The three titans lifted their head from what they were doing and turned them towards the stairs leading upstairs.

"What was that?" Cyborg asked?

"Sounds like Beast Boy is mad at Raven" Robin said

"But friend Beast Boy loves Raven, why would be mad with her?" Starfire asked

"Don't know girl" Cyborg replied

The three decided to go up and check it out. When they reached the top they heard it coming from Raven's room.

"OH MY…BEAST BOY!" they heard

"Uh oh he's in trouble" Cyborg said

"RAVEN!" they heard next

"Wait a minute" Robin said "That's not a cry of anger…it's a cry of…" Robin started to blush.

Cyborg's eyes widened "You don't think"

"I love you" They head Beast Boy say.

"Starfire smiled "They have finally proclaimed their love for each other! How wonderful!"

"Ya Star, it's great" Robin told her "Lets leave them alone ok?"

Starfire nodded and walked away.

"You know man, u gotta tell her too" Cyborg said

"I know"

ok short I know, but I need to know some things, do u want another sex scene, and do u think I should do one between star and robin? Let me know what u think,.