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Hunger Point

By: BlackTigerG2

Chapter 12

"The hatred you're carrying is a live coal in your heart-far more damaging to yourself then to them.."

-Lawana Blackwell


"Well, here's your room, and don't worry you will not be alone, your room-mate is just at his session with the talk group. Just make yourself comfortable, the bathroom is right through that door to the left in the hallway. There is usually a line or so to use it because we do not allow residents to go alone. Plus they are locked, if you ever need to use the restroom just ask me or an attendee, okay?"


"Safety reasons, plus it's basic regulations for our residency. I don't make the rules dear, I just make sure they are followed..."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Such a nice boy. Well, your room-mate's name is Kobayashi Ronin, his bed is the one on the left so your bed is in the right next to the window. You'll have such a pretty view of our gardens which are open to residents, but ONLY once they gained that privelege. Well, I'll be back to see how your doing later and to work out your schedule for your stay here. Supper will be served promptly at 6:00 P.M. An attendee will come and fetch you and show you around if you like. Well that's all for now---must go and make my rounds now."

The young doctor was on her way out when she smoothly called over her shoulder to the new young resident, "Oh, and I hope you enjoy your stay with us Mr. Son..."



"Trunks-kuuuuuun! I feel stupid!"

"C'mon koi, it was the only thing I could find in this hick town that would fit you, just come out and let me see..."

"No," Goten called out from behind a broken down trackter, "I look horrible."

Trunks let out a tired sigh as his eyes made a 360' in frustration, "I'LL be the judge of that, just come out and let me take a look!"



"...you suck..."



Goten stepped out from behind the tracktor with a deep frown on his face, arms crossed and eyes tightly shut, "There! Happy?!"

"It doesn't--look hehe--THAT---hehehe---bad, honest..." Trunks could hear his boyfriend give a growl from deep in his throat, a snarl indicating his frustration, "Well---I guess it WAS--hehehe---a bad idea to shop at a place called "Bobby Joe's-Clothing for Every Farmer's Needs At A Discount..."

"Trruuuunnnkkksss!" Goten was elegantly garmented in blue Levi overalls (baggy in the legs mind you) a long, white sleeved shirt that was folded into cuffs at his wrists, and large black boots securing his feet, "I. hate. you."

"Cut me some slack, unless you'd rather wear a sundress from the ladies section, this is all I could find!" Trunks threw his arms up in the air.

"Then what are YOU wearing?"

"A pair of pants and a white muscle shirt which was also in the section I got your overalls," Trunks held up the bag which held his newly bought clothing.

"Then WHY couldn't I wear those kind of pants instead of these?" He tugged at the pant legs of the overalls with a pout, "I don't mind the shirt, but the overalls..."

"They didn't have any pants like these that would fit you, they'd probably slide down your ass if you wore these considering---you know---your lack of...mass," Trunks made a face mimicing that of uneasiness, Goten knew that it was difficult for his lover to talk about such needle point subjects, like tiny stings, Goten's condition prodded Trunks' brain and heart. He knew it was a subject that his koi would rather leave behind in the past, but somehow it would always find a way to resurface, as if it's main goal in life was to torture the two young men.

Goten gave a deep sigh that seemed to rattle his lungs.


"Chibi---c'mere," Trunks held out his arms for Goten to slunk into them, "Don't worry, I think you look adorable. Plus, we won't be here that long, just until things settle down and we can figure out what to do from here," Trunks kissed his uke's forehead, thus being rewarded with a giggle.


"I--I really hurt him didn't I, Chi?"

Like loose snow clinging to a melting mountain top, the orange clad warrior's shoulders were slumped pathetically, the strong man's hands cradled his now color ridden face. His jaw quivered, his teeth moments away from chattering yet felt to shatter at any given time with the intense pressure put on them by Goku's frustration. He sat on Bulma's living room floor--deciding that the couch was not good enough for him. His legs were crossed and tense, the toes secured in his large black boots were curled. Memories of Goten's childhood flooded his being, memories that gave Goku the false pretense that his son was doing well in his teen years during his father's departure. How wrong he truly was, now he knew.

That huge, familiar, care-free smile...

...that innocent laughter...

...those sparkling, dark brown eyes that seem to draw you in like a beautiful hurricane...

...those tiny hands clutching for his attention...

...his son.

"I never--NEVER thought that--if just by leaving...Goten..."

"What can I say to you, Mr. Son?" Slumped in a large recliner, Mr. Senilo brought his fingers together in a thoughtful gesture at the tips, his glare intently set on Goku, "WHAT do you want me to say? To do? LIE? Think of the situation through your son's eyes..."

"I don't---I don't understand, sir..." Senilo opened his mouth in a huff, but ChiChi stopped him by gesturing him to take a seat. She kneeled down to Goku, placing both her hands on his shoulders with the comfort and love that only a wife can give to her husband, Goku look up into her large eyes, "Goku-sa, sweetheart...he means--well think of it this way", she said quickly, "how would you feel if someone you love VERY much decides to leave without saying good-bye to you...like take for example--me or Gohan? What if we dissapeared without saying as much as a 'bye' to you?"


"...And what if we did this alot? Breaking promises to you...forgetting important promises to you? Wouldn't you feel bad?"

"Yeah, but--."

"Do you understand Goku-sa?" A look of pure concentration appeared on Goku's features, he looked at the ground then back up to his wife's face,"--I know that you didn't mean it, ya' know? You didn't mean to hurt my feelings like that. You love me...and I know that you and Gohan would always say sorry, 'cuz that's how you are, like---" Goku stopped in mid sentence, his eyes widening at what he just said. Everyone in the room with him--ChiChi, Bulma, Senilo, and Mrs. Britas--- who has yet to say anything---focused on him and him alone...

//"Hey, sorry I missed your birthday, Champ, I didn't know it was this month."

"It's okay Daddy, I know your busy...so how's trainin'?"



"Hey, Dad? Ya' think you can show me your Kaiƍ-ken now like you promised?"

"Sorry, not right now, Sport---Dad's gotta finish these push-ups...gotta make it to ten thousand before supper. Maybe later, 'kay?"

"Okay, bye, Dad..." //

//"But...but, Dad! The Father-Son camping trip with my class is tomorrow, you can't just leave!!"

"Sorry, Buddy, but I can't. Piccolo and I are going into the East Mountain's to train up a bit. You don't want ya' Dad getting behind know would ya'?"


//"You went fishing without me again, didn't you...?"

"Aw, come on son, it's not you could go anyway. You were in school."

"It's summer, Dad! I graduated a month ago. I'm starting Middle School in the Fall!"

"Oops! Sorry, son! Hehehe!"

"It's not...it's not FUNNY!"//

"Kami, I--I--I..."

"Goku? Do you understand the mistakes you made, now?"

"But, Chi, I said I was sorry!" Goku rebuttled as if he were a child, "I said I was sorry and--"

"MR. SON!" The attention was now on the normally timid Mr. Senilo. His wrinkled face was scrunched and red, his eyes cut into a glare as he let out another calming sigh, "Sometimes saying 'I'm sorry' just isn't enough. It does not make everything all better just because you assume that the person you are saying 'Sorry' to excepts your apology," he let out a huff, "but I'm beginning to think that you never really meant any one of them..."

Goku jolted to a stand with a growl, "How would you know?! You don't know me or my son!"

"No, Mr. Son the question is--Do YOU know your son?"

With a light snarl, Goku replied, "Of course I do!"

Senilo reached into his black leather bag and pulled out a few sheets of documents, he glanced to the upper right corner that stated 'DOB' ,"When is your son's birthday, just tell me the year he was born, Mr. Son..."

"Heck, I know this, it's...uh...it's...he was born...mmmm..." Goku counted his fingers slowly, mumbling under his breath.

"Hmm, what hospital was he delivered at?"

"That's not fair, I wasn't even--"

"Did you know that he was born preemie? Pre-mature birth?"

"No, but--?"

"Did you know that your son is allergic to bee's stings AND macadamia nuts?"

"Wait I----"

"What grade is your son currently in?"

"Please stop---"

Senilo threw down the papers, scattering them over the carpet, "Look at these papers Mr. Son, my secretary who typed up these documetnts knows more about YOUR son then YOU do! 767 A.D, TRICK QUESTION--he was not born in a hospital, he was born in your and your wife's bedroom, yes, he was born a preemie, a bee sting OR a tiny tast of a macadamia nut can cause him to blister, AND he is a third year about to become a fourth year at Orange Star High...there...NOW you know..."

"Loco...?" Mrs. Britas followed Senilo into the kitchen where he huffed 'unstable, unstable indeed' , in order take the pills he neglected to take, consider ing it was now early morning.

Goku felt a small hand to rest on his back, "Goku-sa?"

"Goku...are you alright? That Senilo really crossed the line! I have half a mind to---"

"No Bulma, Kami, he's right...I have no idea who Goten is..."

"Sweetheart...don't think like that...please?" Goku's wife cradled her husband's chin in her small hands as she rubbed her thumb across his cheek. Goku's larger hand took ChiChi's off his face to bring them to his lips, placing a small kiss on those slender digits, "what have I done to our son, ChiChi?"


In the kitchen a red faced Mrs. Britas was nose to nose with Senilo as he attempted to swallow his pills, "You're kind of close there Maggie, mind backing up a smidge?"

"Loco, what the blazes was THAT?"

"And what my dear are you referring to?" Senilo popped in a purple pill and swallowed it with the aid of cool water, "Well, I ain't got all evening..."

"How can you even ask? What you did to Mr. Son, that was-was brutal to say in the least. He probably thinks himself as a horrible father because of that little stunt you pulled. You are a psychiatrist, a FAMILY psychiatrist as well as in disorders--you are suppossed to help these people, Loco. Not make them feel any worse then they already do right now", Mrs. Britas tugged a hankie from her pocket and dabbed her eyes lightly, "I could barely stand watching you as you disecrated that poor man..."

"Poor man? That poor man as you so clearly stated left his son and family multiple times causing the youngest to suffer from abandonment issues and who the Hell knows what else? I may be old, but I am not incompetent!"

"Does this have to do with--?"

"Stop right there, Maggie, don't you dare bring him into this. He has nothing to do with the current case. I am just trying to do my job," the last pill was taken, but this time with much more difficulty.

"From what I saw, Loco, was NOT a man 'just doing his job', what I saw was an old fool tearing down the self-worth of a father who desperatly needs help to reunite with his lost son...WHAT I saw...," she took a deep, sad sigh, "was a murder, a murder on any self-esteem that man out there had left of himself..."

The angry women turned to walk back into the living room to check on the wounded Goku when she felt a pressure on her hand, "What do you want?"

Senilo's elderly hand gently squeezed his long time friend's hand in a comforting manner, "What I did, Maggie...was make him realize the truth. Yes, it was rather brutal, but the best lessons in life are. I had to do or say SOMETHING that would stick. And I think my little display of tough love worked like a charm. Mr. Son has to realize that he may be the cause of all of this. That his actions were selfish, even if they were non-intentional. He was completely oblivious as to why his young son had changed, he himself looks like he needs some growing up to do," Loco gently forced Maggie to turn to face him, he knew she could see the mist in his eyes, but he did not care this time, "I may be taking this case a bit too personally, but I refuse to lose another one."


"So, you two young fellas ready ta' order yet?" The young red headed waitress stood politely next to Trunks and Goten's table at a diner called Elmer's, the tiny notepad in her hand was ready for their orders, her pencil tucked neatly behind her ear. Her high cheek bones were littered with freckles which were only excentuated by her big blue eyes. She seemed to be around her early twenties or so with her pink and white striped skirt ending at her knees and the white maid's apron ruffled at the edges, "Or do you two cuties need some mo' time to decide?"

"Oh no, I'm ready, you Chibi?"

"Yeah, I'm ready--well, I'm gonna have the Ham sandwich combo with a side of fruit, please."

"Thank ya' darling, and you sweety?" Trunks blushed.

"I'm going to have the King Burger special and can I get another coffee please?"

"Sure thing Hun," she took the boy's menus and scurried away to put in their orders. Goten smirked at his boyfriend, "What?"

"Nothing, nothing...Hun..." Trunks' face glowed red, "She was just being nice, Chibi."

"Well good, I just hope and her won't run off together into the sunset hand in hand," he lightly pinched the elder semi's nose.


"I'm just teasin', koi." Trunks gave an immature huff. Goten yawned and rubbed his face, "I can't believe it's 1:00 A.M, Trunks-kun. I mean we would be sleeping right now if Gohan didn't find us at the hotel."

Trunks gave a perverted smirk that could rival that of Master Roshi's, "Weeeeeeeeelll...I doubt you'd be sleeping right now, Chibi..." Goten's face instantly turned red as he leaned back into the red booth that he and Trunks shared, on opposite sides to each other. He sipped his orange juice, enjoying the citrus drink scurrying over his tongue until..."gah!"

"G-Goten? Or you okay there?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. At least I was until the juice got to my throat, it stung like Hell," he rubbed his throat with his hand, massaging the outter area, "It was really wierd..."

"I think you better settle with water then, Chibi," Trunks pushed his glass towards his lover. Goten nodded his head in thank you, "Guess you're right, Trunks-kun", he sipped the water slowly, letting the cool liquid parch his stinging throat, "Better?" Trunks asked.

"Much better, thanks..." Goten's hand took refuge on Trunks' as he leaned over the small table to steal a quick kiss before anyone in the diner noticed...

"SON GOTEN-KUN!!! IS THAT REALLY YOU?!!" A flirtatious voice rang about through the small diner.

"Aww fuck..." Goten quickly removed his hand from his lover's, much to Trunks' dissapointment, as he slunked down into his seat.

"Chibi what's--"

"IT IS YOUUU!" A busty aqua wavy haired girl bounced over to their table and snaked her way next to Goten on the seat, the poor boy pratically pushed up against the window with nowhere to go, "I can't believe you're here! I mean, I'M here YOU'RE here! It destiny!"

"Monique, WHY are you here?" Goten tried his best to put off her advances, thrusting his hands out to push at her shoulders hoping she would back off, but she made herself comfortable on his lap.

"It's Spring break silly, a few of my friends and I are driving down to Osaka to party and to try all it's delicious, gourmet foods. You do you that Osaka is called the "nation's kitchen"--- tenka no daidokoro. Which reminds me, wanna come with us?"

"No thanks..."

"Awwwwww, come one baby, you and me had a good thing going in school, why can't we pick up where we left off?" Monique's hand was tracing his chin and lips, while her other hand---

"Wooooaaah! Back off!" Goten finally shoved off the offending girl, she gave a pout, "And we NEVER had a thing, Monique---so go molest Chazz or something."

"I never got together with Chazz, Goten-kun---he's just a big jerk, besides everybody at school knows you laid all the cheerleaders, well except for me of course, but we can change that---I heard you are great in bed..."

Trunks' eyes widened at what the girl said, "Goten? Is that true?"

"NO! Monique, I don't give a damn what kind of rumors you and your friends drifted around school, I never slept with anybody. Okay, I caused trouble and flirted...and maybe made out with a couple of chicks, but never did I take them to my bed..."

Monique's eyes narrowed and she crossed her arms, "Really? That's not what Tamiko said, and Aoi and Tinna and--"

"Shut up!" The eyes of all the customer's at Elmer's were on Goten now, but he didn't care, he stood up bringing Monique up with him by grabbing her arm, she slightly winced, "They are all lying--"

"Prove it!"

"I-I can't!"

"Whatever, we all know your Orange Star High's psycho anyway, so it doesn't matter what you say---once a freak---always a freak!" She turned away, but not before flashing her breasts to Goten and the entire diner, "You can kiss these good-bye!" With a huff she walked out without paying for her meal.

"WHORE!... And don't be expecting any Jerry beads!!!" A couple of customers snickered under their breaths at that.

"Chibi---" Goten sprinted from the diner, running down the dusty road of the small town. Zig-zagging across the street and past trees, running through a wheat field. Tears were threatening to escape their barriers of his eye lids. Trunks soon followed, after going through the difficulty of getting past waitresses and customers who were getting in the way,"HEY, WHAT ABOUT 'YER FOOD, HUN?" Trunks didn't answer back, he pushed open the glass door, the tiny bell dinging from above, but once outside of the diner, he couldn't see where Goten was, 'Don't tell me I lost him!!?' His head frantically turned left and right and left again...

"GOTEN!" He ran across the street having a fair idea where he went, "You better be there, Koi!"


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