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Chapter 1

Death: The end of life, dying; the state of being dead; the destruction of something.


It was a rainy day in Tomoeda. No one was outside except for Tomoyo Daidouji. The sixteen-year-old girl ran through the streets to the pier to meet her friend, Eriol Hiiragizawa. She saw him in the distance and called out his name, but he didn't answer her. Tomoyo ran up to Eriol, "Why did you want me to come here?"

Eriol did not respond again. He looked down at the water with guilt in his eyes. Tomoyo couldn't comprehend why he was being like that. They heard footsteps coming towards them. Eriol looked at Tomoyo then back to where the footsteps were coming from. He grabbed her arm tightly, and pinned her to the ground. Tomoyo tried to get away from him, but his strength restrained her to the ground. Suddenly, a cloth was placed over her mouth and nose and she became weak immediately. She couldn't walk or move. Eriol lifted her off the ground, cradling her in his arms and threw her into the water. Before she lost consciousness, she spotted the three blurry faces of her friends. Eriol, Syaoran, and Sakura.

End of Flashback

A young eighteen-year-old girl opened her eyes to the Hawaiian sun. She shielded her eyes from the warm rays that touched her skin. Memories of "that moment" rolled through her mind. She thought about it from every person's point of view. From the victim's, from the attacker's, and everyone else that was there. She remembered an article she read from the newspaper a few years ago.

Daidouji Heiress Presumed Dead

Tomoyo Daidouji, 16, disappeared mysteriously five months ago. Thousands of search parties searched for the girl, but there was no trace of her. Sonomi Daidouji lost hope that her daughter was still alive and held a funeral for Tomoyo. Tomoyo was the angel of this town. Keeping that in mind, 16 white roses were planted around her grave. May God grant her peace.

The girl remembered smiling at the article. She was happy with what they did. It took a lot of guts to do it. She kept a lot of copies to remind her of what happened. She laughed, and then ran her fingers through her long dark hair. Her amethyst eyes looked out into the ocean. They had unleashed an unknown fire inside of her, and now… now her friends were going to pay for what they did. She wasn't going to send them to jail; she was going to make them miserable. She wanted revenge, and nothing more than that.