Title: Darkness

Author: Hallucination

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Kazuya Minekura. No profit is being made and no harm is intended.

Notes: This is a short little vignette that just had to be written, because I was very interested in the way he looked.


He was searching; blindly groping with his mind.

But he could find nothing. There was nothing to be found.


Nothing but the nightmarish, eternal blackness. There was no escape. Panic burst like a suffocated man's burning desire to breathe.

There was no escape no escape no sight no escape unless –

His eyes opened fully. There he lay, staring at the ceiling, unwilling to move. When you moved you had to break the illusory quality of the dream world and let reality claim you, whatever reality was, but certainly it was harsh – these meaningless actions, people, events and objects that you could feel hear taste touch smell - and despite his long held notion that life itself was nothing but a dream designed to mock, for once he was not quite ready to rejoin the waking world.

At last, disgusted and amused at his thoughts, he sat up and reached for the packet of cigarettes that lay on the bedside table.

"I saw a light. You will never understand this."

Kougaiji's eyes boring into his, dark with fury and triumph.

"Hmph." His mouth curved. He attempted to light the cigarette. Failed.

"Ahhhh, shi bai, shi bai."

Come to think of it, he reflected sardonically, that was the only instance he had ever truly lost his composure, even if only for an instant. He knew but didn't care that Professor Howan had caught the look of utter frustration on his face as he had gripped the side of his head, like a man trying in vain to control an excruciating headache, before his expression morphed into his usual self-deprecating smile as he turned to face her. She was his subordinate, for all the woman thought they were on equal professional footing. She blanched before him even as she despised him. He feared neither god nor demon, and had no reason to fear a human such as she. But she had seen. She had seen.

He tried to light the cigarette again. Succeeded. The flame burned strong and steady before he flipped the lighter off. He considered switching on the lamp; decided against it, and inhaled deeply in the darkness.

Of course I'll never understand, Nii Jienyi thought, tasting his own bitterness. I've never seen the light.