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Setting: This will be taking place after Order of the Phoenixand during the last episode of Angel. The Scoobies play a large part, as does Angel's crew.

The Necromancer

Prologue: Soul Snatching

Bellatrix Lestrange approached the body slowly, staring down at the man with a raised brow. His death had been violent, as was obvious from his wounds, but somehow a small, soft smile remained on his face. He looked younger than he had in the troubled month before, which was apparent from the muggle picture she'd seen of him.

Bellatrix mocked that tiny smile and her eyes glimmered in glee. Corpses could be so very attractive, especially if it was the forgotten shell of a tragic hero. Too bad she didn't get to play with him before he died. Such a pity. . . .

She reached down and touched his cheek. It was not very cold, proof that he had been a corpse for only a short time. This was good. He was fresh. Perhaps. . . Perhaps, her lord could still make use of him.

"Bella," said evil himself. Lord Voldemort stepped into the dim light of the room, Wormtail scurrying behind him like the rat he was.

"My lord." Bellatrix welcomed him with perfect reverence. "The watcher was dead when I arrived, my Dark Lord."

Voldemort looked the body over, loathing this unknowing victim. "Then we must take the information the hard way. After all, watchers are difficult to find these days." He gestured toward the shadows. "Dementor, come to me."

The dark, hooded figure floated toward the body. Wormtail hid even further behind his lord. Voldemort smiled so coldly that the creature cocked its covered head in curiosity.

"I have a task for you, my gluttonous servant. I have fed you so well in the past, now you must restrain yourself. Take the fleeing soul from this body but do not devour it."

"The soul re-remains?" Wormtail asked.

"Oh, yes," Voldemort hissed. "I have seen enough death to know that the soul struggles a short while before leaving. Though the watcher's body is destroyed, his soul must wait for the mind to die before it can move on."

"So, this man may still be of use." Bellatrix released a short laugh. "His soul carries the answers we seek, surely! Victory is yours, my lord."

"Indeed. Souls can not lie," he answered. Voldemort looked upon the Dementor. "Give him your kiss before it is too late. Then deliver his soul to me. I shall show you where it is to be stored."

The Dementor knelt down over the body to perform his dark task. Wormtail whimpered in fear at the sight, and Bellatrix shot the weak wizard a look of disgust. However, Lord Voldemort was completely absorbed in the evil creature's embrace.

"Yes," Voldemort whispered in ecstasy. "Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, you fool. You will serve me still."

Across the ocean, Harry Potter smiled wickedly in his sleep before screaming himself awake.