the ones we need to exist

The Ones We Need to Exist

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The Ones We Need to Exist

Billions of everlasting streams of energy rush around my body,

Through my body.

Through my mind and my soul.

I see nothing

I hear nothing

I feel nothing

I exist beyond existence

I call out Kaneda's name

He does not answer

I call out again

An answer still eludes me

I force the powers that Lady Miyako bestowed upon me to their limit

Lady Miyako

Number 17

A human twisted into an abomination of nature by men who sought to hold the power
of God

The mentor who had trained me for this very moment of my life

I force the powers flowing within my veins

I let my mind expand

And feel the entity known only as Akira pull me deeper into its belly

Sounds of agony rip through my mind

Tetsuo's agony

Akira's agony

Kaneda's agony

I cover my ears to block it all out

And yet the horrible sounds continue to touch me

My skin begins to ripple with an unearthly chill

I turn around and see the one who I seek

I see the fear in his eyes as Akira's power slowly begins to absorb his body

I call to him again

He looks to me

The fear fades away to desperation and he reaches his fading hand towards me

He calls back to me

My own hands extend to his as I rush to take hold of him

But we never touch

Our hands slip through one another as though both existed on different planes of

We both stare into eachother's faces as we both sink deeper into Akira

It was too late

His mind has lost control over the loss of his fallen friend

Akira will consume him

All I can do is watch

I suddenly feel a tear roll down my face

I touch it

Memories of Kaneda and myself flash before me

The night we met

The days we faced death at the hands of Tetsuo and the army

The nights I cursed him for his less likable traits

The day I watched the second Akira disaster swallow him up

The nights I cried out of grief for him

The day we were finally reunited at the demolished gates of Miyako's temple

The night we kissed for first time


I won't let him die

I won't let him share the same horrible fate as Testuo and the others

I reach for him again

I plead for him to return with me

Only fragments of him remain

Our hands draw closer

Tears stream from both our eyes

The draw closer

It is now that I realize how much I truly need him

It is now that I realize how much he truly needs me

We whisper eachother's name

As last moment of Akira arrives

And the great power perverted by the ambitions of man disappears

Our fingers finally touch

So there you have it. The first AKIRA fanfiction ever written.
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