A/N: Hey I just randomly had this idea. It seemed like it would be good last night. But oh well, I suppose it's a homework excuse, right? Of Broom Closets and Time Travel

There is a special roving broom closet that the founders built. If two lovers, on the time of the same day in the same month kiss at the same time there, they switch times with each other. Harry and Ginny were currently snogging in it, quite unaware of the changes that were taking place around them. When they stopped to catch their breath, Harry tripped on a broom he was sure wasn't in their before. Curious, he looked around. Brooms were everywhere – there was one place you could move, and he and Ginny were currently standing in it.

They heard footsteps and the voices of a three boys outside the door, and peaked out to check whom it was. Both blinked a few times, but didn't have time to give each other the puzzled looks that played on their faces before a loud yell came from what seemed to be a seventeen year old Sirius.

"James Potter and Lily Evans get your arses out of that broom closet – we know you're in there and we all have homework that needs help so OUT"

Following the rather funny sounding outburst there were a few mumbles that seemed to come from Remus and Peter (When Harry saw the stinking rat, he felt his anger spark, but a comforting hand on his shoulder eased the murderous thoughts running through his head.)

Silently deciding to play the parts until they had time to figure out what the hell was going on, Ginny, rather regretfully, did a spell to take out the wonderfully purple streak she had applied to her hair that morning, and both changed their eye colors by looking at the others' eyes seeing as those were the exact colors they were aiming for in their own eyes.

Ginny, always the quick thinker, strode out and began berating the three boys with, "DO YOUR OWN BLOODY HOMEWORK"s and the occasional interesting torture methods she would use on them if they ever asked to cheat off her again.

None of them looked particularly bashful – it seemed that they were used to such answers to cheating pleas, if not enjoyed being screamed at. Ginny shuddred without realizing it – she had noticed the devious glint resting in Sirius' eyes. It would seem that although in her time, when he had always had the hollow look of a man who was continuously running from the law, he had the same expressioins that she could notice within seconds. She could always tell from his eyes.

"Sirius Black, don't you dare try anything, much less lie, because I know that look – and you are NOT going to get away with that plan of yours, whatever it is."

"Me! Plan against you! Never, dear Lily, however – I DID put together something for you two 'sweethearts'"

Laughter sprang from Sirius' lips, causing the spectators to flinch. Nothing had happened yet, but Remus and Peter knew what was inside the box, and James and Lily would NOT be happy when they saw it. In fact, Peter decided to run, knowing anybody whose eyes would twinkle at the looks on their faces would be in deep trouble. You don't mess with two angry lovers, especially if they happen to be Lily Evans and James Potter. Nope – it just didn't happen.

Bemused, Harry opened it. Inside was a magically put together scrap book of the two's "famous wedding" that wouldn't happen for years. Sirius seemed to have constructed their whole lives for them. However, neither really cared. Harry spoke up first and said:

"Mate, you think I'm going to wear lilac velvet on my WEDDING DAY! Maybe for Halloween, but… that's just weird."

Sirius, who, despite the evil grin on his face, had been holding his breath and exhaled slowly, taking pleasure of the abcense of fists and screams. He knew that it would have been a bad idea if (god forbid) either of the couple ceased to find it amusing. However, both seemed to not really care.

Deciding it was time to make their departure, Harry asked Ginny in the most seductive voice he could muster if she would go to the library with him. She silkily agreed and left Sirius and Remus looking as if the exchange of words had scarred them for life and beyond.

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