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Jessie: Well we have another insane story to tell you all.

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"Molly what are you doing? Stop playing with those matchs!" Lindsay growled. Molly was just about to light a 9th match when Lindsay said that. Lindsay sighed when Molly put the matchs away and blew out the lit match. Jessie was sitting next to Lindsay, staring blankly at the ground, thinking. I walked into the room, face blood red. They all looked at me, wondering what was wrong.

"Jackie whats wrong?" Lindsay asked, voicing everyone's thought, except mine.

"KAIBA!" I growled as I sat down on a bed next Lindsay.

"Why is he always getting on our case all the time? I mean, we do everything he tells us to do at work." Jessie said, snapping back into reality. She had been staring into space for the last half hour.

"Well we are only 17 years old. And we are the youngest people to be hired by him." Molly said, looking at us.

"Yeah. And you love to drive on the other side of the road dont ya?" I asked teasing her.

"Well........ ummmmm..... Sorta I guess." Molly stuttered. We were in our room when we heard the door slammed open. We all exchanged glances and stood up. Heavy footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs and headed in our direction. The door flew open to reveal a towering figure, we all screamed. The figure walked into the room, followed by a smaller figure. They turned out to be Dark Magician and Obnoxious Celtic Gaurdian. The Celtic Gaurdian looked at each of us in turn. We then sighed and glared at them.

"Who are you and why are you here?" We asked in usion. He smiled and bowed to us.

"I am Obnoxious Celtic Gaurdian. As to why I am here, I am here to guide you." The Celtic Gaurdian said. We were all clueless. Expecially Molly.

"This is my assistant, Shade, the Dark Magician. You may call me Cedric." Cedric said. We all nodded, still confused.

"Follow us. Tigra is waiting for us outside." Shade said. Cedric nodded. We followed them outside and groaned. Right in front of us was Amazoness Tiger.

"Tigra lets get these four to Alatar now!" Shade said. We climbed up onto Tigra while Cedric created a portal. Shade and Cedric stepped into the portal followed by Tigra.


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Spoiler: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ITS TALKING DUAL MONSTERS!" Molly yelled. Lindsay gave her a Indian Rug Burn. Hahli looked at them and sighed. (Oh you just have to find out who Hahli is. And NO I didnt copy Hahli from Bionicle, she is a spirit from the Hall of Records!)