again
Now I face a hellgod and I know I can't win
But death is the gift that I must give again
This time it is welcome, and the sweetest release
After years of Earth's hell, at last I find peace

Buffy, May 2001