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Chapter 3 What is home but a state of mind?

He watched them from the shadows, knowing Chrono could sense his presence. He should leave before Chrono acted upon impulse and sought him out…but why didn't he? He watched them talk, watched his old friends that had the misfortune of being brought out of death when they had earned their peaceful sleep…away from all the aches and pains of this world. Did they even know? It was heart wrenching to see them…they should have been left dead. To rest in peace where they had been left…they had earned it after all. So why were they here, conversing in a crowded New York street? He sighed and stood up as Chrono's eyes locked on his, eyes narrowing slightly, as they seemed to penetrate the careful barrier he had set up around his mind. Careful to not send the trashcan lid over with a clatter, he silently walked out of the alley and meandered down the street, thinking it over in his head.

What could have happened to cause you to awaken again?

"I must go tell Sister Kate…surely she will be just as curious as I am to know such knowledge." Remington said to himself, walking down the street deep in thought as people rushed by him, not noticing him as he blended into the background of life.

Chrono watched the man leave, eyes curious as to what he was doing but remained quiet with his inquiries, not yet feeling as though they were conversing on deaf ears. He felt Rosette brush his shoulder with her hand and jerked his gaze back to her, eyes calming and the intensity leaving them as soon as he saw her.

"Why don't we go somewhere where we can talk freely? My house? I'm sure mum will welcome you with open arms when she gets home." He asked, waiting for a response.

"But what about the thing!" Joshua said suddenly, making Chrono turn to him slightly.

"Sei nicht so blod!" Chrono said, making Joshua take a step back in surprise.

"What? I thought you had to get there before it started. You were running late as it was…" Joshua said, defending himself slightly as he stiffened.

"What did he say?" Rosette asked curiously, leaning in closer to the two.

"He said," Joshua started, a bit annoyed, " 'Don't be so idiotic!' though I don't see why…" Rosette blinked a little, rolling on the soles of her shoes for a moment before she replied,

"Well whatever it is, I'm sure it's not near as important as us, so you can just skip that for today, Chrono. and I would be honored to go and see your home." He smiled as Joshua groaned, bouncing a few steps around the two girls before he took off running, enjoying the feeling of the wind rushing past his pointed ears and playing with his purple hair lightly.

They pulled themselves to a stop as they saw Chrono stop in front of a tidy, brown house that appeared to be somewhat old. It had two stories, about half an acre of land, and there was a patch of woods behind it. They definitely weren't in the city anymore.

"You live here?" Rosette asked, stopping shoulder-to-shoulder against Chrono so their shoulders were touching slightly.

"Yes, mum wanted a place out of the city to live. Where we could be out of the hustle and bustle of…people. My brothers and sisters should be home…but it would only appear one is. Please come inside." He said, opening the door and holding it open for them. They filed inside, glancing around with curious eyes that inspected every decoration in the house. His mom had quite a sense of decorating…it was quite cozy in there.

Just as Rosette sat down on the couch, however, the door opened. She leaped from the couch in surprise, staring at the figure that had just walked in.


End chapter…um…3, What is home but a state of mind?

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