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"Húan!" Caitlin scowled down at her Chihuahua, "Can't you see I'm busy?" The dog whined, stared up at her with pleading amber eyes, and then turned to tear to the door. "Fine," she muttered, pulling the leash off the hook by the door and grabbing her red rain poncho, "you win," she sighed. While she situated it over her head and shoulders Húan grabbed the pink leash and tried to pull it out of her hands.

Finally she clipped it onto his collar and opened the door. Húan could not wait to use the elevator, instead making the pair run down the flight of stairs. As soon as Caitlin opened the door, rain blew in, biting her face and drenching her in an instant. Lighting flashed, thunder rolled, and rainwater flowed rapidly down the street an inch deep at the least.

As she impatiently waited for the dog to do what he needed, she became aware of a shadowy figure standing across the street under one of the thrashing palm trees. Why was someone outside on a night like this? Fear filled her as she watched him and saw that he wasn't moving. She was being watched.

"Come on, Húan," she squeaked, fear altering her tone. After clearing her throat, Caitlin continued, attempting to sound brave and natural, "You wanted to come out here so bad, now go!" The dog circled a light post, lifted his small leg, and then changed his mind. "I'm going to kill you!" she hissed. Finally Húan completed his errand, and she hurried to the door, getting out her key.

Caitlin glanced behind her, seeing with relief no shadowy figure across the street. But then, she nearly screamed upon turning about to find the man in front of the door. He clapped a hand over her mouth, "I'm not going to hurt you! I am a friend…I need shelter, can I find it with you?" he removed his hand slowly and awaited an answer.

Caitlin was trembling as she took the stranger in. Long brown hair hung in thick wet strands, hiding his face. He was tall—about six feet, she would guess. The man was dressed in clothes that looked as though they came from a Renaissance Faire. He's a lunatic, she realized.

"Will you provide me shelter from this rain?" he asked again.

Her face flushed, "Look mister, "I'm not that kind of girl! I don't do sharing my you-know-what with strangers!"

"No, I don't know what," he said.

"Go fly a kite, why don't you?" she snapped.

"I beg your pardon?" he seemed to be genuinely confused.

"I know, it's totally 80's, but I sort of doubt you missed that era, so buzz…off," she growled, trying to push past him, "Look, I'm getting wet! Please just get out of my face and leave me alone."

He moved but would not leave, "In case you hadn't noticed, I'm soaked as well, madam. I ask only for one night in a warm, dry place and some food."

Caitlin stepped into the hallway, dragging a shivering Húan behind her. Somehow though, she could not shut the door on him. "I already told you: I'm not that kind of person!" She almost felt bad for the poor, clueless fellow.

"It seems no one in this place is," he sighed, "If you are bother by the presence of my weapons, I'll leave them out here," he started for a belt hidden by his cloak.

She slammed the door shut in his face.