Colonel Jack O'Neill entertained himself by drumming his fingers against the cold steel walls of his cell. Rather, their cell, as Teal'c, Sam and Daniel were also with him. Unfortunately, they hadn't been able to come up with a way to escape. Dr. Jackson had shared with them what Alexandria had "told" him, but they weren't sure how they were going to be able to carry out that plan.

He stopped clicking his nails against the surface of the wall when he heard the soft sound of footfalls coming down the hallway. He remarked with surprise that they belonged to Eggar.

The alien stood in front of their prison, immobile. He seemed to be considering something, something big, Jack suspected. After a long moment of silence, he finally spoke.

"I have seen the true mind of Nirrti. I know now of her treachery. I will let you go." said the deformed man, with strong emotion evident in his eyes. Eggar leaned forwards and opened the cell, not seeming to care if SG-1 attacked him or not.

"Thank you, Eggar." said Daniel, as he and the rest of his team exited the cell.

"Be wary." advised the alien, "She is very powerful." All life had drained from the poor man's eyes, and Daniel felt pity for the alien.

"We will cure you, I promise." the scientist added, before following his friends.

They continued down a series of corridors until they came to a junction. "Sam, Teal'c, head to the cargo bay, see you if can prep a ship for launch. Then set a couple of C-4. Daniel, we're going to go after Nirrti."

And Jonas. As the team spilt up into two groups, thoughts of their former team member were predominant in their minds. Sam hoped that they could get Jonas and bring him home.

The world was spinning all around him as the blackness faded from his vision and he regained consciousness. He groaned as he awoke, and found that he was being held up against the wall without any restraints. The clouds lifted from his head and he realized that it must be Woden pinning him against the wall telepathically.

His eyes scanned the room, but Woden was not in sight. However, someone else was.

"Alex, are you okay? Did she hurt you?" he asked, all concern for his own injuries gone.

She turned to him and said nothing.


She walked towards him slowly, and stopped a mere few inches from him. His eyes met hers, and he watched in horror as they glowed yellow.


Suddenly, Alexandria laughed. The sudden sound rang in his ears, and he closed his eyes for a moment. Disbelief coursed through his veins. There was no way, not yet. She wasn't old enough; they were supposed to escape.

It was then he realized that it was his own daughter that was holding him prisoner. When the Goa'uld took power, it must have fully activated the dormant abilities encoded in the young girl's DNA. However, that shouldn't have been possible.

Nirrti strode over to the other side of the room and picked up a ribbon device. Slowly sliding the weapon over her small, young fingers, she adjusted it to fit her wrist. It looked awkward and out of place on the girl's hand, a hand that was meant to paint and play and read.

She approached him again, grinning maliciously. "Jonas, Jonas..." The words sounded so alien coming from his little girl, he could barely focus on what she was saying. "Now, you didn't think that I would have told you my whole plan now, did you?" She brought her face up close to his, as she floated above the ground. "You thought that you could save her, that you could save yourself. Oh, Jonas," she laughed, backing up slightly. "It is funny to see how even in the most desperate situations you still retail that tiny glimmer of hope. Alas, there is no escape for you Jonas. I do thank you for helping me in making this magnificent host body; you can take comfort in the fact that some part of you will live on. Goodbye, Jonas Quinn."

The device started to throb as she opened her palm and brought it up to his forehead. Immediately pressure started to build within his skull and an indescribable pain overtook him. He withered in agony against his restraints as he was overwhelmed. He was holding on to consciousness with barely a thread. Just as he was about to let go, just as he was about to resign himself to his fate, the door to the chamber opened slowly to reveal the familiar faces of Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson.

The two had their weapons armed and aimed towards the Goa'uld. "Drop it, Nirrti." Jack commanded, realizing that the Goa'uld must have taken Alexandria's body host.

She brought her hand down, and Jonas almost fainted with relief. Black dots were dancing on the edge of his vision, and he could feel bile rising up in his throat.

"What will you do, Colonel?" she asked, smirking at him.

"I could shoot you."

"And what, kill the host? I do not think that you are capable of such an act. You see me as a young girl. You could never shoot a child."

With that, she turned back to Jonas, and reactivated the device. The young man screamed once with pain, then went silent as his eyes fell shut and his body went limp.

"You thought wrong." Jack said, as he fired two shots into his friend's daughter.

Jonas awoke for the second time in less then ten minutes. Once again, his head felt as if someone had dropped an elephant on it. This time, however, he noticed that he had full mobility of his limbs. Pushing himself up to his knees, he looked around.

"No..." he whispered, as he forced himself forwards on unsteady knees.

"Jonas." Daniel said softly, as he approached the Kelownan and tried to help him up. Jonas brushed his hand away and crawled to the fallen body of his young daughter. Jack was kneeling beside her, remorse and guilt evident in his eyes. In a moment, Jonas understood. Jack had been forced to make a horrible choice: between Jonas and Alexandria. He remarked the corpse of a symbiote lying a few feet away, but felt nothing.

He gently picked up the little girl's limp hand, which had only moments ago brought him so much pain. He slipped off the ribbon device, brought her appendage up and pressed it to his forehead. He closed his eyes once more, and started to whisper softly.

"What is he doing?" asked Jack quietly, to his other friend.

"I don't know." replied Daniel, equally intrigued.

With awe they watched as a white light slowly traveled down from the young man's forehead through Alexandria's arm, then as it dissipated into her chest. Suddenly, her stomach heaved up as she gulped in a breath of air. Her eyes fluttered open just as Jonas collapsed to the floor.

"Wha-what happened?" she asked, as she shook herself awake. Looking down, she paled when she saw her father lying on the ground.

"Father, you couldn't have! I can't accept this!"

He smiled weakly as the color started to drain from his features. "There was no choice, Alex. You're my daughter."

Tears started to fall from her bright blue eyes. "I love you, father." she whispered.

He mouthed the words back to her, as his eyes drifted shut one last time.