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Kohaku had made very clear that she was staying until the gang settled down and stopped fighting. She had also said a few guests would be coming soon, and they were wondering who they would be. The gang had found bits of food in the forest, like cocunuts, pineapples, and some berries, and bananas, but not much really existed there food wise. Of course, they had all asked Kohaku to get them food, but she said "Not until you quit fighting am I doing you anything!" so they decided to back off for awhile.

Yugi, Tea and Serenity didn't even know about Kohaku's appearance and they were still not returning to the blimp site, which made the gang quite worried. Well…Tea could drown in a lake for all they cared, but they were worried about Yugi and Serenity, but seeing as they were the only humans on this island, they'd be safe.

It would be tomorrow that the guests would arrive, and the gang was waiting anxiously for them to arrive, not even knowing what Yugi, Tea and Serenity were doing.

Yugi, Tea and Serenity had set up camp not too far from the blimp site, but far enough and well hidden, just incase someone happened to run into them. They didn't want anyone to fight anymore, and now that Yami agreed with them (they had earlier introduced Serenity to Yami), they were sitting around a pile of wood, which would become a fire in the night time.

Suddenly, a crack was heard. Since it the wood wasn't lit, it wasn't the fire. A teenage girl appeared in front of them wearing a black cloak with a snake on it and she had blue eyes and long black hair.

"It was wise of you to leave,"the girl said. "Sooner or later, there'd be killings out there."

"Uh…who are you?"Yugi asked cautiously.

"I am an authoress, and my name is Kohaku. Kohaku Malfoy, if you will,"Kohaku introduced herself. "I all ready introduced myself to your friends."

"Are they still fighting?"Serenity asked.

"Well, not as much when the blimp crashed, but, yes, they are still at it."

The three of them sighed.

The rest of the gang were outside of the blimp, since Kohaku had put something on it, making them unable to open the blimp door.

"Hey, guys?"Duke asked.


"I think Kohaku is a witch."

"Oh, that's ridiculous."

"So are Bakura and Marik,"Duke said.


Malik and Ryou giggled.

"Well, think about it,"Duke said. "Look at all of the things we've faced…it's possible."

"Duke may have a point, ya know,"Joey said. "I mean, everybody can't do that kinda stuff. She's a witch, I say."

After a while, the others agreed, and settled it that Kohaku was a witch. They lit up sticks of wood with matches, so it was like they were carrying torches, and ran into the forest yelling like yellow-bellys, except the sensible ones, like Kaiba and Mokuba.

"What idiots…"

"I believe that she could be a witch, but doing that is just sensless…"Mokuba grinned. "And priceless."

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