Lily woke to the sound of moaning. She could not place it, but it sounded as if somebody was seriously hurt. She struggled with chains to help the person.

Only then did she realize that she was the one moaning. Slowly she opened her eyes and beheld her gory body covered with blood. Memories came flooding back.

Voldemort. Peter. Together. It wasn't a scam, a trick. It was real. Apparently Ginny's brother – Percy was in with Voldemort. There was something about the past. Percy was in the past, or experimenting with it, perhaps. If only she could remember….

James woke on with his hand under the pillow, grasping a piece of paper. Remembering what he decided must've been a prophecy, he re-read it.

They are flung into the world

Unknowing and afraid

Both have secrets that must be revealed

To help

The world is a harsh place, with many wrongs

That must be sorted

Or else, the worst shall come

These two are the saviors, as their replacements

Learn more about the saviors than they wish too

All in the end will be clear

If they stay away from the murky world

Underneath truth, good shall come

But if not, evil shall rule the earth, for years to come

Only when those who live now are powder in the ground

Shall another savior come

What did it mean though? He slowly thought about it; stanza by stanza.

They are flung into the world – well, he couldn't exactly say 'flung' but he was in a way thrown into a different dimension. It would have to suffice for the time.

Unknowing and afraid – of course that made sense – Dumbledore gone, and no guidebook besides a simple book of pictures.

Both have secrets that must be revealed – he knew that he was keeping the secret about Remus. Dully he wondered what Lily was keeping from him

To help – well, that didn't say much. The problem was, there was no tone in a prophecy. So it could be translated 'both have secrets that must be revealed to help' or 'to help the world is a harsh place' then it could split in the middle, here, or continue the stanza with, 'with many wrongs that must be sorted,' This was all guess work, but he decided that the first translation of sorts was probably correct – if he found out Lily's secret, and put them together, or maybe just alone, perhaps it might prod them closer to the answer of this mess.

The world is a hash place, with many wrongs – Well, the ministry was corrupt. It showed everywhere, from the school's choice of teachers, to the strange choice of Italian in the password, to the student's change of heart. Perhaps there was something to do with that low-lying lord, Boltemort or something. Perhaps not. All he knew was indeed, this wrld as very different.

That must be sorted – Well, perhaps that was the differences between his world and the world of his son's. There were many parallels, however, along with those parallels came drastic differences.

Or else, the worst shall come – 'Well,' he thought sarcastically, 'The only bad part is Lily missing! Other than that, everything's dandy.'

These two are the saviors, as their replacements

Learn more about the saviors than they wish too

These two were the trouble lines. He could make neither head nor tale of them. They stood out of place in a slowly brewing formula of reason. Therefore, he ignored them. It was all he could do, wasn't it?

All in the end will be clear – He hoped dearly that that meant he could go back home, and not worry about all this. Maybe there was an underlying meaning, but he did not have the will to find it, lest his dreams of all being normal again be crushed.

If they stay away from the murky world – A graveyard? Could it refer too something in mythology he was supposed to translate into real life like Hades and the River Styx? This had too many cross-overs. It was impossible to decide how to decipher it – there were to many ways.

Underneath truth, good shall come – Underneath truth could be connected to the previous line. He didn't care – he was tired and confused. He couldn't worry about all these details. However, if he stuck the two parts together, it made little sense. How could good be underneath truth? Why not even? He thought he understood the idea well enough. He had to dig under the truth to have good come of this situation. It was just the action that confused him. Completely. Utterly. To no end. 'Damn prophecies an their double meanings!' he moaned inside his head, but took to the next part – he was almost done. Anyhow – what else could he do? He was the only one with the faintest idea of what was going on.

But if not, evil shall rule the earth, for years to come – Oh joy upon worlds. It looked as if the earth was in his hands… damn. That was a whole lotta responsibility right there. Lots of things populated the earth. It would be rather bad to have the earth pissed at him for not saving its arse. Ouch.

Only when those who live now are powder in the ground – So if he didn't save it, he would have to die before somebody could. Yay. How fun. His favorite thing – dying cause he messed up. Well this was just going to be so fun, wasn't it?

'Finally!' His brain shouted! The last line! And it's an easy one too! Just a few words – no double meanings.

Shall another savior come – will another world super hero come. The end. Finally!

After carefully writing this down (this being all his findings in the 'text') on a desk, he promptly fell asleep on the spot. It was the middle of the night after all – there was a few hours left of possible sleep. He intended taking full advantage of them.

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