Hunger Point

By: BlackTigerG2

Chapter 1

Disclamer: I do not own any credibility to DragonBall/Z/GT.

Summary: Goku left with Ubb at the World Martial Arts Tournament, abandoning his responsibilities as father and as a husband. Everyone knew that Goku wasn't one to stay put in one place for a long time, so they were expecting this. But how does the youngest son of Goku takes this? Instead of taking his anger and frustration on the ones he loves, he decides to take it out on himself.

Language Key:

Thinking..... & ::Dialogue through Bond::

" The hatred you're carrying is a live coal in your heart- far more damaging to yourself then to them."

-Lawana Blackwell

Our story begins..................

Well its been a year since he left us, left my mother, my brother and me. Doesn't he care about what he does to us when he decides to go on one of his adventures? I didn't think so. If he really cared he would've stayed like a real father. I mean, Vegeta, even Vegeta stayed at home with Trunks and his family. Why can't he do the same? Is he even capable of that? Is it fair to do that to him, to critic his judgment of whether to stay or go? Is it? I don't know....but I do know that when he became a father he was weighed with the burden of a family.....wait is that what we are a burden?! An insignificant piece of his life that has distracted him from his true goal, to become stronger. Training, training is all he does, he trains himself to surpass all expectations. And now he has Ubb to train, that little runt stole my father! Like he was even mine in the first place.

"Goten sweetie, are you ok?" My mother creaks open the door to my bedroom with a worried expression plastered on her face.

"Yes mother...I'm fine." I respond back to her.

"Alright, well dinner is in ten," she gives me a weak smile and exits.

My mother probably suffered the most through all of this. All those nights I heared her cry herself to sleep, thinking about the husband she lost for like the thousandth time. Sometimes I would walk in to her room and soothe by rubbing her back and crying right along with her. I barely knew Goku, I can't even admit that he's my father. As a very young child I was programmed to think my dad is some awesome guy that saved the universe from anything that threatened it. Funny that he could save billons of people at a time, but he can't keep from breaking his families heart.

"Goten dinner's ready!!!" I hear her call for me from the kitchen. So I walked down the stairs, man I'm starving, I guess hating your father really builds up an appetite.

"Oh hey Gohan...its been awhile!" I see my brother perched next to his wife Videl and five year old daughter Pan at the dinner table.

"How's it goin' little bro, anything new?"

"'s a bore though, as usual."

"That's my Goten," My brother laughs.

"Oh my goodness Goten! You are definitly growing up in to a strapping young man," Videl exclaims.

"Videl..." I could feel a small blush cover my cheeks "Stop, do you have to say that out loud?"

Gohan and Pan give a small giggle at the sight of my embarresment.

"Sit, sit Goten. It's time to eat anyway," my mom motions me to sit down at the table. I sat down next to Pan and my mom sat next to my at my left.

"Wow mom, you really went all out!" Gohan's eyes bugged out of his head at the sight of the spread on the table that mom prepared.

"Well I guess you can say I was really in a cooking mood...and Gohan sweetie close your mouth , you're drooling on my good table cloth."

Videl, Pan and I laugh at Gohan's expense. He notices and gives me a small playfull punch from across the table. In front of us there was orange chicken, fried rice, teriyaki shishkabob, steaming spice soup, grilled salmon and halibut,biscuits and rolls with butter,mashed potatoes, and for dessert chocolate cake with strawberries piled on top with cream filling. Now this was a feast fit for a king, I think I'm beginning to drool! Of course mom made a lot of food, two demi saiyans and one one fourth of a saiyan were present.

"Alright Gohan," I turn to my older brother ,"Five bucks says that I can clean my plate faster then you!"

"You're goin' down baby brother!"

"Oh boys!! You're going to make a mess!" Our mother screams at us, but we ignore her, then things got competitive.

"Ok!" Yells Pan , "On da' count of!!"

On three my brother and I dig in to our food. My mother and sister-in-law roll their eyes nat us and our game.

"Oh well...boys will be boys."

Yeah boys will be boys, but who knew our family was about to soon break apart.....because of me.

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