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From the LFN ReRun Poetry Series

The Anguish of Birkoff
by BithaBlu

My days are empty and void of feeling.
Typing away my time for brutal masters
Who use me to save the world-
Albeit with bullets and bombs.

The question 'why am I here?'
Doesn't apply to most here.
They chose this place with thier actions,
I did not choose yet here I am.

I can only guess the reason
For being sentenced to this place.
But I doubt I'll ever know
Who's goat I had to fuck to get stuck here.

So here I am and here I'll stay
Until the MiddleEast has peace.
Unfortunatly, not even the roaches in Iraq
Can stop making war on each other.

My life really sucks.

Its amazing that I feel
Considering I am a "Tin god"
That chats happily with co-workers
As my computer kills them with a keystroke.

This keyboard is made of broken glass
Shredding me as I type.
My soul bleeds away with every word
Until that 5% is howling in agony.

Abeyance missions, Cancellations;
I would stop the death if I could
But instead I watch the murderous data
And hope that I can sleep tonight.

I see everything, Am everything,
Do everything- if only from my chair.
The world is a computer program
That I haven't gotten the bugs out of yet.

My life REALLY sucks.