Alright people I thought if this story at the top of my head. It's when Bloom is going to visit her parent s and she sees a girl with black wings. I don't own the Winx club…though I wish I did. I do own Angelina though.

Bloom was walking home from her school Alfea. She was on her way to visit her parents, as she did every weekend. As she was walking she looked up into the sky. She noticed someone on top of a building. It was a girl and she was wearing all black.

Bloom: Hey, get down from there, you could get hurt!

The girl on the building obviously didn't hear her. The girl tuned her back towards the edge and began to fall off.

Bloom: Oh No!

Bloom watched in horror as the girl was falling off the building. The girl was about to hit the ground when these big black wings sprouted from the girls back. The girl took off soaring into the sky.

Bloom: (thinking: Whoah I gotta tell the others about this, but first I'll go see my parents.

Bloom continued to walk to her parents house still thinking about the mysterious girl, a lot of questions were running through her mind. Within ten minutes Bloom was at her house. Her parents had just gotten through making dinner. As Bloom was eating she still had the same questions in her mind. On Sunday Bloom had to return to Alfea. She started walking back to Alfea. As she was walking she looked into the sky to see if she could spot the girl from yesterday, but she had no luck.

Bloom was thinking to herself. Who was the girl? Where did she come from? Bloom was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't notice a girl walking right for in her direction. Bloom accidentally knocked the girl over.

Bloom: Oh I'm sorry.

Girl: Oh no it's okay, I should have been paying attention to where I was walking.

Bloom: What's your name?

Girl: Angelina.

Bloom: Oh Hi, I'm Bloom.

Angelina: Nice to meet you.

The two girls shook hands and began to talk.

Bloom: So, where are you headed?

Angelina: I'm looking for a place called Alfea.

Bloom: Alfea? Hey, I know where that is, that's my school.

Angelina: Great! can you show me?

Bloom: Sure come on.

The two girls began walking to Alfea together. They were talking so much that they didn't realize they were reaching the school.

Bloom: Wow we got here fast.

Angelina: I know, it feels like we got here in five minutes.

The two girls laughed at the thought of it. They both walked into the school where they met Musa and Tecna.

Musa: What's up Bloom.

Bloom: Hi Musa, Hi Tecna.

Tecna: Who is this?

Bloom: Oh this is Angelina, she's new.

Angelina: Hi.

Bloom: Have you seen Stella and Flora anywhere?

Musa: Yeah they just left to the cafeteria.

Bloom: Okay, come on Angelina.

Angelina: Coming.

Angelina and Bloom left to the cafeteria to find Stella and Flora.

I know this is a pretty lame chapter but in the later chapters Bloom finds out that Angelina is actually supposed to be a witch. Even though Angelina doesn't want to be.