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A New Life

He felt the blood splatter onto his cheeks. He realized then that it was over, even before he heard the man's last outcry of pain. All this time he had spent protecting the world from this man had prooved fruitful in the end to the world he'd given everything to protect, but the price was very high.

He stared at the body of the man laying dead at his feet. His eyes held no warmth, just loathing for the man he'd recently killed. It had taken seven years to beat this enemy, and it had finally happened, blood and all. He had fufilled a prophecy, he was useless now. He knew that. Almost everyone he cared for had died in the battle. Yes, he fufilled the prophecy, but his loved ones would never be able to fufill their lives.

As realization dawned on him quicker and quicker he decided he had to leave.He had to. He needed to get away from this big chunk of his life he'd just ended.

He turned, surprised to see Snape behind him.

"It's over"

"Yes Harry, It's over." Snape held out his hand and Harry took it.

Snape was the only one left besides Hermione, but she was mourning the loss of Draco, he understood she wouldn't be very comfortable being the "comforter" in this situation.

They walked silently back to the castle,hand in hand, taking the long route to avoid the mass of reporters searching for the boy who lived.

"I'm useless now Severus." Harry said looking out over the lake.

"Harry you've never been useless, and you will never be. Nobody is useless when at least one person loves them." Severus squeezed the young man's hand.

"Nobody's left. Severus, only you and Hermione remain. Nobody's left to love me"

Severus gingerly touched Harry's chin. The boy started and turned toward the Potions Master.

"I love you"


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