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We climbed off Tigra and gasped at the sights around us.

"This is so cool!" Molly said, walking up to a fruit tree and picked a few apples. She threw them at us, which we caught them at the last second. We ate them fairly quickly. We heard a rustle from the bushes. Out of the bushes came an Injection Fairy Lily.

"We've been expecting you Hahli." Cedric said. Lindsay stared at Hahli.

"Will you four follow me? Cedric where did the others go to?" Hahli ased leading us into a deep forest. Cedric indecated to a tall oak tree. Lindsay turned to Cedric.

"Why are we here? Are we heroines or something?" Lindsay asked.

"My Master, the Pharoah, summonded you all here." Cedric pointed out.

"A PHAROAH?" Jessie gasped. Cedric nodded.

"So..... how are we going to get there?" I asked, looking are Cedric

"You will take the the difficult route through the desert."

"Why?" Molly hollered.

"To prove if your worthy enought for the Pharoah."

"That's st-" Jessie began. Lindsay covered her mouth.

"What was she saying?" Cedric asked.

"Thats a stupendous idea!" Lindsay said.


"Smart, cool and good." I said

"Yes it is." Cedric left us

"You idiot! That was the Pharoah's idea! Not his!" Lindsay barked.


"If ya dis the Pharoah you will get executed! Also when we are in front of the Pharoah, keep your left foot in front, if you want to live that is." Molly explained

"Why?" I asked

"It shows respect."

"And how do ya know this?" Jessie asked

"Lindsay and I use to want to be egyptoligist." Molly said. A Dark Witch and a Dancing Elf flew down from the tree and landed besides us.

"Welcome to Alatar. My name is Dania and this is Kelly." The Dancing Elf said. We nodded

"This wont hurt a bit. I will use my magic to transform you four into a different form of humans." Kelly said raising her staff.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! More Talking Duel Monsters? RUN!" Molly screamed. Lindsay grabbed Molly's arm and gave her a Indian Rug Burn. Hahli looked at them and sighed.

"Tigra, bring Kelly the four pendents that they must where." Dania said. Tigra disappeared for a few minutes and came back with four different colored pendents hanging from her mouth. Kelly took the pendents and placed one of them on her staff. She pointed the staff at Molly and her cloths changed to that of a thief.

"Molly you have the pendent of fire and are a thief." Kelly asid. She repeated the process of doing it to us which resulted in the following: Lindsay- Samuri warrior, two Kantas and the pendent of darkness
Jessie- Archer, bow and arrows, and the pendent of water
And me- High Preistess, Wind Katanas (I'm not copywriting form Bionicle), and the pendent of air/wind. We all looked at each other amazed. Diana and Kelly flew away after that.


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Spoiler: Molly's eyes widened when she saw the castle. "Thats weird! Whats a stupid castle doing here in the middle of the GOD DAMN DESERT?" Molly growled.