Littlefoot, ducky, Pettrie, and Spike had just finished breakfast and were kicking and tossing a melon around when they came to a very interesting sight. Cera was lying on top of Fallen Rock with the weirdest look on her face.

"Cera!" Littlefoot called racing to the other side of the ledge and up the rock.

"Hey Cera!" The others called. Cera finally looked up.

"Oh hi guys. I didn't know you were there."

"Hey what's going on? Why the weird face?" Littlefoot asked walking up to Cera

"Yeah you look like you're sick." Ducky added Cera sighed.

"I'm not sick. I just saw something really strange."

"How strange?" Pettrie asked

"Very strange."

"Well, what was it." Littlefoot asked taking a seat.

"Well, I was at the nest trying to get some sleep when I heard noises."

"What kind of noises?"

" Scaring noises. Like two dinosaurs fighting."


"Anyway, being as brave as I am I went down from the nest to investigate when I saw my dad and Treea.

"Is that bad?" Ducky asked.

"Yeah, I thought you liked her now." Pettrie added.

"I do but my dad. He was… Well, he was."

"He was what Cera?" Everyone exclaimed

"His front feet were on top of her back and… and "

"And what?"

"He was bumping against her alright!"

"Bumping against her?" Ducky asked. Cera nodded.

"Oh…" Pettrie whispered.

"I don't get it. What's the big deal about your dad bumping Treea? Were they fighting?" Ducky asked. Cera snorted in disgust.

"No! They were doing this." Cera exclaimed mounting a small boulder and showing her friends what she meant.

"Oh" Everyone replied.

"So what were your father and Treea doing?" Littlefoot asked as he and the others followed Cera down the rock to the mossy ground below. Cera looked away

"I… I don't know." Everyone gasped. Cera did not know what the grownups had been doing.

"Well, I wonder if it feels good. You know… bumping someone like that." Cera looked at Littlefoot and laughed

"Well, if the noises that they were making were any indication then I would definitely say yes, it probably does feel really good."

Everyone walked in silence for a moment when

"Well, if we don't know what your dad and Treea were doing maybe you should ask him." Ducky replied hopping onto Spikes back so she could have a rest. Cera stopped

"Are you nuts! My dad would absolutely kill me. Besides I don't want him to know that I saw and watched him and Treea do whatever they were doing!" Everyone stopped.

"You watched?!" They asked. Cera blushed.

"Well… Yeah. Wouldn't you?"



"Uh-uh" Cera grinned

"Man I didn't think my Dad could roar that loud or have that much energy."

"Cera!!" Everyone exclaimed

"Well, I didn't."

"Look how about we forget this for now and go for a swim?" Littlefoot offered running towards the Thundering Falls.

"Okay!!" Everyone called racing after Littlefoot.

"Last one there is a Scaredy Egg!" Cera called rushing ahead and jumping into the cool water below. Ducky, Pettrie, and Spike looked at eachother and quickly raced after the others.