"I don't know what you did but damn—" Layne laughed watching David slam the door and walk head down towards the gym. "Hwy WTF!"" he yelped as Riddick slapped the back of his son's newly shaved head.

"I would shut the fuck up, runt." His father growled.

"Can't you smell him? Poor guy!" he whined sarcastically rubbing the back of his head.

"I said shut…the..fuck…up." Layne heard the growl go quiet.

Critical mass had been achieved—he knew better than to test the fates.

Fuck with Dad and get thrown a beating….

By the time Rafe entered the mess, David, Layne and Riddick were ready for a stitches and a little TLC. David walked passed her without a backward glance spitting blood. Rafe was having none of that.

"Who's bright idea was it to beat his ass? Was it you dad?"

"Princess, he gave as good as he got. So stop blaming---"

"Whatever." She said the silver glint in her eyes cold and menacing. She grabbed a bottle of water and stormed out of the mess as angry as her eyes could portray.

"You should remember that face." Jack said coming down the corridor.

Both Riddick and Layne looked confused. Jack, holding a towel and a bottle of water, kissed Riddick on the cheek and hummed her own version of "Happy Birthday."

The light-bulb of recognition in Riddick caused an almost inaudible groan of frustration. "Keep swinging those hips Princess and I'll give you Happy Birthday." He bellowed laughing in his toe-curdling sexy voice.

"Promises, promises." She sang never missing a beat.

"I need a fucking woman…" her son groaned only to have his father laugh louder.

"Sounds like a personal problem to me." He replied back humming what Layne could have sworn was 'happy birthday….'