- Part 2 of 3 –


The windows rattled at the force of the scream. A few metres away, an enraged Uesugi Tatsuha was screaming like a mad man. Shuichi could make out a few words like 'no', 'fucking cheater', 'my darling Ryuichi' and 'dirty wanker'. Definitely not the words a monk should utter. He could only watch as the teen tackled Yuki to the floor and shook his elder brother senseless. "Get off me, Tatsuha!!" "Shut up! Shut up! How dare you cheat on Shuichi? With MY Ryuichi, no less! Have you no shame, aniki? I thought you've changed, for God's sake! How could you?!"

Yuki pushed the now sobbing Tatsuha off of him and stood beside Shuichi. Darn! They were going to have to explain everything to Tatsuha. Otherwise, he would bawl and whine and yell to the next day and the day after the next day. How the hell did he get into their apartment, by the way??

Yuki plopped himself down onto the dark blue couch, silently cursing Tatsuha for ruining 'the mood'. He would have been doing something really, really nice with his Shu-chan if his brother did not barge in. "You knew, aniki, you KNEW! I've been crazy for Sakuma-sama for years. How could you do this to me? WAAAAHHH!!" Tatsuha sobbed and screamed at the same time, banging his hands repeatedly onto the poor floor. Both Yuki and Shuichi sweat-dropped. "This is too much, too damn much! Why, aniki, why???"

何 も 言わずに 時 は 流れる
やがて来る 朝 の 日差し に 溶ける ように 空に 消える
Nani mo iwazuni toki wa nagareru

Yagate kuru asa no hisashi ni tokeru youni sora ni kieru
(Without saying a word, time flows on;

the sky is extinguished by the light of the morning that's coming soon, like it melts away.)

Tatsuha stopped wailing and looked up at Shuichi, whom he thought was Ryuichi, with his tear-stricken face. The latter was singing Bad Luck's 'In the Moonlight', Shuichi's song for Yuki. 'Chotto matte…' he thought, "He sounds like Shuichi.' Yuki smirked as he watched the drama unfold itself.

最後 の 夜 は どこにも なくて
置き去り の オレ の 心 を 月 だけ が 今 も 見てる
Saigo no yoru wa doko ni mo nakute

Okizari no ore no kokoro o tsuki dake ga ima mo miteru
(On that last night, no matter where it is,

Only the moon looks at my deserted heart even now.)

"You…You sound like Shuichi…"

Shuichi rolled his eyes. "That's because I am Shuichi, you dolt!" Tatsuha just looked confused. "What…how…why…?" Shuichi resisted the urge the laugh out loud. "Sheesh, Tatsuha-kun. Your aniki is a famous novelist but his otouto couldn't even form a complete word? What a pity" Tatsuha glared and Yuki laughed. Apparently, Shuichi had been around him too much. "Right, now I know you're Shuichi. Only those who are close enough to Eiri gets away with insulting me and Ryuichi will never insult anyone…But…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, LOOKING LIKE MY RYUICHI??!!"

"Shut up, sit down and listen. And he's not YOUR Ryuichi, thank you very much." Before Tatsuha could interject, Shuichi narrated the whole story to the teen who blinked and gaped and blinked and gaped some more. "So, this is the product of my 'Brother-In-Law from Hell'?" Shuichi nodded. The teen was silent for a moment. Yuki raised an eyebrow as Tatsuha stared at Shuichi from head to toe. "Shit, I can't find any flaw in your disguise. So, you're Shuichi, huh? This is like a dream come true!"

Shuichi blinked. "Huh?"

"SAKUMA-SAMA!!!" Tatsuha suddenly tackled Shuichi to the floor and proceeded to glomp the Ryuichi-look-alike senseless. "ARGHH! TASUKETEEEEEEEE!!" Yuki somehow knew this would happen. He kicked his brother off of Shuichi and dragged his lover into his bedroom. Before he closed the door behind him, he smirked at Tatsuha and spoke in fake politeness, "Sorry, little bro. This guy is mine no matter what or who he looks like. If you don't mind, I'd like to finish what we were doing before you interrupted."

BANG! The door slammed shut. A breathy moan followed a few seconds later.

Tatsuha sprung to his feet and knocked and banged the door with his fist endlessly. "Aniki!! Open the door! Let me join you, pleeeeease!!" A joined "WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER!" was heard from the inside before the moans continued. "WAAAAAAHH! Life is so unfair! I want Ryuichi!! Ryuichi! Ryuichi!"

Somewhere else…

"Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!" Ryuichi sneezed three times in a row and wiped his nose with the pink tissue on his nightstand. Tohma had hired a personal maid, a nurse and a doctor to look after him. "Someone is saying Ryuichi's name, na no da…" He whispered brokenly. Tohma, who was sitting in a chair beside his bed, sighed tiredly. "Millions of people say your name every one second, Ryuichi-san. You're just sick." Ryuichi pouted, looking like a small kid whose Mom refused to buy him the toy he wanted. "Ryuichi hates being sick! Ryuichi cannot sing when he is sick, no daa ---achoo!"

"Nee, Tohma…"

"Hai, Ryuichi-san?"

"Can you bring Shuichi here tomorrow? I want to see if he really looks like me. And I miss Kumagorou, na no da!"

"Sure, Ryuichi-san. Now, go to sleep. You need a lot of rest to recover."


"Hai, hai. Yakusoku yo."

As soon as Ryuichi fell asleep, Tohma called the maid and instructed her on how to take care of Ryuichi before taking his leave. He shuddered as he remembered the last time Ryuichi had fallen sick. He kept asking for his stuff bunny even when he was hugging it to his chest. Tohma's favourite coat had fallen victim to the singer's crayon and markers as Ryuichi mistook it for a large, black, 'shiny' paper. Noriko had had to redo her hair countless of time too. Nah, let the poor maid handle him, he thought.

The chirping of the birds indicated it was morning. Shuichi stole a glance at the clock on the nightstand. It was six o'clock in the morning, far too early for him to get up. Work didn't start until nine. Yuki had to meet his editor at eight. Shuichi felt the man behind him left the bed and went out of the room. Probably heading to the kitchen, the vocalist thought. A minute later, he heard footsteps coming back into the room and onto the bed. 'Well, that was fast.' Shuichi felt a pair of arms hugging him from behind and kissed his neck. He let out a contented sigh. Yuki could be very romantic at times. One of the hands started to caress his arm and his back. "Hmm, you're so soft, Ryuichi."

Shuichi revelled in the soft touch before something clicked in his mind. Had Yuki just called him Ryuichi? What the ---


Laughing, Tatsuha jumped off the bed and ran for his life. Shuichi started throwing things as he chased after the teen. "Come here, you depraved monk! I'll kill you!" They ran in circle around the apartment, neither noticing the amused look Yuki was giving them. He silently wished Shuichi luck in killing Tatsuha and sipped his steaming coffee, watching a nice, morning show. 'Yep, this is definitely better than any TV programme.'

Shuichi securely put Kumagorou on his head, singing 'na no na no na no da' as cheerfully as he could. He nodded good naturedly as the NG staff he passed by greeted him. He appeared happy on the outside but his inner side was a chaotic wave of emotion. 'Two days and a half left, Shuichi. Take a deep breath and stay calm. Remember, you're doing this for your God.'

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Repeat the action thrice… Okay, done.

He opened the door to the studio where Tohma and Noriko were waiting for him. "Ohayou gozaimasu, na no da!" Noriko and Tohma greeted back. The female Grasper patted Shuichi on his back proudly. "You sound just like Ryu-chan, Shuichi. I'm so proud of you!" Shuichi took Kumagorou off his head and moved the bunny. "Kumagorou says Shuichi must do this for Sakuma-san's sake, na no da. Sakuma-san is Shuichi's God. Shuichi would do anything for him, na no da!" Flowers appeared behind Noriko. "Kami-sama! The plan is going to work. You're the best, Shuichi!!!"

Tohma nodded and smiled good-naturedly. "Your acting is fantastic, Shindou-san. If you don't mind me asking, how did things go with Eiri-san last night?" Shuichi reverted back to his original self and sighed.

"He freaked out at first but then he seemed to understand. The worst part is your younger brother-in-law, who appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden. He tried to molest me just because I look like Sakuma-san!!!" The last sentence was yelled directly into Tohma's right ear. The impact of the scream lasted for a minute, almost knocking Tohma off his feet. Singer's lung of steel, he thought as he rubbed his aching ear. It was a wonder that his eardrum was still intact. Noriko suddenly shoved a few sheets of paper into Shuichi's hand. "Enough talk. Let's get to business. Now, look here, Shuichi. This is what you're supposed to say during the interview."

'Oh, joy! Now I have to memorize scripts too? I hope this ends soon.' The day was spent with Tohma and Noriko training him on how to handle an interview as Sakuma Ryuichi. They were oblivious to the fact that someone had installed a surveillance bug and a camera inside the studio.

Claude (or is it Crawd?) Winchester aka K laughed heartily as he looked at the computer screen. Shuichi looked as if he was going to explode any seconds. Hiro and Suguru were practically rolling on the floor with mirth while Sakano was praying, hoping the fiasco would end soon so that they could have their vocalist back. They were also taping the whole deal with glee. What a loyal and lovely circle of friends, eh? "This is priceless! I'm so keeping this tape for the rest of my life," said K, controlling his laughter. "Don't forget to give me a copy of it," Hiro butted in. Suguru also asked for a copy. They continued to laugh throughout the day.

Later that day, Tohma brought Shuichi to Ryuichi's apartment as requested by the older singer. Ryuichi was amazed at the sight of Shuichi. "Nee, Shu-chan… Are you sure we're not related?" He asked. Tohma had laughed out-of-character-ly at the question. That was before he began to wonder himself if the Shindous and the Sakumas were somehow related.

A few hours later, a very exhausted Shuichi went home to the apartment he shared with his lover. "Tadaima…" His voice was so low and tired. Yuki was nowhere to be seen. Shuichi saw a short note in Yuki's handwriting attached to the fridge. It said:


I'll be back before 9 p.m. There's something in the fridge in case you haven't had dinner yet.

Good luck and try not to break too many things.
---- Yuki ----

Shuichi smiled at the note. Yuki had crossed out his name before writing 'kuso-gaki'. He squealed happily. Yuki could really be romantic sometimes but still… What's with the 'good luck' thing? Before he had the time to contemplate further, a pair of arms snaked around his waist. "Ryuichi honey! I miss you sooo much!"

"Gyah! Let go of me, Tatsuha!" Shuichi squirmed violently to free himself from Tatsuha's arms. The teen, however, did not cooperate. "Aw, I never knew you're such a feisty little honey, Ryu-chan! Don't be shy, koishii," Tatsuha tightened his hold around Shuichi's waist. "For kami-sama's sake, let go of me, Tatsuha! Somebody help meeeeee!!" So, that was what 'good luck' meant…

These events repeated themselves the next day and with a blink of an eye, it was already the day of the interview!

- To Be Continued in Part 3 -

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