"Jack!" Rose screamed.

"Well, well, well. I thought I'd gotten rid of you. Looks like I have to now," Cal said.

"You didn't answer my question. What are you doing?" Jack asked once more.

"I'm teaching this slut a lesson."

"What lesson? You're killing that a lesson?"


Nurses and police barged into Rose's room. They put handcuffs on Cal and took him away. The nurses came to Rose to make sure she was okay. Then, when they were finished, they left.

"Jack! How I've missed you!" Rose cried, while running into his arms.

"And I have missed you, too!" Jack exclaimed.

They were hugging with joy.

"Where were you?" Rose asked. "I thought that I'd never see you again."

"I was on top with all of the other passengers. And how I survived the sinking is a long story," Jack answered.

"Well, I don't care how you got here...I'm just glad you did."

Rose and Jack kissed.

"Rose DeWitt Bukater!" Ruth shouted.

"Mother?" Rose asked in confusion.

"What in the world are you doing? You're coming with!"

"No, Mother." Rose coughed. "I love him."

"Rose DeWitt Bukater! You will do what I tell you this instant!"

"Mother, I'm not a child anymore. You cannot and will not tell me what to do anymore!"

Ruth came in and grabbed Rose's hand.

"Oh, yes, you will!"

"Jack! Do something!"

"Don't worry! I'll save you!" Jack said as a good-bye.

Things had turned for the worse for Rose and Jack.

"I have had it up to here with your crying!" Ruth shouted.

"Shut up, Mother! All the time I have been listening to you! Do this. Do that. Wear this. Eat that! I'm tired of being told to do tasks that I don't have the need to perform, Mother!" Rose shouted back.

"You know very well your father left us dirt poor with nothing...not a gosh darn penny! Marrying Cal is best...for all of us, and you know that perfectly, Rose!"

"I don't want to marry Cal, Mother! I want to marry Jack."


"That's right. Jack Dawson, the one who saved my life on the Titanic!"

"No daughter of mine is going to marry a two-bit artist!"

"A two-bit artist! How can you say that, Mother? You've never seen his work!"

"I don't need to see it because it's junk!"

Rose was very upset now, so out of anger, she punched her mother.

"I don't want you to get involved in my life ever again, and I am going back!"

Rose packed a small suitcase and ran to the room she had stayed in, hoping Jack would be there.

Rose knocked on the door.

"Rose! I knew you'd be back!" Jack exclaimed.

"Thank God you're still here!" Rose said.