Jesse's past

Who am I?

Am I just a walker by?

Do I not exist?

Born from a molten mix.

Was I born from the ashes?

Some thing from the old ages.

To linger in this world alone.

All out on my own.

To give every thing and more.

To be rich but still live on the floor.

What is it about me?

What can I not be?

The perfect son.

What have I not won?

The love from a father.

What would you rather.

I ask you for your pride.

Or will I linger along the ride.

Left because I'm different from a real son.

The cruelty you gave to me and mum.

How you never came home at night.

How the two of you would fight.

Now I'm with friends.

And it really depends.

If I want to know you again.

To stand and watch you struggle through the rain.

Shalimar's past.

What am I to you?

From day one not a clue.

What is it you see?

When you look at me.

Do you see your daughter?

Or some thing you want to slaughter.

I still wonder.

When I was younger. As I listened to your words of thunder.

The anger in your eyes.

Every word was lies.

You never did love me.

Never did you want me to be free.

From what you call my problem.

What is it about them?

Do they hold some thing I don't?

When I asked to leave you say I wont.

Never have I felt such pains.

The venom that now curses through my veins.

That anger is towards you.

Now I give a clue.

I don't love you no more.

I dig down to my core.

To my special problem you call it.

I gain control and love it bit by bit.

Its what keeps me in control?

To not crawl into a hole.

To not give you my trust again.

Cos if I do its only a matter of when.

Brennan's past

Why was it we never got along?

Or did you sense I never belong.

To a family who love me.

To never act as you want me to be.

What is it you see?

Or am I merely a key.

To open doors to riches.

To make dozens of ditched.

Why you never gained my trust.

Because my powers we your lust.

You never wanted a son.

Only some thing to get the job done.

You never cared for me.

And never will you be

The father I had in mind.

Because I have yet to find.

The father to my kind.

The one who cares and looks after me.

To never chain me and let me be free.

He's out there somewhere.

So for years I had to bear.

Till this day father I hope your out there.

Emma's past.

A father and mother that don't understand.

Never to hold my small hand.

To run off with each other.

To not act like a father or mother.

To drop me off when ever possible.

To never act responsible.

When you look at me, what do you see.

A small fragile child.

Or some one with mind gifts so wild.

Why did you always ignore me.

Never giving me attention except at tea.

When you'd both sit quiet.

Instead of making usual riat.

I sensed you didn't love me.

Wishing you would never see.

I only hope.

That I keep hold of the rope.

You are not my parents.

For I now have independents.

I am free.

And you cant come near me.