Pokemon- Weird Feelings

notes: don't owe Pokemon! My new story and my first story of Pokemon! Here it is...

"Hey Ash? Let's take a break, I'm really tired," May said as the gang were at a forest going to the next town. Ash sighed, "we are almost there May. Can't you wait till we get to Petalburg City?" He asked as May glared at him. "I know you want to battle our dad Ash! But at least wait for awhile! Look at Max, his also tired," May said angrily as she stared at her little brother, Ash sighed. "What do you say Brock?" He asked, "I do agree with May, Ash," Brock replied as Ash blinked.

"What? Why?!" Ash asked shocked, "we've been walking since this morning and it's almost evening already. Let's just rest," Brock replied as Ash sighed. "Fine, let's just get to Petalburg City tomorrow than," he said as he sat on a rock, "what's up with you anyway Ash? It's not like you've got every badge in the Hoenn League," May said as Ash stared at her.

"I'm expecting a call from someone in the Pokemon Center," Ash explained. "Who is it?" Max asked surprised, "Misty. We haven't spoken with each other since the last time we saw each other," Ash explained. "You've known Misty since you've started your journey, haven't you?" May asked as Ash nodded, "me, Brock and Misty been friends for quite awhile now," he said with a smile.

May rolled her eyes, "is there anything that you don't talk about that involes Misty in it?" She asked angrily. "Uh, I don't think so," Ash said quietly, "I can't believe you talk about Misty all the time! Choose another topic for once!" May cried angrily at him as she went to go and sit next to her little brother. "Was it something that I said?" Ash asked surprised, "perhaps you should quiet it down with the Misty thing, Ash," Brock said as Ash looked at him.

"But Brock! Misty changed ever since I first met her," Ash began. "I know, but May however is being a little bit over jealous of you and Misty about being together," Brock replied as Ash looked at May who was laughing at some joke Max told her. Ash nodded, "I better go and talk to May alone than," he said as he went and get up to go and talk to May.


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