Summary: Marissa watches Ryan and Lindsay together. A short piece. Ryan/Lindsay, Seth/Alex.

Disclaimer: Not mine. But, well, I'm not rich enough to buy them. Now, give me reviews and I'll be sated. And wait for the companion, California Barbie.

Happier, by Elle

He smiles more now.

I can feel his happiness, touch it, taste it.

I see his aura. Okay, so I don't really see it, but his whole attitude is different. He is more relaxed, more comfortable with himself.

He is not an outsider. He is not the boy from Chino who set a house on fire. Not anymore.

He is Ryan Atwood.

And he is dating Lindsay Gardner-Nichol.

They make such a beautiful couple: he with his blue eyes, good stature and sculptured body, and she with her petite height that fits him perfectly, the strawberry blond hair and the dark blue eyes I envy.

They're always together, his long, graceful fingers entwined around her shorter ones, or their arms loosely around each other – his usually over her shoulder and hers wrapped in his thin waist.

They walk past me. Ryan nods at me and Lindsay waves distractedly, while Seth mutters my name and his new chick looks coolly at me. I can't help but stare at Ryan and Lindsay, and I see how bothered Lindsay is, but Ryan notices it too. He leans and whispers something in her ear, something that makes her smile radiantly and kiss him.

And I stand here, alone, proud and cool.

Even if it kills me.

I need a shot.