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Till we meet again

How did I ever let you slip away

Never knowing…I'd be singing this song someday

And now I'm sinking, sinking to rise no more…

Ever since you…closed the door

If I could turn

Turn back the hands of time

Then my darling you, would still be mine

If I could turn

Turn back the hands of time

Then darling you, you'd still be mine

Funny, funny how time goes by, and blessings are missed in a wink of an eye

Why oh why

Should one go on suffering

When everyday I breathe- Please come back to me

And you had enough love for the both of us

But I, I did you wrong and I admit I did

But now

I'm facing the rest of my life alone

Oah, I'd never hurt you, never do you wrong

And never leave your side

Turn back the hands

Whoaoa, if I could turn

If I could turn

Just turn back that little clock on the wall

And I'd come to realize…how much…I love you

I love you…

Love you…

Love you…

Love you… -R Kelly-(turn back the hands of time)I cut out some of the song, so it's not entirely accurate.

"Aion!" Chrono shouted as tears stung his eyes, holding Rosette's cold body close to him as he struggled to regain control over his raging emotions that were quickly fusing with his powers. Aion laughed as he watched tears begin to trickle down Chrono's cheeks, urging on the demon's anger to erupt and gain control.

He had failed her…he had promised to keep her safe…but he failed and now she's dead. 'Rosette…I'm so sorry…' He thought as he stared down at her frozen face, no longer holding the energetic spirit that once encouraged him to take on the world without a care…what whimsical days…but they were gone now. He had ended them himself. 'Maybe I should just let Aion kill me…' he thought, feeling his heart sag again before flaring up lightly, filling him with more anger as a thought suddenly came to his mind. 'Rosette wouldn't give up! She would defend everyone till her last…and so should I!' He thought, turning his face upwards to stare at the mocking face above him.

"You won't get away with what you have done, Aion. I'll make sure of it." Chrono said quietly, voice echoing coldly as he stood up, placing the despised watch back around his neck.

"Oh? And just how will you do that?" Aion taunted, as he watched Chrono spread his wings out, watching them ripple slightly from the demonic winds that were spiraling all around them.

"You'll die, Aion!" Chrono shouted, leaping off the ground with a blast of golden energy.

That's how it began…that's how it ended.

Remington could feel the powerful attacks rocking the ground everytime Chrono struck at Aion. What power he possessed. It was breathtaking…yet…it was filled with such misery and hate. He could feel the infuriated emotions of the demon fighting, pouring them out into his attacks to give it an extra kick. Something Rosette had taught him, no doubt.

"Remington?" Sister Kate asked, brushing his elbow slightly as she moved to his side. "Do you feel that?"

"Yes. It would appear the end is approaching, and if I'm not mistaken…so is Aion's." Remington answered, biting his lip to keep from saying what else he felt…the end of Chrono as well.

"So the end is within grasp, but definitely not without sacrifice." She answered evenly, yet her voice still trembled slightly with tears about one nun in particular.

"Yes, but-" Remington was cut off as the sky suddenly illuminated, turning bright blue as the noise reached their ears.

It grew so bright that it was hard to even look up, light washing over them in waves as it began to gather into a center point. Remington forced his eyes up to watch, knowing what was coming next.

Chrono held his hand up in the air, gathering the blue power into a tight orb that pulsed in unison with his heartbeat, feeling it begin to suck at his life, but that didn't stop him.

"Maybe you're crazier than what I took you for!" Aion shouted, sweat pouring down his face as the blue continued to wash over him.

"Maybe I am…but I'm not gonna let you go." Chrono answered, moving the blue orb to face Aion, blue dots dancing in front of his face as he smirked. "Now you will feel the pain you put me through all these years. Goodbye…brother."

The final shot that killed Aion was one that people who witnessed it would describe as 'Breathtakingly…depressing.' Were it possible, Chrono would have found another way to kill Aion, but since they were so low on resources and weapons, he gave in.

And so he summoned the last of his power into that final strike, meant to destroy the power-crazed demon in front of him. In doing so…he threw himself into death as well. He knew the consequences, but people needed his help and if he didn't do anything, even when the chances were low, then he was making the biggest mistake of all. You can always do something…besides…he would see Rosette again after this whole thing was over.

The blue light streaked across the sky, ringing with the bellows of pain from Aion. His body began to dissolve as the blue hit him, engulfing him with a sudden surge of power from Chrono, emptying his soul into it. They all watched as the blue grew bright, making the yells ring out louder than ever…then it was over. The blue light broke, making everyone blink at the sudden scenery change.

As the blue light faded a little, they could see Aion floating in mid-air, apparently stunned. He was severely burned, killed by the intense attack that Chrono had sent at him. And, as everyone watched in amazement, Aion began falling to the ground. It was over…they had won…

As Aion's dead body hit the ground, the eyes shot up at Chrono, who remained in the air by seldom wing beats that grew weaker every time they beat at the air. His shoulders were slumped, his face was lined with sweat, and his body held hardly any trace of energy…but it had worked. And, just as Remington thought, Chrono's wings slowly stopped beating as the last of his energy gave out.

He felt the wind rush past him, screaming in his ears that he no longer had enough energy to stop them and their wicked deeds. He opened his eyes a little, watching as the ground crept closer and closer. He flicked his gaze over at Rosette, feeling his heart soar with happiness. He had done it, he had killed Aion like he had promised her…now she could rest easily. He had won…but lost as well.

The ground hit him harder than he had expected, not quite ready for the sudden jarring force that sent blood to his mouth. He gasped slightly, feeling the energy continue to pour out of him as his body morphed into his kid form, using up the last sliver of energy he had left.

"Chrono!" He heard Father Remington yell, kneeling down next to him as he examined the demon worriedly. Chrono cracked his eyes open a little, a smile gracing his features slightly as he whispered,

"Looks like we won…" Father Remington was shocked at the pain welling up in his chest. He was a demon! Why should he care if another one of the beings he destroyed died?! Slowly he realized what he had known deep inside all these years.

'Because he wasn't just a demon…he was a friend.' Remington thought as he nodded slightly, feeling the tears begin to build up in his eyes. Chrono had remained true to his word, even when she wasn't here to see it.

"Would you…take me to…Rosette?" Chrono asked, voice growing weaker as his eyes closed slightly, growing foggier as Remington watched.

"Chrono…thank you for doing that. I can never thank you enough." Sister Kate said as Remington picked up the weightless demon, carrying him over to Rosette and placing him down next to her.

Chrono sat on his knees, taking her hand firmly as tears began to run down his own cheek. His memories exploded through his mind again, making him want to laugh and cry at the same time. The clock seemed to burn at his chest, reminding him of his past and that his own time was about up. Her silent face was a reminder of all the things he had lost…but it also symbolized all the things he had gained. He took a deep breath, steadying himself for a few more minutes. It was over. No more…no more…no more…anything.

"We did it Rosette…he's dead. Maybe if I had more time…I could tell you what I wanted to say…but it looks like I'll never have the chance to tell you how I really feel. So…I guess I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you, Rosette Christopher, for everything you have shown me. For showing me there's more out there than just pain and suffering…for showing me the light. Who knows…maybe we'll see each other again someday…someday…then it'll all be a memory…of a time when we tried so hard. Thank you…Rosette Christopher…" He said, feeling the breath escape his lips and his energy give out as he pitched forward, falling on the ground next to her, darkness creeping into his vision. Before the darkness completely engulfed him, he reached out and grasped her hand firmly again, 'I'll see you again someday…' And with that last thought, the powerful Sinner, the demon who had brought around a new era, the demon who set fate right again…died.

Azmaria watched in tears as their bodies were placed in the ground, trying to remain strong as she watched them close the lids over their faces. Chrono…Rosette…gone. They had won…but they had died for it…they had showed her that not everything is done for your own sake. But…she still needed them…why did they have to go?

"Azmaria?" Father Remington asked, putting a hand on her shoulder as she turned to him. "Are you ready?" She nodded, wiping her eyes briskly before she moved up on the platform that had been set up for the occasion. She felt her heart wrench again but fought back the tears as she opened her mouth, the song coming to her lips as wings sprouted from her back.

None sing so wildly well as the angel Israfel,

And the giddy stars (so legends tell),

Ceasing their hymns, attend the spell of his voice, all mute.

Totters above in the highest moon,

The enamored moon blushes with love

Yes, Heaven is thine; but this is a world of sweets and sours;

Our flowers are merely-flowers, and the shadow of thy perfect bliss

Is the sunshine of ours.

As the last note died away, she swore she could hear Rosette and Chrono's laughter ringing together, happy and joyous as they smiled together again.

"Oh Rosette, Chrono… That song, "Israfel", was a song my two good friends used to sing when they were feeling sad. I was asked if I would choose a song that would complement them at their sepulture…and I saw that that was probably the best one to choose. In recognition of Chrono the Sinner, and Rosette Christopher, Militia exorcist for the Magdalene Order. Two friends who will always be together, dead or alive, through the good and the bad." She said, bowing and stepping off the stage as her wings floated back into her back. The crowd was hysterical with their crying and applauding, and she doubted that anyone here could say they didn't like the two people.

"Rest in peace…"

Modern day New York:

"Hurry Azmaria!" Rosette shouted, running with the flow of people through the packed city streets.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Azmaria yelled back, running behind her as she wound her way around people.

It was a beautiful day…perfect for ancient things to be set in motion again. The birds flew around singing as the sun shone on them with happiness and the clouds drifted through the blue sky with never-ending grace.

Rosette was so worried about running that she wasn't looking where she was going and, as it happened, neither was he.

"Hurry up, Joshua! We'll be late!" Chrono shouted, running through the crowd as he ran against the flow.

"Can't you slow down?! I'm not in track like you are!" Joshua yelled back, gasping for air as he jogged behind.

"We'll be la-AH!" He shouted back, but was cut short as he ran into someone and sent them both to the ground in a series of yells and thuds.

"Geez! Why don't you watch where you're going?!" Rosette shouted, rubbing her head as she scooted into a sitting position.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to run into you!" Chrono answered, shifting into a sitting position as well. Rosette looked up at the boy at the same time he looked up. She felt her heart explode with happiness as she instantly recognized him.



And so it begins again… End

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