This story is not about raven and robin, I'm sorry but I wanted to write one about raven and bb so this is it, and terra never came, I don't like terra, she's evil.

"Ooooh" Beast Boy moaned clutching his stomach. He hobbled down to the rec room to find Cyborg, he'd never been in this much pain before.

As Beast Boy entered the room, three of the Titans looked up.

"Beast boy what's wrong?" Robin asked worriedly

"Pain….need…Cyborg" he managed to get out

Raven looked up from her book. He had never looked so bad, not even after a fight.

"Friend Beast Boy!" Starfire cried "I shall go find friend Cyborg for you" She flew off in the direction of the garage.

Robin practically ran to BB's side and led him over to the couch.

Raven didn't move, just stared at what was happening. "I wonder what's wrong with him"

BB layed down on the couch and clutched his stomach and moaned. His eyes closed.

They suddenly heard heavy metallic footsteps coming towards the rec room. Cyborg ran in with a first aid kit.

"What's wrong with him?" He demanded

"I don't know" Robin shrugged "He just said he was in pain."

Cyborg took a moment to look him over before bringing out his stethoscope, lucky for them he had a masters in medicine.

Cyborg then put his hand to BB's head, then remembered he couldn't feel it. "Robin tell me if he has a tempterature."

Robin gently touched BB's head before jerking it away quickly "Ya he's definalty running a fever."

Cyborg ordered Starfire to go and wet a cloth to put on BB's forehead.

She came back with it quickly and put it onto his head.

Cyborg in the meantime had stripped Beast Boy of his shirt and was feeling for any irregularities. When he reached just below his stomach Beast Boy gave a loud cry.

Cyborg swore under his breath before speaking to the others "It's his appendix, looks like it's gonna have to come out"

Starfire gasped and Robin's mouth dropped open, even Raven looked surprised. Which of course caused a glass in the kitchen to break.

Beast Boy spoke to them "Help….me" Then he passed out.

"Quick" Cyborg told them "Get him to the infirmary. I have to get this done fast before it ruptures"

Starfire picked the changeling up and carried him to the infirmary with the three other titans close behind.

Cyborg instructed Starfire to lay him on the table and put a blanket over him.

"Starfire, Rae, you guys are gonna have to leave"

"What about me?" Robin asked

"I need you to help me with Beast Boy"

Robin nodded and the girls exited the room.

The left and went back to the rec room

Starfire immediately started to float pace around the room.

After about ten minutes of this Raven flopped her book on her lap and spoke to Starfire.

"You're going to get dizzy doing that and we're going to have to clean up after you"

Starfire stopped pacing and turned to Raven, "Are you not worried at all about friend Beast Boy?"

"Sure a little, but I can't show emotion. You should know that better than anyone after that time we switched bodies."

"Yes, you are right. I am sorry friend Raven"

"It's ok Star, I know you're just worried."

The two talked some more before Starfire resumed her pacing and Raven returned to her book. Feeling it was best just to let Star pace.

5 hours later Cyborg emerged from the infirmary to tell them that it looked as though Beast Boy was going to be alright.

"Glorious!" Starfire exclaimed clapping her hands together, floating forward to go see him.

Cyborg held out a large hand to stop her "Sorry girl but I don't think you'll want to see him right now, he's still out and he looks pretty bad."

"Oh" Starfire said looking rejected. She looked up again and spoke "Where is Robin?"

"He went to take a shower, something I think I'm going to go do." He walked out of the room but turned at the doorway "Raven, I'm putting you in charge of Beast Boy while he's out of commission"

Raven was shocked she tried to protest but Cyborg stopped her.

"I don't wanna hear it, Star would suffocate him when he wakes up, Robin is too busy and I have things to do. You're it, so deal with it."

Raven had a sour look on her face before she stalked off to the infirmary to watch Beast Boy.

The door slid back and Raven stepped into the room. She gasped at what she saw. Beast Boy was hooked to several IV's, a heart monitor and a breathing monitor. The slow steady beeping was the only sound in the room. Raven slowly made her way over to Beast Boy's side and was shocked at his face. She never knew that the green changeling could be so pale.

Raven slid a chair across the metal floor and sat down beside Beast Boy's bed.

The shocked look on her face did not fade. She had never thought something like this could happen to her green team mate.

Raven didn't know what else to do so she stared to talk to him. Startling herself.

"Hey BB" She called him by his nickname, something she never did "You better wake up, you've got the others worried sick about you." She stopped as her eyes wandered over Beast Boy.

"It looks so hopeless" she thought to herself

She reached up and touched his skin. She expected it to be cold but instead it was quite hot and sticky. He was sweating even in his unconciousness.

Raven sighed and sat back in her chair. How long did she have to wait, she didn't know.

"I hope he's ok" she thought