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Shadow Hearts II: Snapshot

Installment: Discovery

By Tiger5913

Drabble #1 – Engagement, Kurando x Anastasia

"We're… we're engaged."

Silence. He was beautifully stunned, and if it weren't for the seriousness of the situation, the young princess would have giggled at his frozen face. But when she looked at him directly, and caught sight of the various emotions flickering across his expression, her delight quickly died away. She identified confusion, bafflement, wonder, but was that… anger, present as well? Regret? Annoyance that his future had been decided without his consent?

The hopeful light in her heart dying out, the kimono-clad girl hung her head and turned to leave the room, sadness weighing down her small shoulders.

Drabble #2 – Engagement II, Kurando x Anastasia

Initially, he wasn't sure how to react.

But he wasn't repulsed, by far, just very surprised. His mother must have taken an instant liking to Anastasia if she trusted the girl this much. But was he good enough for her? What would her family think about the engagement? His obvious uncertainty flickered his thoughts to the surface, which she saw. When he finally recovered, he caught a glimpse of hurt on her face, and his fiancée-in-question turned to leave.

No matter what happened, he didn't want her to go. He reacted quickly and pulled her back, then kissed her gently.

End of Installment

Author's Note: Hey, everyone, welcome to this new ongoing project of mine. This series is a collection of various SH:C drabbles, all of them 100 words each, for those who prefer to read short little snippets instead of long fics. :P Anyway, there will be all kinds of situations featuring different characters, and many pairings. I do take requests, so readers; feel free to let me know in your review what you'd like to see written.

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