Title: Two Ryuichi & A Kumagorou
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Actually, this is a response to my own Gravi fic challenge (code no. 010101). I'm also inviting all Gravi fan fiction writers to have a look and maybe take part in the Gravi fic challenge, esp the Valentine Fic Challenge. If you're interested, please visit http:gravity dot predilection dot org. Replace the dot with the real dot (.), okay? Or you can access the site via my profile This fic is for challenge code 010101:

Nittle Grasper is scheduled for a live interview on TV Tokyo in three days. The problem is that Ryuichi has fallen ill that he can't even walk! Our manipulative Tohma comes with a brilliant idea: Get Shuichi to disguise as Ryuichi!! So, after two bottles of hair dye, a pair of contact lens, a dotted bandana, three pairs of earrings, ten pieces of bangles, ten rings and a fluffy Kumagorou later, Tohma and Noriko settles for training Shuichi to act like Ryuichi in two days time. And so chaos ensues! How will Yuki react? How does Shuichi fend off Tatsuha? Include this dialogue: "Konnichiwa, na no da! Shu -- er -- Ryuichi desu!" Your story must be at least 1000 words in length.

I'm finishing the last chapter of Snow in July and the next chapter of And If The Sun Won't Shine…. I won't abandon them. I love AitSWS too much for that! I'm merely writing this to get rid of the rabid plot bunnies and bring my slump to an end. I'm also running from Angst for a while. You can check my LJ for updates As usual, forgive the errors that come along the way.

Enough talk. On to the story!!


- Part 1 of 3 -

Shuichi was not sure if he heard it right. Before him, Seguchi Tohma and Ukai Noriko were looking at him, smiling like there was no tomorrow. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. The silence was suddenly broken when his mind finally processed what the two members of the famous Nittle Grasper had just told him. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!" His already wide eyes widened even more as his jaw hung open like a suffocated goldfish. Noriko and Tohma, who were still smiling, shook their heads. "YOU WANT ME TO POSE AS SAKU---UMPH!!" "Syhh!!" Noriko clamped her hand across the bubblegum haired vocalist's mouth while Tohma motioned for him to be quiet using with his index finger. "Not so loud," the president of NG Records whispered. Shuichi blinked twice, looking at the two in disbelief and repeated the whole process again. He allowed himself to be dragged into Tohma's office, where the door was securely locked behind them. For once, Tohma was glad that his office was soundproof.

Shuichi was still lost. He was humming to Bad Luck's new song when Noriko and Tohma approached him with the most ridiculous request he'd ever heard in his entire life. "We want you to pose as Ryuichi for Nittle Grasper's interview with TV Tokyo," they had said in unison without a pause. Snapping out of his reverie, Shuichi found himself being stared at. "Okay, I think I'm calm now. Could you please explain to me as to why you want me to pose as Sakuma-san?" Tohma sighed audibly. He never liked having to explain himself but he was desperate, dammit! "You do know of Ryuichi's obsession with ice cream, don't you, Shindou-san?" Shuichi nodded, clueless as to where this was going. What did Ryuichi's obsession with ice cream had to do with anything?

"Well, Noriko and I bought him his favourite chocolate ice cream, a large box of it, when we visited him yesterday. We ate a little and went home. When Ryuichi wanted to keep the remaining ice cream inside the freezer, the appliance was somehow broken. Desperate to keep it from melting, he set the air conditioner to almost 0° Celsius, which left him freezing like there was no tomorrow. Yet, he found the ice cream still started melting. Ryuichi being Ryuichi, he consumed the whole thing and went to sleep without adjusting the AC to the appropriate level. This morning, when he didn't show up, we went to check on him and found him shivering on the floor. He's running a high fever. The doctor said he is not to leave the bed for a week," Tohma explained, rubbing his suddenly aching temple with his thumb. Noriko continued where the Nittle Grasper keyboardist left off, "The interview is in three days. We've already cancelled the last one and we definitely couldn't afford to miss this one. This is where you come into the picture, Shuichi. You see, you look a lot like Ryuichi. When Tohma came up with this idea, I immediately agreed on it. So…please? Would you please pose as Ryu-chan?"

Shuichi hesitated. He knew he looked a bit like Ryuichi. Tatsuha had told him so the first time they met. But still… "In case you failed to notice, my hair is 'bubblegum pink', not 'chestnut brown'. And I'm shorter than Sakuma-san by five centimetres. And my voice… You sure you want ME to pose as the great Sakuma Ryuichi?" Tohma and Noriko nodded a bit too enthusiastically for their normal expression. "Don't worry about your hair. I already bought THESE!" Noriko shoved two boxes of hair dye the colour of Ryuichi's hair, and a piece of red, dotted bandana. Shuichi gulped. Did they think he was going to agree to this? "And we also have these," Tohma put a large storage box onto his huge table, smiling all the while. Shuichi gaped as he peered at the content of the pink box. There were three pairs of fake earrings, a black leather jacket, a pair of tight black leather pants, a blue shirt a box of bluish-purple contact lens, ten pieces of bangles, ten golden rings and… KUMAGOROU?? Did they REALLY think he was going to agree?

"Anou… I don't think this is a good idea," he started. "Me posing as Sakuma-san will make me feel bad. I mean, what will he think? And…what about Yuki? He's going to be so mad!" Shuichi shuddered as he imagined kissing his lover with him looking like Ryuichi. Tohma put a hand on his shoulder to assure him. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure Eiri-san will understand. About Ryuichi, I don't think he'd mind. So, what do you say?" Shuchi still looked doubtful. "I'll give Bad Luck one week off if you agree."

"And free tickets and backstage passes to our next concert," Noriko added.

"As many Strawberry Pocky as you like."

"Limited edition Nittle Grasper wall scroll with our signatures and a hand-painted figurine of Ryuichi."

"And the very first copy of our new upcoming CD, signed by the three of us especially for you."

Shuichi's eyes glowed with renewed brilliance. He nearly shouted his answer to the two of them, which was "IT'S A DEAL!!!" And so the next few hours was filled with:

"Noriko-san! There's hair dye on my face!"


"Ouch, my eyes! Grrr, I hate contact lenses!"


"The pant is too tight, Seguchi-san!"


"These damn fake earrings keep falling off!"

and so on…

Two hours later, Shuichi found himself gaping at his reflection in the mirror. There was no flaw; he looked exactly like the man he idolized. Noriko and Tohma smiled smugly at their masterpiece. For the final kill, Noriko shoved the pink, fluffy stuff bunny into Shuichi's arms. "We'll be training you to act exactly like Ryuichi until the interview, okay? Now we'll start from the basic. Say, 'na no da'."

"Na no da..."

"No, no, no! You must sound like Ryu-chan. Try again. Let yourself sound as cheerful as you can."

"Na no da!!"

"Good, it's almost perfect! Now, say 'na no na no na no da'."

"Na no na no na no da!"

"Again," Tohma instructed.

"Na no na no na no da!!"

"A bit more cheerful, please. Try again."


Noriko clapped her hands in satisfaction. "That's good. You still need to practise on that later, though. Now, let's get Kumagorou into the picture…" Shuichi groaned with frustration. This was torture, he thought. He regretted having succumbed to their bribery. Well, he agreed to this and he needed to do his best. He couldn't let his idol's image down during the interview. 'What have I gotten myself into?'

When K, Sakano, Hiro and Suguru were informed of this ordeal by Tohma himself later that day, they laughed themselves to death…well, literally. Suguru and Hiro were quite awed by Shuichi's 'new' appearance'. If Tohma had not explained everything, they would have thought he was the real Ryuichi. K laughed for the whole day as he saw Kumagorou perched on Shuichi's head. "Idiots are really meant to be vocalists," he said. Shuichi glared daggers at his manager, shouting, "Oi! No one insults Sakuma Ryuichi in front of me, na no da!"

Wait a minute… NA NO DA???

Oops! A slip of the tongue… With that, the rest of them laughed even harder, much to Shuichi's exasperation. Tiredness began to take its toll on him. Tohma and Noriko made him sing Sleepless Beauty five times that day. Upon the year, Shuichi's vocal had become as powerful as that of Ryuichi. Bad Luck even managed to knock Nittle Grasper down the chart already. The public thought they were rivals but in truth, they truly enjoy each other's company. Ryuichi would get so excited whenever he got to sing with Shuichi and vice versa. Both of them would get all bouncy, giggly and annoying or in K's words, "Eternal idiots." Shuichi stumbled into the living room and collapsed onto the sofa, throwing his sling bag onto the floor and sending its content scattered on the floor. "Tadaima!" He attempted to shout, but only managed to sound a little louder than his normal conversational tone.

It wasn't long before Yuki Eiri emerged from his office to greet his lover. "Okaeri, Shu. You're quite late and - - - Oi! What the fuck are you doing in my house, Sakuma?!" Shuichi immediately sat up and rubbed his eyes in a daze. "Huh, Sakuma-san's here? Where?" He looked around but only saw an enraged Yuki. Oh, wait… Shit! He'd forgotten he looked like Ryuichi! No wonder Yuki was mad. The novelist never really enjoyed Ryuichi's company. Personally, Shuichi thought Yuki was jealous. Oh, well… For now, he had an explanation to deliver. "I repeat, what the fuck are you doing in my house, Sakuma? Where's Shuichi?" Eiri demanded and gave Shuichi his trademark deadly glare.

Shuichi sighed heavily. "I am Shindou Shuichi, Yuki. Don't you recognise my voice, koishii?" Yuki raised an eyebrow. He studied the young man's appearance, from top to toe. Shuichi could see the shadows of doubt dancing across his lover's face. "Right… If you're really Shuichi, tell me something that only Shuichi knows." Shuichi grinned. His tiredness somehow disappeared into thin air like magic. "You sleep on your stomach because your ears are so overly sensitive and ticklish?" A faint blush crept onto the novelist's cheeks. The blush was gone and quickly replaced by a look of disbelief. "You're really Shuichi? What the hell happened to you? Why do you look like Sakuma Ryuichi?"

"Blame Seguchi-san if you want. It was originally his idea."

Yuki merely cocked and eyebrow, which Shuichi interpreted as a silent 'Explain that!'. And explain, Shuichi did. At most part, Yuki even snickered. His eyes held an amused expression but he was still mad – at Shuichi for being stupid enough to let himself be manipulated – and at Tohma for being so…so…So Tohma-tic! "…and that's what happened. Ne, Yuki… You're not still mad, are you?" Shuichi was close enough to tears as he rolled up the entire account. Yuki rolled his eyes as his lover sniffed and launched himself onto the novelist's arms. "Get off me, baka! As much as I love you, the prospect of being intimate with Sakuma Ryuichi never crossed my mind."

But Shuichi did not hear the 'being intimate' part. "YOU LOVE ME?? YUUUKIII!! I LOVE YOU!!" He proceeded to kiss Yuki with joy. Yuki was annoyed at first but what the hell! He might look like Ryuichi but he was still his whiny, over-sensitive Shu-chan. Ah, well… Yuki returned the kiss just as eagerly, their tongues fighting for domination in which Yuki was winning. One of his hands held Shuichi's head to deepen the kiss while the other was trying to get rid of the younger man's clothing. Just when everything was getting a lot hotter…


The windows rattled at the force of the scream. A few metres away, an enraged Uesugi Tatsuha was screaming like a mad man. Shuichi could make out a few words like 'no', 'fucking cheater', 'my darling Ryuichi' and 'dirty wanker'. Definitely not the words a monk should utter. He could only watch as the teen tackled Yuki to the floor and shook his elder brother senseless. "Get off me, Tatsuha!!" "Shut up! Shut up! How dare you cheat on Shuichi? With MY Ryuichi, no less! Have you no shame, aniki? I thought you've changed, for God's sake! How could you?!"

Yuki pushed the now sobbing Tatsuha off of him and stood beside Shuichi. Darn! They were going to have to explain everything to Tatsuha. Otherwise, he would bawl and whine and yell to the next day and the day after the next day.

How the hell did he get into their apartment, by the way??

- To Be Continued in Part 2 -

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Chestnut brown: I'm referring to Ryuichi's actual hair colour. I still think it's not green. It's CHESTNUT!

I got this from Gravi fanbook. Shuichi is 165cm tall and Ryuichi is 170cm tall. SWEET

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