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Musa: Um…Tecna didn't you say the bathrooms were that way?

Tecna: Yes, I'm afraid I did. Oh well.

In the hallway Angelina stopped somewhere away from the cafeteria. She was running and had to stopped to take a break. She was panting really hard.

(Angelina's thoughts)

Oh No! Bloom knows about my wings. I hope she doesn't find out my secret completely.

Angelina began walking down the hallway humming the song "Hello" by Evanescence. She was interrupted by the sound of Bloom's voice.

Bloom: What's wrong Angelina?

Angelina: Bloom!? Why did you follow me?

Bloom: I knew something was wrong, you can tell me.

Angelina now had a tear running down her cheek. She stood there silent for a moment but then quickly wiped away her tears.

Angelina: Remember when you were talking about the girl with black wings?

Bloom: Uh-huh.

Angelina: I'm the girl with black wings.

Angelina revealed her black wings that were big black and feathery like the wings of a raven. Bloom stood there shocked yet amazed at the same time. Angelina pulled her black wings back into her back and began crying again.

Angelina: I never wanted to be a witch but I can't change that. I don't want to be evil like my cousin Stormy.

Bloom: Stormy? You're related to Stormy!? Why didn't you tell me?

Angelina: I kept it a secret to myself. It was such a secret that Stormy doesn't even know.

Bloom pulled Angelina into a hug and began patting her back. Bloom started walking Angelina into her room where they could talk. (when I said "her" I meant Bloom.)

Angelina stopped crying and hey both entered Bloom's room. Angelina and Bloom both sat on the bed.

Bloom: So how come you didn't tell anybody?

Angelina: I don't want to talk about it…maybe later.

Bloom: Listen I'm gonna go back to the cafeteria now, Okay?

Angelina: Okay.

Bloom: You can stay in my room if you want to or you can come with me.

Angelina: No thanx, I'll stay here and do some thinking thanx anyways.

Bloom left the room leaving Angelina by herself. Angelina's eyes were red and puffy but soon Angelina started to doze off, soon Angelina was sound asleep.

(Angelina's dream)

Angelina was in a dark place surrounded by shadows and dark trees.

Angelina: W-where am I?

Angelina looked around and then seen someone in a distance and began walking towards them. She heard evil laughter all around her but she continued to walk. She began approaching the figure.

Angelina: No it can't be!

It was, it was her cousin Stormy.

Stormy: Surprised to see me, it's been a long time cousin.

Angelina: But how did you…

Stormy: Know? I knew all a long

Angelina: How did you find out?

Stormy :Later cuz.

Angelina: What? Stormy where are you going?

Stormy began walking away into the distant shadows and into the dark spooky trees. All of a sudden a bunch of hands reached out of the ground and began pulling Angelina into the ground.

Angelina: Ahhhhh!

The sound of Stormy's evil laughter filled the air.

(Dream ends)

Angelina woke up in a cold sweat. Bloom and the rest of the girls now entered the room.

Bloom: Are you okay?

Angelina: It was just a dream.

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