Chapter 2- As Long As We Stay Together

notes: don't owe Pokemon! The last and final chapter....

"Hey May?" Ash asked as May looked up and saw Ash standing next to her. "What is it Ash?" May asked blinking, "I need to speak with you for a moment," Ash replied as he began walking away from her.

"Hey, wait up!" May cried as she stood up and went after Ash, "what's going on?" Max asked Brock. "Once when you get older, I'll tell you," he said smiling, "I'm already older," Max said angrily as Brock laughed nervously.

"Brock told me why your jealous against me and Misty," Ash began as May looked at him surprised. "How would Brock know?!" May asked shocked, "you have these feelings for me, don't you?" Ash asked looking at her.

May sighed, "it's more than that Ash. I'm in love with you," she said as Ash looked down. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" He asked, "well, you've been talking about Misty lately and I thought you have feelings for her," May explained.

"We are just close friends, that's why I keep talking about her," Ash explained as he looked up at the clouds. "I didn't know," May replied sheepishly, "hey, don't worry about it. We always make mistakes," Ash replied smiling.

"Now where do we go from here?" May asked, "I know where," Ash replied as he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. "We'll be together no matter what," Ash said, "thanks Ash, for returning my feelings," May replied.

"No problem May," Ash replied as the two held hands looking towards at the town before them.


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