Life or Death

"Who is this?" Dominic answered, having a feeling it was Tran.
"That doesn't matter. Just check out your nearest hospital, you may find someone there." The bold voice answered back, and then laughed as he hung up.

"Shit." Dom said as he rushed outside, got into his car, and started on his way. He heard his cell ring and looked down to see his house phone calling him.

"Talk to me," Dom answered.

"Yo, What was that about dawg?" Leon asked him.

"Listen, meet me at General. The hospital downtown. All of you guys, you have to leave, drive your own cars and come down here. Something happened to Liz I think. Some guy on the phone told me to check out the hospital downtown, it's late, Liz isn't home, it might be her. I'm here, gotta go. Bye." Dom said as he hung up the phone. He got out of his car and ran into the hospital.

"I'm looking for a Liz Gavin." Dominic Toretto said to the nurse at the front desk.

"You family?" The nurse asked rudely, while chewing gum.
"Yeah," Dom answered quickly.
"Wait in the waiting room on floor 3, she's in the trauma room. And a doctor will be out to speak with you shortly. The elevators are over there," The nurse said as she pointed towards the elevator.

"Thanks," Dom said as he went over to the elevator and pressed the button. He went upstairs while shaking, and cussing out the elevator because it wasn't fast enough for him.

He ran over to the chairs and sat down, waiting for a doctor to come out. Finally, a doctor showed up. "Are you here for Liz?" The doctor asked, politely.

"Yes," Dom replied nicely as he stood up. He wanted to be nice to get as much information as possible about Liz as he could.

"Have a seat," The doctor told him sitting down with him. He shook Dom's hand. "I'm Dr. BenGay. Liz's condition is very serious. She was involved in a head on collision. She has a bad concussion and she will be in the hospital for about a month. She's lucky she survived, and she may not open her eyes until tomorrow. She is on heavy medication, and will be very tired. If you have other visitors, only one person in at a time, she's on floor 2, room 101, we just got her out of trauma." The doctor told Dom.

"Thank you so much," Dom told him as he got up and went to the elevator. He went to floor 2, then found room 101. He walked in, to find a girl he didn't think he knew. Liz had tubes in her, and almost every part of her body had some sort of cast on it. Her body was bruised badly, and he suddenly felt teary-eyed and shaky. He sat down and looked at her, just sitting there awhile. Finally, someone walked in.

"Oh Gawd!" Sabrina said as she started to cry a little bit. She didn't expect anything like this.

Dom got up and walked out of the room to leave Sabrina in there, as he felt teary-eyed also. He came out of her room to find the whole team in chairs, waiting.

"How is she?" Leon asked.

"Yeah, how is she?" Jesse repeated.

Mia looked up at him with her eyes that looked watery, and Letty looked up at him nervously. No one really knew anything, except that something had to happen, because Dom was so teary.

"She's got tubes out of her, casts on every part of her body, and she's going to be in the hospital for a month. The doctor says that she's lucky she made it out alive; she was in a head on collision. Someone must have came over in her lane, and I'm betting it's someone who knows Tran. Why else would I get a phone call with a bold voice like the Trans telling me to check out this hospital?" Dom asked.

The team all sat down with shocked faces. They couldn't believe it. Out of anything, they weren't expecting this. One by one, the team took turns going into Liz's room, and having their time in there. Most of them sat down, some of them talked to her, even though she couldn't really hear them.

The doctor updated Dom every day, and finally the doctor announced that he didn't think she was going to wake up, as she was showing no sign of response. A week and a half later while Jesse was in the room, Liz opened her eyes, and seen how scared she was. Jesse immediately got up out of the chair and walked over. He grabbed her hand. "Liz, it's Jesse. Blink if you know who I am." Liz blinked. "Liz, listen to me, you were involved in an accident on the freeway about two weeks ago. You've been in the hospital ever since. The team is all here, and we've been here." Jesse told her. Liz looked at him with sad eyes, and she grasped his hand tightly. She didn't want to let go. She really didn't know what happened, but she felt scared.

"Hold on, I'm going to go get the doctor, alright? I promise I won't leave." Jesse told her. Liz nodded her head a bit. Jesse walked outside and told the team, "She's awake. I gotta find the doctor, and she wants me to stay with her." He told everyone as he walked off. Two minutes later he came back with Dr. BenGay and went into the room.

"Liz, I'm doctor BenGay. I've been taking care of you. I'm going to take that tube out of your mouth, now. On the count of 3, blow hard." The doctor told her.

Liz grasped onto Jesse's hand and wouldn't let go. She felt safe and secure with someone there that she knew. The past had kind of been a blur to her. The last thing she remembered was driving and looking down in her car. After the tube was out of her mouth, she tried talking, but could only whisper. The doctor told her to not talk for at least the rest of the night, as she had to give her vocal cords time to heal.

One by one, the team went into the room and said their "hellos" and "welcome back" to her. Liz liked seeing them all, but most of all she wanted at least someone to stay in the room with her at all times, so for the next few days they all took turns staying in there with her. She felt safe and secure with someone that she knew there. After about another week, Liz was released from the hospital. Although she still had a leg cast on, she got around well with crutches. She laid on the couch and watched TV mostly, and loved having everyone come to her service. Finally, the cast was taken off, and she was able to walk again, although for the first few days she needed some help, seeing as she hadn't been walking for a month. Sabrina stayed home mostly and helped her out, and this also made their friendship grow. Sabrina and Liz became the best of friends.

The team got through every trial that approached them one way or another, because they all stood by each other, and they were a family, they were united. They thought that nothing could get to them, and they all had each other. After awhile Liz got over Shane, and she found another boyfriend, who was the man of her dreams. As for Hannah and Vince, they stayed together, also. For now, though, Leon and Jesse were single and enjoying it as much as possible, as they didn't want to have to be committed to anything.

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