Love between two members

They don't know a thing.

About the love you bring.

Some thing so strong.

To share with some one.

They'll try to criticise.

Cos it's a chance of our lives.

The happiness we'll have.

When they do there fake laughs.

We'll always have each other.

And maybe I'll be a mother.

To one of your children.

To say were still with them.

To love and let them grow.

For soon they'll see…soon they'll know.


I swear I wont let this brake me.

Locked away so I'll never see.

The door that holds all the answers.

To open it and see whom really cares.

No matter how much you try.

You'll never see me cry.

All the pain I've felt.

To build walls that don't melt.

Every time you say you love me.

That you'll let me act free.

But really I'm cage.

As skin does age.

I can't turn the page.

And unleash my feral rage.

I'm called the mother cat.

The one that didn't lie but sat.


How many times must they say.

To tell me my way.

Cos they know I wont listen.

For I explore what I'm missin.

To stand and fight for what I want.

To tell me when its there I cant.

I'm a risk taker.

And a troublemaker.

Some may call me a bad ass.

But I grow on people and it will pass.

I'm called a big brother type.

Cos they know what mess I wipe.

The stuff the enemy makes daily.

To stand and fight mainly.

For friends in need.

Energy to burn the bad seed.


I hated it when I found out.

I wanted to stomp my feet and shout.

To act spoilt like I am.

To create my own jam.

A new life for a spoilt kid.

Who every one wanted rid.

But they can't reach me now.

To shout and have rows.

I'm safe inside these walls.

To walk through these halls.

My gift to be a ghost.

To mass as still as a post.

I'm called the untouchable.

The unbreakable.


Too many people have asked me.

What helps me get free.

And I tell them.

Or even write in pen.

My friends are my hope.

The things to pull me free from rope.

They keep me here.

And help block my fear.

Emotional trains running wild.

To stack my hope to piles.

Things that reach the ceiling.

Friends are what keep me feeling.

I'm a sister to Mutant x.

There's Shalimar, me and Lex.

I'm a spiritual soul with my powers.

Tow stand between two towers.

Brennan and Jess, acting so protective.

My mind abilities so active.


The mind is some thing with no name.

Nothing you can train.

But some thing to be trained.

To learn what you've gained.

I've learned to out smart opponents.

To understand some components.

For what they really do.

And not act off queue.

Because we all have spotlight.

Its what haunts us through the night.

Nightmares of mistakes.

To help who I've hurt for there sakes.

I'll take them in and help them.

To show I'm there when.

All goes wrong, I'll be here.

I'm like a father I'm always near.


I always have to be near some one.

To know where I belong.

Just to see reality.

To watch the colourful lights of the city.

Some thing much like me.

To exist as I never will be.

And walk stealth into the world.

To see where I last curled.

To see a world through my eyes.

And not have to say lies.

Into warm and loving arms.

But fearing the harm.

To afraid to get hurt.

And not be thrown to the dirt.

I'm known as a trixter.

Not a friend or mixer.

I hide in plain sight.

Behind my shield of light.